Summer Love-A Niall Fiction

Hey guys this is the first fan fiction I have ever wrote so please no harsh comments, but stil give me feed back Lol. And You can find out what the story is about when you read it...


7. Awkward....


Niall's POV

The boys had been bugging me about Vanesa all week, telling me to ask her out and stuff like that. What if she doesnt like me back or maybe she would feel uncomfortable, I mean, we barely know each other. But i guess I would give it a try and with that, i wrote down me phone number down on a piece of paper and when i saw her I would possibly give it to her.

We got there an hour early so we just chilled in one of the rooms.

Liams POV

Me and the boys had bothered Niall about that girl we saw the other day. I dont know why he hadnt asked her out, she seemed lovely. I saw him write his number down on a piece of paper, im guessing to give to Vanesa today. I didnt say anything  but I was going to if he didnt give it to her.

Vanesa's POV

We had just gotten inside the building and it wasnt as crowded this time. Me and Frida were really excited about this, especially me. Knowing that Niall had said those words just gave me feels all over. I couldnt wait to see those big blue eyes again. Frida just wanted to see the whole band altogether.

We got there and it was only 5:15pm, the interview started at 6. We started looking for the boys when my dad saw I was here. "Oh hey dad! have you seen the 1D boys yet?" I asked trying not to sound like a stalker. "Yeah they are right over there" he said pointing to the Relaxing room or so I called it. "Ready? cause I am" said Frida "Yeah i do I look?" "you look fine! You already asked me like three times ahaha" she said. We walked in the room and they all got up to greet us, Niall specially jumped up and kissed me on the cheek. Did not see that coming. It made me laugh a little. "Oh and this is Frida, my best friend, shes the one that helped me make the shirts." "Hey guys" she said smiling. Then we sat down, there was a particular free spot between Niall and Liam so i sat there, Frida sat next to Harry and Zayn "Hey Vanesa, how you doing today love." asked Niall. I could feel i was blushing like crazy still from the kiss on the cheek. "Um, well it was our last day of school and thats always good aha and its going pretty good and getting better." I said. "Your last day? Thats great! Then maybe we could hang out and go celebrate." said Louis smirking at Niall. Niall looked somewhat shocked. "Uuh, yeah we could all go out to eat or something" said Niall, shyly. "That sounds great, right Frida?" I said.

I looked over at Frida and she was having the time of her life talking to Harry. She hadnt even heard me. "Frida!" i snapped to get her attention. "Huh? what? what happened?" she said confused. "The boys invited us to go out and celebrate since it was our last day" i said, "oh yeah that sounds like a plan" She said giving me a thumbs up. I felt like Niall was acting strange since he wasnt talking, he just kept looking at me and when I looked at him he would turn away...did i have something in my face?! I dont think so... "Niall can I talk to you for a second" asked Liam, "Yeah sure...whats up?" he said as they left the room. I stayed talking to Louis and Zayn about school and stuff. They were really cool guys.

Nialls POV

Whats wrong Niall?" asked Liam. "Nothin... i guess, i dont know, i feel so nervous around her." I said ruffling the back of my head. "Well talk to her. Shes waiting for you to talk to her i ca see it." "Alright, Ill try to not embarass meself." I said. We walked back in the room , come on Niall, your funny, say something i said to myself as I sat next to her. "So, Vanesa, whats your favorite ice cream flavor?" I asked her. ice cream flavor really?..."Um, that would have to be vanilla of course haha. and yours?" she said "Oh me too! I love vanilla." I continued to ask her questions like a game of Quickfire. I could see she was starting to loosen up around us, and me too. I wasnt nervous anymore.

We shared a few laughs and just chilled back until the clock stroke 6 and our interview started. We all got up except Harry. I called his name about three times until he finally answered when i pulled one of his curls. "Ouch! why'd you do that for?" he said whining. "Lets go, the interview is starting!" said Zayn. "alright, im going, are you girls going to stay?" "yeah, we are going out to eat after you guys are done, remember?" Vanesa said excitedly. "Oh yes, thats right well dont go anywhere," he said as he winked at Frida. With that we went into the studio.

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