Slash(boyxboy) MA don't hate. Don't like boyxboy action don't read. I knew he was finally sleep and it was safe to open my weary eyes. I took in his masculine but feminine features. His eyelashes were thick, long and looked soft to the touch. His high cheek bones accentuated his straight cut jaw line. Cheeks were still a light pink color from when he blushed before.His shiny light brown hair swept just over his closed eyes.He is the definition of yang. Light, hot, assertive, and fiery while I'm the yin dark, cool, receptive, and moist. Together we make a whole. We are balanced and harmonious around each other. He completes me the yang to my yin. I closed my eyes hoping that he would still be next to me when I woke up.


17. Awake (chapter 15)

I could hear everyone sniffling all I wanted to say was that I was going to wake up. My body started to convulse violently in reaction to the machines being turned off. I had to fight, I wasn't done with this life just yet. I groaned as the last machine was being turned off and then I saw a bright light. It was the brightest thing I'd ever seen. I felt someone grab my hand and I opened my eyes.


Liam's P.O.V.

When I first opened my eyes it felt like when you awake slowly from a deep comfortable slumber. When the sun beams stream through the window and blinds you for a while until you register that in fact you are awake. That's exactly how it felt. My body was stiff and I found it very difficult to move my legs. Actually I could hardly move at all. I groaned slightly as my hearing returned. Every sound was amplified, especially the already loud sobs that were echoing and the other small sounds that were bouncing from wall to wall.I blinked once in an effort to clear my cloudy vision, but to no avail. So instead I tried to speak, but not a single sound came out of my mouth.

How was I supposed to tell everyone I was okay?

I started to pay closer attention to the noises in the room. A faint beep could be heard. Does that mean my heart monitor was still connected? To try out that theory. I took a deep breath, which wasn't even deep at all. Actually it was quite shallow. I was having difficulty breathing. Now I really needed to wake up. My conclusion was correct, I was still connected. The only way they would notice was if my heart beat faster, but how am I supposed to do that? I thought about Danielle, nothing happened. I thought about concerts, my favorite book, movies, food,and cars, to no avail at all.

My sense of smell was now fully unclogged. The room smelt of salty tears, depression, desperation,and chips. That last one must be Niall. I laughed to myself very amused in my head seeing as though I can't seem to wake up fully. Just as I was bout to give up I smelt something vaguely Familiar. It was scent that made my heart flutter, and that did the trick because soon I heard yells for doctors and nurses. I was still alive.

(sorry it's short but I'm exhausted so yeah.)

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