The Fatal love story

When Cece makes a new bestfriend and starts having feelings will things go down hill for her and her bestfriends relationship or will it change both there lives forever.


2. The sidewalk

I smiled as we walked. He strolled close to me, I'm not sure why, but I guess its not important. "So, why haven't I seen you around school before?" I asked. He shrugged his shoulders. "I like to stay invisible, out of the 'in croud'," he used air parenthesis. He halfed smiled at me as I looked into his eyes. I pulled my face down to the ground and kept walking. Soon, we crossed a yard to a small shack of a house. It didn't look safe, but I trusted Jason enough to step a foot inside. I toyed with my wrist, and Jason took it. He looked at it as we sat at his granite kitchen counter. He pressed down slightly on the bruises, and that hurt. But I didn't say anything. "Why the hell would he do this to you?" I shrugged like he had shrugged at me before. "I think I should be getting home. Tell your brother thanks, but I don't really need the help." I smiled at him and turned. He grabbed my hand. "Cece, will I see you again?". He frowned and let go of my hand. I nodded and he laughed.-2 weeks later-.I ran to Jason's house right away in the morning. We would always walk to school together and tell eachother everything that had happened the night before or any fights we had gotten into. We were practically bestfriends. We were just talking, when Jason got a text on his phone. I didn't have time enough to realize he had gotten it, until he said "I have to go. I'm sorry!", and he was gone. 'That was strange,' I thought. I shrugged it off my shoulders and started walking to school. All of a sudden, hands wrapped around my injured wrist and I heard a snap as they pulled as hard as they could. "Ow! OW! Shit!" I screamed. I turned, and Austin was standing there, his iron tight grip right back where it was 2 weeks ago. "What the fuck did I tell you about keeping your mouth shut, you little whore?" I stuttered. I was out of words. "Austin, I didn't say-!" He interupted me with an abrupt slap across my cheek. I held it in pain, and punched him in the stomach. "Don't fucking touch me!" he screamed, as he pulled my wrist more. I couldn't even feel my hand anymore. I couldn't move my fingers or get away. I just started crying, and dropped to the sidewalk. Austin let my arm fall, and walked away. I just layed there. I lay for hours, thinking about Austin and about Jason and about everything thats been going on. I thought about why Jason had to leave so abruptly. I thought about why Austin had to be so terribly horrid. I thought about getting up, but I didn't dare. Until I heard Jason's voice far away on the sidewalk. "Cece?!" He screamed. I pulled my head up, but had no strength so it landed back onto the cold sidewalk. "Cece, wake up!" but my mind was induced into a coma I couldn't even help.

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