Slash(boyxboy) MA don't hate. Don't like boyxboy action don't read. I knew he was finally sleep and it was safe to open my weary eyes. I took in his masculine but feminine features. His eyelashes were thick, long and looked soft to the touch. His high cheek bones accentuated his straight cut jaw line. Cheeks were still a light pink color from when he blushed before.His shiny light brown hair swept just over his closed eyes.He is the definition of yang. Light, hot, assertive, and fiery while I'm the yin dark, cool, receptive, and moist. Together we make a whole. We are balanced and harmonious around each other. He completes me the yang to my yin. I closed my eyes hoping that he would still be next to me when I woke up.


25. Where's Zayn? (chapter 22)

Liam's P.O.V.

       The first thing I saw when I could finally open my eyes was a florescent light.
" Welcome back Mr. Payne," a very gentle voice whispered.
I turned my head to left side and was instantly met with lime green eyes staring right into mine. This, girl was so familiar, but I couldn't place a name with her face.
" It's good to be back uh-" I paused searching my memories for her name.
" Logan, Sir." She responded curtly and gave me a gentle smile.
" Logan, you don't have to call me Sir you know. Just call me  Liam." I responded trying to move my arms.
    First I wiggled my fingers to get the circulation flowing through my arms once more. There was now a throbbing pain in my chest and the back of my head. I looked down at my blanket covered body, and noticed how thin I am. I lost a lot of mussel mass.
" If you don't mind me asking what day is it?" I inquired trying to not sound to impatient.
" It's August 29th," a voice I didn't recognize responded. I looked up to see that several doctors and nurses were staring at me in curiosity.
" Do I have something On my face?" I asked as I picked up my arms and vigorously rubbed my face with the palms of my hands.
" No dear, we're just surprised to see you awake that's all," a sweet voice answered me.
I tried to find the source, but all talking ceased and I was the center of attention.
" Mr. Payne we're going to have to run some tests on you, then you can see your friends and family," a rough voice informed me. Well great this is gonna be fun. Note my sarcasm.
" Okay, what is your full name?" The same rough voice demanded from me.
" Liam James Payne," I replied simply. The questions contined like that and I always answered in the same dead tone. All I wanted to know is what happened and how Niall's was doing, and Zayn. Where was he?
" When's your birthday?"
" August 29th, 1994"
" How old are you?"
"18, I mean 19"
" What are your Parents names?"
" Geoff and Karen"
" How many siblings do you have?"
"What are their names?"
" Ruth and Nicola."
" What do you do for a living?"
" I'm in the band One Direction."
" Outstanding!" someone yelled from the corner and a ton of murmurs were let loose through the cramped white room.
I was so confused. What was so outstanding about answering some stupid questions?
" Mr. Payne, would you like to see your friends now?" Logan asked me while batting her overly long eyelashes. God they remind me of Zayns.
" Yeah, but I would like to know why I'm in the hospital first. Please," I stated politely trying not to sound rude about it. But something about her really ticked me off. Like she did something completely unacceptable. I tried to shake off the weird feeling and pay attention to her response.
" You have Patent Ductus Arteriosus. This is a rare congenital heart defect which doesn't show many symptoms. Before birth, the ductus arteriosus allows blood to bypass the baby’s lungs. Once the baby is born and begins to breathe air, the ductus arteriosus is not needed and it usually closes up within a few days. If it remains open (patent), there will be abnormal blood circulation between the heart and lungs. It's usually diagnosed early on and corrected by taking Ibuprofen, by catheter, or by surgery. It's actually surprising how long you lived and how many physically demanding activities you did with out collapsing. It's outstanding really." Logan explained while making many hand motions like it would help me understand better.  I was in shock. I HAD WHAT?

" Don't worry. We fixed it by surgery. An incision was made in the side of the chest and a heart surgeon used stitches on the ductus arteriosus to close it off." she kept on making hand motions and talking like I was listening.

" You'll be out in 1 week tops. Don't worry about it."
Like that was going to comfort me at all. "So why didn't I wake up after the surgery?" I inquired while sitting up slightly trying to regain the feeling in my torso.
" We didn't know what was wrong at first. We too you into an emergency surgery. after that the doctors decided it was best to put you into a medically induced coma to see how your heart would react without stress. After about a week you still hadn't come out if the coma. We just though it was nothing until and week later and you were still in the coma. We were actually taking you off life support until you started to wake up." She explained while frantically waving her arms in the air nearly smacking a doctor in the face.
" Well I'm going to call everyone in now." She informed me and left the room and the rest of the staff followed her out.
 Soon the lads came charging in. They all huddled around me and started asking questions a mile a minute. I wasn't paying attention to a word they said.
"Lads," I whispered. The didn't heard me.
" Lads." I said a little bit louder. they still didn't hear me.
" LADS," I roared and I finally go their attention, " Where's Zayn?"

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