Summer Love-A Niall Fiction

Hey guys this is the first fan fiction I have ever wrote so please no harsh comments, but stil give me feed back Lol. And You can find out what the story is about when you read it...


11. Beach;)

Vanessa's POV

Ugh! Why did my dad have to come in such a bad timing!! We were so close of kissing! He was so sweet, and handsome and just perfect. I laid in bed, thinking of everything that had happened tonight, how caring he was. I was falling for this kid. My phone lit up and vibrated bringing back from daydreaming. It was from Niall, it said "hopefully we do this again soon, Good night xx" I just looked at the text and smiled like an idiot at my screen. What should I txt back? "yeah, soon enough Lol, Good Night Niallerxx" send. I put in my pjs, went to the bathroom, took off my makeup and went to sleep with a huge smile on my face. The next morning I read a text from Frida, "HOW DID IT GO YESTERDAY?" obviously she was excited so I decided to call her instead. I told her everything from beginning to end and she was just thrilled. She didn't even interrupt me, only when she would say, "And then," She also told me how her parents had gone to visit their old aunt Gladys and they were gonna stay over there for a week. Since Frida was 17 and a half, she could take care her of herself. Then our conversation got to an end by my dad calling me downstairs. I got nervous, what's as he gonna ask me? Oh no? "I want to know who this boy is from yesterday ?" He said. I started thinking, was he my friend or more than that? I wanted him to be more but we were still technically just friends. "He's just a friend of mine, his name is Niall." I said trying to sound confident. He believed me and we ate breakfast. I finished and went to take a shower. it was about 12:30pm when I saw my phone light up because of a txt from Niall asking what I was doing. I told him I was just kind of chilling at home doing some chores here and there. He told he he was doing almost the same thing and went to the conclusion that we were both bored. He came up with the idea to go to the beach with Harry and Frida since Liam, Louis and Zayn were all out with their girlfriends. I said I would live to go ad he said to be ready by 2pm. I txted Frida asking which bikini she was going to wear. We are best friends ad yes, we did have matching bikinis and I didn't want to match with her today. She said she was wearing a red one with polka dots so I decided to wear a green one with white zebra stripes. Fridas POV I got my bag ready, and headed downstairs to wait for Harry. He had asked me yesterday to be his girlfriend and I had obviously said yes. I was so excited to hang with him today and Vanesa. I heard a honk outside and it was Harry. I walked outside and got in the car. "Well, someone looks lovely today" he said making me blush. Harry was wearing a yellow shirt with some blue short/bathing suit and his sandals. We held hands all the way there. We parked and he helped me with my bag, we started looking for Niall and Vanesa who said they were already here. We saw a silly Niall standing on a bench waving his arms back and forth. It made us all laugh as we came closer. The beach was kind of empty which was good because we didn't want no drama today. Just some teenagers going to the beach, no crazy fans nor paps. I saw that Niall and Vanesa were holding hands and just stayed next to each other the whole time. We settled down our stuff and spread out our towels. I guess Harry saw me struggling trying to put sunscreen on because he came over and asked if I wanted him to scrub it on my back, I gladly said yes. His hands felt so good, he was so gentle it gave me goosebumps. Then I saw Niall and Vanesa and I was hoping he would do the same but they were just talking and flirting. Until Niall and Harry went to get their surf board, got in the water and hit the waves. Me and Vanesa just chilled for a bit, talking about how amazing things were going. We both appreciated both of their built bodies they had. Harry's hair looked so sexy wet, then still curly and when he fixed it, mmmhm. After about half an hour the boys were on their way back. Vanessa's POV We got to the beach and waited for Frida and Harry. They finally got there and saw us. We settled down on a nice quiet place when I looked over me and saw Harry rubbing sunblock in Frida's back. Oh, I thought laughing to myself. I knew she didn't want to get tanner than she already was. The boys were ready to go into the water cause they both took off their shirts and went surfing. Me and Frida had already done that, we just had our shorts on. After about half an hour they both came out the ocean. Oh Niall looked so sexy. With his hair wet, and water dripping from his body, oh and those abs, he maybe needed a little tan but he was perfect to me. I looked over my sunglasses at Frida and her mouth was open, admiring Harry of course. Then Harry told Frida to go with him somewhere as Niall stood up to me and invited me to surf. I knew how to surf but I had forgotten a little. As I took off my shorts, Exposing my green bathing suit, Niall just wouldn't stop looking at me. "Take a picture, it'll last longer," I said winking at him. We both laughed. He grabbed my hand and we went in the water. We just acted silly and flirty the whole time. I looked back at the shore and Frida and Harry were back with some fries and drinks and hamburgers. "Oh look, it was about time!" Niall said joking. He picked me up and put me on his back. We got our towels, dried ourselves a bit and started eating. "Thanks guys I was getting hungry," I said. "I know, I thought i was the only one!" Said Niall as he poke my stomach. I guess you could say I was in pretty good shape since I've always played soccer and I stayed fit. I didn't consider myself fat that's for sure. We were done eating and just relaxing when Frida pointed out that me and Niall were matching-I hadn't notice that we were both wearing green bathing suits-and she said "Oooh, so you guys have turned into THAT couple," she said laughing with Harry, I just giggled a bit because I wasn't sure if me and Niall WERE a couple. I guess he noticed that I got kind of upset by this and grabbed my hand, put me on his back again and ran off to a sand hill, not too far away but we were alone, "Put me down!" I complained playfully, "Nope!" he said popping the p at the end. He finally put me down and held both of my hands, intertwining our fingers, and looked at me straight in the eyes with those blue eyes of his. We were just staring at eachother when he finally began to say,"Vanesa, remember what I had to tell you at the restaurant?" "Yeah what about it?" I said "well, the real thing that I've been meaning to tell you is that I really like you. And i really hope you feel the same. Everytime I hang out with you, I love it, it's always a great time with you around. Your cute, your beautiful and your funny. I don't know what it is but everytime we hold hands, it just feels..." "...right?" I said cutting him off. "Yeah, " he said taking a step closer to me smiling. "I want you to be my summer love, everytime I'm not with you, I miss you like mad. I just want to be around you, i love our late-night-talks, i love the way you laugh, the way you smile, your hair, your eyes, everything about you." By now, I was blushing like crazy, biting my lip. He moved my hands and placed them on his shoulders and he put his hands on my waist. He continued, "With that being said, would you do me the honor of being my girlfriend so i can finally call you mine?" He stepped closer to the point where I could feel his breathing. "I thought you'd never ask," I said as i saw him grin while he leaned in, I tippy-toed to reach him since I was shorter than him. I also leaned in and waited for our lips to meet, suddenly he pulled me in tighter from my waist, making our lips crash onto each other. We kissed for about ten seconds, The most wonderful ten seconds of my life. I felt sparks going through my body until I pulled away. "Wow" I whispered.."I've been dying to do that all day," he said smiling which caused me to smile too. We stood there with our foreheads touching, staring into each-others eyes. It was just so romantic and perfect....until we heard Harry with Frida calling our names saying they wanted to go home and watch a movie. "Let's go then" I said holding onto Niall's hand, I was just so happy we finally kissed. We went to Frida's house since she was staying home alone and decided to put on a scary movie. I was terrified, I hated scary movies. Harry and Frida sat on one end of he couch and me and Niall sat on the other, snuggling into eachother. I texted my mom telling her I was sleeping over Frida's house. As the movie was starting, I felt Niall 'yawn', and stretch as he put his arm around me. I noticed what he did but didn't say anything I just giggled of how corny he was. Frida and Harry kept tickling each other until I told them to calm down. Half way through the movie I felt Frida get up and say good night to everybody and went to sleep. Then, we saw Harry get up saying he had to use the bathroom but never came back. Niall and I just looked at eachother and laughed. We just kept watching the movie. Niall's POV Vanesa and I were snuggling and she was resting her head on my shoulder. Everytime a scary part would come on, she would hide her face and bury it in my chest, grabbing my shirt to cover her eyes. I just held her tighter.
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