The Fatal love story

When Cece makes a new bestfriend and starts having feelings will things go down hill for her and her bestfriends relationship or will it change both there lives forever.


3. change

Cece, wake up!" I heard a familiar voice scream at me. "Wake the fuck up, please!" it screamed. I didn't want to open my eyes or struggle to take shallow breaths but I did. Jason was kneeling next to me, tears streaming down his face. I saw a girl, I didn't know her but she had long brown hair and deep hazel eyes. She looked at me with terror inscribed into her face, and I knew she was scared. But even with that face, she was extremely gorgeous. Was she the reason Jason left me before?"Just let me lay here..." I strugged to push out of my throat. "Come on, Cece. Lets get to school," Jason said. The new girl put her hand out for me to take, but snotty enough that I didn't use energy to reach up and grab it. "I'm Leslie," she spoke with such confidence it made me sick. I wish I was that confident. "Hey," I spoke as I picked my body up off the hard cement pavement. I walked, but it was hard. As soon as we got to the high school, I walked and they stopped. Jason kissed Leslie, slow and gentle. She looked into his eyes, and said "Bye," and winked. He smiled and walked towards me, my facial expression just screamed 'shock'. "What the fuck was that, Jason?" I almost yelled. "Thats, um. Leslie." He said, reluctantly. I shook it off and turned the corner with him right behind me. "Cece? Why are you so upset?" He yelled. "I'm not!". I stopped walking and turned into the girls bathroom. No one had occupied the empty restroom, so I ran inside and slammed the stall. I started to cry. Why? Because I loved Jason. These past months, I've began to fall harder than a bolder off a cliff. His eyes make me melt and hes the only one I want. All of a sudden, a really popular girl walked in&I stopped crying. "Ugh," she scoffed. "Cece. Whoever the fuck you are, come out." I didn't think she knew it was me at first. But I guess she does. "Jason wants to talk to you!". I walked out, and it was my ex bestfriend. It was Bree, I noticed, as I ran past her into the halls. How did she know Jason? I saw Jason, but he wasn't alone. He was hanging out with the football team, and surprisingly, cheating on Leslie with a snotty rich girl from out of the city. "What the fuck?!" I screamed, as I ran to my next class as soon as I could.Before I knew it, the school day was over and Jason was waiting for me outside. But of course, he wasn't alone again. He has Leslie, sitting on his lap, short shorts and tank top on her tiny little skeleton frame. They were making out, I saw. What happened to Jason? "JASON! Come on, we've gotta get home!" I screamed. He took Leslie off his lap, gave her one last kiss goodbye, and strolled casually towards me. "What the fuck is wrong with you?! What happened to you?!" He looked shocked. "I got fucking swaggy. Do you have a problem, bitch?". Jason would never say that. Who is this?! "JASON WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU! Who have you become, your such a jackass!" and with that, he slapped me across the face, just as hard as Austin had. Justin looked shocked that he had did that. "Oh my god, Cece, I didn't mean-!" But by the time the words left his lips, I was already sprinting down the sidewalk.

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