Slash(boyxboy) MA don't hate. Don't like boyxboy action don't read. I knew he was finally sleep and it was safe to open my weary eyes. I took in his masculine but feminine features. His eyelashes were thick, long and looked soft to the touch. His high cheek bones accentuated his straight cut jaw line. Cheeks were still a light pink color from when he blushed before.His shiny light brown hair swept just over his closed eyes.He is the definition of yang. Light, hot, assertive, and fiery while I'm the yin dark, cool, receptive, and moist. Together we make a whole. We are balanced and harmonious around each other. He completes me the yang to my yin. I closed my eyes hoping that he would still be next to me when I woke up.


22. I did it and Now I regret it (chapter 20)

Josh's P.O.V.

Niall left crawling on all fours. I sneered and grabbed a lamp and threw it at my wall. I ran my hands through my hair and screamed. How was I ever going to get that money? I slid down the wall and buried my hands in my face. I sat and just thought. Thought of what I did. Soon regret washed over my entire body. When had I become so violent? How could I hurt my Niall?It was almost 2:00 am. I needed to apologize to him.

I grabbed my keys and ran to my car. I drove non-stop until I reached his apartment. I climbed up the stairs quickly and quietly trying not to wake the neighbors. I stopped at his door and knocked. No response came. He must be asleep or maybe he's not even here. I sighed and decided to check if he was there anyway.

I grabbed the key from under the mat and unlocked the door. I started to walk to his bedroom and saw water leaking out from under the bathroom door. My heart pounded in my chest. My ears were ringing. He probably fell asleep. I reassured myself. "Niall open the door! " I yelled no response came.

I tried again" Niall Open the door, I'm so sorry please just open the door!" I begged as tears were overflowing my eyes and running rapidly down my cheeks.  No response again. I started to panic and flicked the light on. I gasped in horror when I saw a red substance mixed with water was running freely from under the door.

I needed to open that door. I looked around for anything to use. Then I remembered there was a key on top of the doors frame. I struggled to get the key because well, I'm really short. When I finally managed to grasp the key I opened the door to see A lifeless Niall with his head under water. Small bubbles still made there way from his nose. Hopefully he was still alive. I grabbed him by the arm and dragged him out of the bathtub.

I did C.P.R. on him and soon color flushed back into his grey cheeks. I called an ambulance and looked at Niall the entire time. I was sure he was breathing because his chest rose and fell. I sighed and looked over him. Tears stung my eyes as I saw the empty bottle of painkillers next to the bathtub floating slightly. I then looked at his arm. Five very deep cuts lined his muscular, but thin arms.

This was my fault wasn't it? Soon I was sobbing and rocking back and forth. The paramedics entered the bathroom and pushed me out of the way. He was pulled onto a stretcher and wheeled away from my view. " Sir ," asked a very round EMT," are you his family?" I shuddered at the thought. Everyone was going to hate me. I groaned and rubbed my hands up and down my face.

"Sir are you alright?" The round EMT inquired. " Just fine," I sighed," I'm not his family." " Okay." she replied simply and left me alone sitting there. I rushed to the flat's door and opened it wide walking through the door frame and slamming the door behind me. I rushed to the hospital so I could go tell the boys the news and to go see Niall.

I ran to the waiting area all the boys had been in before. Sure enough all of them were asleep on the hard, plastic;blue chairs. I flicked the light on and heard a few groans  and mumbles, but soon they were all awake." Lads I have to tell you something..."

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