Slash(boyxboy) MA don't hate. Don't like boyxboy action don't read. I knew he was finally sleep and it was safe to open my weary eyes. I took in his masculine but feminine features. His eyelashes were thick, long and looked soft to the touch. His high cheek bones accentuated his straight cut jaw line. Cheeks were still a light pink color from when he blushed before.His shiny light brown hair swept just over his closed eyes.He is the definition of yang. Light, hot, assertive, and fiery while I'm the yin dark, cool, receptive, and moist. Together we make a whole. We are balanced and harmonious around each other. He completes me the yang to my yin. I closed my eyes hoping that he would still be next to me when I woke up.


2. Half Hidden Like the Moon (chapter 2)

Harry's p.o.v.

I sighed blissfully as I remembered last nights dream. Louis massaged my long never ending torso and stopped right before my bum. he caressed them like they were the most precious things in the world. I moaned in extacy as he inserted him self into me. I yelped in both pain and pleasure not being able to fathom the concept on how I ever thought I loved anyone but him. I flipped over so we were no longer doing it doggy-style. I kissed him passionately as he pounded harder and harder into me. Our breaths became ragged as we both reached our climax. With one final powerful thrust we both yelled with our voices saturated with bliss. But my dream will never become a reality. Louis is in love with Eleanor and she is in love with him. I finally came to terms with my feelings and I can't be with the man I love. Yes you heard correctly I'm in love with my best friend Louis William Tomlison. The worst part is that we cant ever be together. I went to go make my self some morning tea while considering the possible out come of coming out to the lads. My thoughts were brutally interrupted by a savage knock on the door. I looked through the peep hole to see no one other than Josh Devine himself."Hey mates whats got your knickers in a twist?" I pondered out loud. He welcomed him self in and poured himself some tea. "Harry you need to get a hood of management because Liam is not in the condition. Also call the other boys for an emergency band meeting. Tell management that today is a personal day. meet all of us at Liams' flat in one hour." and with that he got up with my cup and tea and disappeared down the corridor. I proceeded to do just that. I called management and told them that were dealing with personal dilemmas. they gave us another week off. I texted the lads and told them the news. Then I hopped into the steaming shower. This moment was probably going to be my only moment of peace for the day. I soon finished with that and managed to put on a jack willis hoodie and sweats on as I rushed out the door.We all live in the same apartment complex so I just walked to Liams flat. Nothing prepared me for what I saw as I opened the front door. I had never seen Liam in such a deteriorated condition. His hair was knotted, he had large purple bags under his once lively eyes, and his cheeks were covered in tear stains. He looked sickly and weak nothing like the strong man I had come to know. What could of possibly occurred to make him with draw so deeply into him self? I pulled my phone out of my pocket and dialed Pauls number. He immediately answered " Whats wrong harry?" as my voice broke I replied "Paul just tell management we'll need way more than a week to resolve the dilemma." and with that I hung up the phone and rushed over to Liam. I looked into his eyes. I recognized that look any where. He was broken beyond repair. Only a miracle could save him now. I hugged him knowing how he felt but putting on an emotional mask to hid my true emotions.He squeezed back and sobbed inconsolably into my chest. Tears stung my eyes as the sluggishly made their way down my milky white cheeks. We hugged and cried together for a while until we parted and shared a look of understanding. By this time Niall was sitting on the sofa across from the one we were perched upon. He wiped at his eyes and lowered his head. Soon enough Josh was next to Niall comforting him. Not moments after this Louis burst through the door with only boxers on and tears streaming down his tan face. We were all a mess. Every emotion in the room could be felt weighing heavily on each person present.I excused myself to the loo momentarily because I didn't feel well anymore. Just seeing Louis caused something to churn in my stomach. It seems like I made it just in time as I emptied the contents of my stomach into the white porcelain bowl. This process was repeated until I had nothing left to get rid of. I flushed it and poured mouth wash into my mouth.I sat on the cool white floor in hopes that the room would stop spining.and soon darkness engulfed my vision.


I woke up and cried some more over how Eleanor broke up with me a month ago. I don't understand what I did wrong. All I ever did as love her. I decided not to tell the boys. But of course I told management who insisted that we had to stay together for my reputation. It was eight in the morning when I received a very alarming text from Harry. I just curled up some more and cried thinking I would have time to pull myself together but I dozed off and I was pressed for time. I rushed out of my apartment. As I opened the door to Liams flat 1) I realized was only in my boxers. 2) Everyone was crying. 3) Liam looked like a beaten puppy and 4) Harry looked green. He rushed into the bathroom and locked the door.What has gotten into everyone? Of course I searched for the bathroom key to get Harry out. How else are we supposed to have a band meeting when he's in there? When I finally found it Harry was out like a light on the cold floor. I panicked.what was I going to do? I quickly decided that I need to get harry to a bed. Then find out whats happening and if harry hasn't woken up by then I will have to take him to the emergency room. I placed Harry on the guest bedrooms bed and speed of into the living room. Zayn has arrived and the meeting was about to begin. Josh stuttered out "Wwwe nneed to gget this out there. wwhaaat I I'm trying to ssay is..." ,Niall continued, " Josh aand I are ttoghetherrr aaas a ccouppple." I wasn't surprised they seemed so close and very affectionate towards each other. " I suspected this all along." Was all I could manage to spit out while zayn sat there quitetly. "Eleanor and I broke up a month ago." I stated emotionless. "Perri and I broke up last night." Zayn said his voice thick with tears. All of us turned our attention to Liam who just stared out the widow uneffected by the revelations. Harry staggered into the room and plopped down next to Liam and layed his head on Liams shoulder. I felt this odd feeling in my chest. Could it be jealousy? Harry closed his eyes as Liam reached over and stroked the younger lads hair. Harry seemed to relax under his touch. The entire room was silent as all waited for Liam to say something. but he never did. Actually Harry said something that astonished me. "Lads, I'm gay." his voice broke as he said so. Tears were pouring down his face with eyes still closed. But I felt something like relief. Did I like Harry? No, it can't be. I mean I like him, obviously. But do I feel more than that? Do I dare say I love him? I got up to go make some tea and get harry soom medication for that head ache he is sure to have. I let the water boil as I let my own thoughts soak in. The only sound available was that of what I am sure are Harry's soft snores and whispers. How I would love to hold him in my arms at the moment. To have his chestnut colored hair brush lightly against my chin. oh boy I do love him. But am I over Eleanor? More importantly am I ready to face my demons? The tea was finally ready and I walked carefully back into the living room. I handed everyone a cup and sat on the other side of Harry. I moved him positioning him on my lap. His head was resting gingerly on my chest. He immediately hugged my waste and cuddled closer to me. My cheeks turned crimson when I realized everyone had seen that. But I didn't try to wake him, he needed some rest. Liam finally spoke "I broke up with Danielle last night." Niall did a spit take before he responded " Oh Liam why couldn't you of told me this before?" a silence fell over the room once again. I looked down at Harry. He looked ill but beautiful at the same time. I gently brushed some stray curls off his head. I didn't think it would be possible to adore him more. He started to stir and soon my eyes were met with his amazing emerald ones. My heart got caught in my throat. I handed the pills to harry who swallowed them dry. He looked around the room then up at me and blushed realizing he was on my lap. But he didn't move an inch. "Harry how you feeling?" I asked very concerned. " Not very good I haven't been feeling my best lately" he said hoarsely. " Why didn't you tell us?"I replied. He just shook his head and laid back down on my chest.

Harry's p.o.v.

I can't believe blabbed the fact that I was gay when more important things were being revealed. But the only thing I can think of is how right it feels to be in Louis' arms. My stomach continued to churn and my head was now pounding. But I could help but feel like everything would stop aching if I just stayed here in Louis' strong arms. I wounder if the boys hate me now? I mean look at me I'm the ill fag that obviously is in love with the man that is currently holding him. But my brain wasn't allowed to dwell on the thought any longer as I bolted to the loo to get sick again. This time only bile and the pills I had just taken made their debut. I flushed and then collapsed into someones strong arms. To be more precise Louis' strong arms. He whispered sweet nothings into my ear as I clung onto consciousness.
I awoke again in Liams guest bedroom. I stumbled back into the living room where everyone was still sitting tense. I walked or more like shuffled over to the reclining chair in the corner. I melted into the soft leather. Everyone's eyes were on me. " So lets get these problems solved." I slurred."So to my understanding Nosh is real, no one has a girlfriend and I'm gay" I slurred matter of factly. All anyone did was nod. "Has anyone heard any thing from Paul?"I questioned." Liam nodded and said " Yeah. we have four more weeks off to solve our issues."I let it settle in and then replied "Great!I think Nosh has had to deal with enough stress so go on a vacation. Zayn should also do the same to sort out his emotions . When I get better I can look after Liam. And Louis needs some time to himself preferably in his apartment. Does everyone agree?" Everyone nodded "In on week you guys will go on vacation,"I stated "Then we will all meet back here before the third week is up to discuss things as a band."All I recall doing after that was welcoming the darkness as I drifted off into another dream about Louis.

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