Slash(boyxboy) MA don't hate. Don't like boyxboy action don't read. I knew he was finally sleep and it was safe to open my weary eyes. I took in his masculine but feminine features. His eyelashes were thick, long and looked soft to the touch. His high cheek bones accentuated his straight cut jaw line. Cheeks were still a light pink color from when he blushed before.His shiny light brown hair swept just over his closed eyes.He is the definition of yang. Light, hot, assertive, and fiery while I'm the yin dark, cool, receptive, and moist. Together we make a whole. We are balanced and harmonious around each other. He completes me the yang to my yin. I closed my eyes hoping that he would still be next to me when I woke up.


15. You don’t need water to feel like you’re drowning, do you?(chapter 14prt2)

Nothing could prepare me for what I heard.

" Mr. Malik, we're going to take Mr. Payne off Life support today at 5:00pm. If you want to say your goodbyes he's in room 317." And with that my entire world came crashing down.


Zayn's P.O.V.

    I didn't know what to do. My best friend is going to die today. I gathered the original present I had thought to give Liam and stormed out of my flat. I called for a Taxi and waited for it to arrive. I was itching to pull out a cig. from my pocket, but I remembered how much Liam hated the fact that I smoked. Instead I nervously bit my finger nails and tapped my foot on the grey cement.  I waited for 10 minutes and the Taxi didn't arrive. I was growing impatient and anxious. I started walking down the street in the direction of the hospital.

   After about 15 minutes of walking under the blazing August sun, I found a taxi. I told the driver what my destination was and as he drove we fell into a comfortable conversation.

" You're that lad Zayn from One Direction right?" He asked me wile stopping at a red light.

" Yeah, that's me." I said proudly.

"Now, I'm not gonna give you any bullshit," he paused briefly to make a turn, " about the other member of the group, you know the who

collapsed. You don't need anymore sympathy, but I offer my condolences." he stated rather quickly trying not to offend me.

" Thank you, really I'm sick of so much sympathy and empathy." I replied honestly.

" We're here, but let me offer you a bit of advice, if you don't want anyone to find out about your special  feelings for the lad don't get drunk. Remember a drunk mind speaks sober thoughts." He offered me politely but in sight fully.

    He smiled at me when he handed me my change. I was already standing outside of the taxi, so he pulled away as soon as he handed it to me.
I just stood there in shock. How did he know I had been experiencing these feeling for one of my mates? I sighed and looked up at the white ten story building. I shuddered thinking about how Liam, my Liam had spent the last 2 months of his life caged in and monitored relentlessly. The only bright side was that he still hadn't come out of that medically induced coma. I know that my baby, is stronger than that.

    I needed to stop that nonsense. He wasn't mine and I wasn't his. The electric doors slid open as I neared them. The florescent lights illuminated the now grey atmosphere around me. When did these grey clouds cover the late summer sky? I quickly entered the hospital and looked for the information desk. I saw a beautiful woman gesturing to me her obviously long strawberry blonde hair in a high ponytail. Her plump red lips were in a small smile, and her crystal blue were begging me to follow her. I knew her from somewhere, but that's not very important.

(<----the woman)
    And that's exactly what I did. Her pale skin glowed under the false beams of light. I soon noticed freckles were sprinkled over her small nose. Her hips swayed effortlessly as she led me to our mystery destination. We walked down corridor after corridor in complete silence. We quickly passed room 290 when I was pushed into a tight enclosed space. My back hit something sharp, my back arched in response to the sudden impact. This made my head shoot upwards and stare at the plane white ceiling.

   I looked back down to see the nurse closing a heavy steel metal door and lock it. she sauntered over to me and kissed me roughly on the lips. I pushed her away, but she just came back again. She pushed me down with an evil smirk plastered on her innocent looking face. That's when I caught a glimpse of her name tag it read, My name is Logan Fitzgerald. Logan? I've seen that name somewhere. Then it clicked, she was Liam's nurse and Josh's girlfriend, Logan Fitzgerald. What was she trying to do?.

   "Zayn do you finally remember me?" she cackles devilishly.

   " Logan, why are you doing this?" I questioned her with my voice wavering slightly.
   " I want to have your children Zayn." She whispers seductively as I feel a painful pinch on my right thigh. i look down to see a syringe sticking out.

    " Why I though you had Josh?" I ask my words becoming slurred together and my vision becoming so blurred that I saw doubles.

    " I want the fame, glory and fortune, Zayn. I will get what I want.  I always get my way." she stated slightly agitated.

Maybe she was wrong. things don't always go as planned, and I guess she had to learn the hard way. She was undressing me and all I could see her as was Liam. I shook my head trying to get the thought to dissipate. It didn't work. Now we were both fully undressed and she was about to insert me in her, but we heard a knock. I've never been so happy to be interrupted during sex.

" Hey let me in?" a gruff voice asked from the other side. I tried to form words but they just came out as moans.

" Oi! would you go away I'm kind of in the middle of something!" Logan thundered angrily. she lowered herself onto my manhood, and started to ride me. I couldn't hold back the moans that escaped my my mouth. 

" You better let me in or I'm going to knock down the door!" the gruff voice stated furiously.

" Just let me finish what I started!" Logan roared at the gruff voice.

I was slowly being dragged away from consciousness. The door swung open to reveal a man with a shaggy bearded and small round face. He was short and muscular and his face was contorted into an expression of pure anger and disgust. Logan was roughly pulled off me and I was forced into a standing position my clothes were thrown at me. I put on my clothes and stumbled as quickly as I could from the scene. I still had a hard on , but that's not what mattered what mattered was Liam.

299, 300,302,304,306,308,310,312,314, I stopped abruptly and opened the door. I took out Liam's present and put it around his now pale neck. i kissed his forehead before being escorted out of the room by security.

As I sat on the curb of the street near the hospital I sighed. I never got to properly say goodbye to Liam. I sobbed silently into my hands as the rain started to fall. I was soon soaked, exhausted, and famished, but i couldn't bring myself to stand up. my phones alarm went off, it was 5:00pm and Liam was now gone. I sobbed more violently into my hands and the cracks of lightning could be heard in the distance. I had just lost my best friend. You don’t need water to feel like you’re drowning, do you?

Liam's P.O.V.

I could hear everyone sniffling all I wanted to say was that I was going to wake up. My body started to convulse violently in reaction to the machines being turned off. I had to fight, I wasn't done with this life just yet. I groaned as the last machine was being turned off and then I saw a bright light. It was the brightest thing I'd ever seen. I felt someone grab my hand and I opened my eyes.

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