The Fatal love story

When Cece makes a new bestfriend and starts having feelings will things go down hill for her and her bestfriends relationship or will it change both there lives forever.


1. The new friend

Let go of me, Austin!" his grip was iron tight. "Austin, stop! Let go of me, now! my wrist hurts!" He just grunted in the pure effort to keep my wrists in his hand. He let go as I fell to the ground. I just layed there, and he walked away like nothing had happened. I heard the bell ring loud in my ears. I was late for class, again. I looked at my wrist and it was already bruising. I sighed and picked myself up off of the ground. I gathered all of my things and turned around, to see if anyone was watching the event that just occured. I saw a boy with brown hair and creamy brown eyes. He was leaning against the wall, his hands buried in his pockets. I glared at him and ran to my next class.The minute I got out of math, I hurried to my locker. I hoped to God that Austin wasn't standing there, and he wasn't. All of a sudden, the principal's voice glared over the loudspeaker. "Austin Baker and Cecilia Williams! To my office, now!" I threw my things in my locker and grabbed my backpack. I headed, slowly, towards the principal's office. As I opened the door, I saw that boy with the brown hair&brown eyes. He glared at me just as I had glared at him this morning, as I sat down. Austin came bursting through the door, and saw me. His eyes adjusted to the orange lighting and he looked at my wrist. It was deffinately bruised, anyone could tell that. He sat and Prinicpal Jones started talking. "Now, mr. mcCann here has said he witnessed an event this morning in the hallways. Cecilia, is that true?" his voice was loud, like an interrogator. "Its Cece," I said. "What event?" Austin swallowed hard and everyone could hear it. "Jason here, said he witnessed you getting pulled by the wrist by Baker over here. Is that true?" Austin glared at me. He started, his eyes piercing through my skin like a newly sharpened blade cutting through a slice of wood. I shook my head no, as I knew Austin would hurt me even more if I said yes. "ms. Williams, you have a bruise on your wrist. Why is that?" I was quick with a reply. Its the same thing every time: "my brother was playing around and pushed me down a flight of stairs," I said, without hesitation. Jason stood "Thats bullshit! I saw you get pulled and pushed by not-so-Goodenough Baker here! I saw it all!" The principal motioned for Jason to sit back down, as he looked at me once more. "Austin, you can leave. Goodbye." Austin stood and walked out of the room, slamming the door in his tracks. "Now Cece, you can tell me anything now. Did he hurt you?" I had to. I had to just say it! "Yes," I said, with a cold look in my eye. "Alright, thats all I needed. You and Jason can go now." Jason and I, simutaniously, walked out of the room together. When we were outside, we both sat on a bench. "Does your wrist hurt?" he asked. "Yeah, a little..." I rubbed it. It hurt more than a little. "Do you want my brother to look at it? Hes good with injuries." I nodded my head as we walked down Cherry Street to Jason's house.

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