Welcome Jacob

Love has always been difficult, but it seems to be even harder being a broken 19 year old mom. As Andrew tries to repairs Isabelle's heart, he finds himself falling in love with her and their new baby boy, Jacob.


1. Spend Forver with me

I sat on my couch in mine and Andrew's apartment, flipping through the channels. Suddenly, the door opens and slams shut. "Andrew, honey. Is that you?" I call out. "No, it's a fucking burglar!" Andrew says with a mean tone of sarcasm. I flinch at his words, but I decided to get over it. "How was work? How have you've been?" I ask attempting to calm him down. "Perfect! It seems like it's been, does it not? Just leave me alone! I don't feel like looking or talking to anyone, especially you!" Andrew says harshly. Tears well up in my eyes, but I'm stronger then to let myself cry in front of him. "Well that's great, because right now you're the last person in the world I'd want to see." At this point I was the verge of breaking, so I ran into my room. Crying into my bed, I heard a soft knock on the door. Not ready to forgive, I decided to be a bite sarcastic  myself. "Who is it? The burglar? I hope so, because that's so much better than Andrew fucking Chavez." The door falls open, literally. The door was on the ground, since Andrew kicked it down. "You want the burglar. Baby, I'll give you him." Then he pins me down on the bed, kissing me softly. Going from my mouth, to my cheek, down to my neck, and even further. I couldn't help, but smile. As his grip losses I manage to put him off. "You really think I'm going to forgive you that easily?" Andrew takes a deep breath, "I guess not.." He let that sentence run off. He gets up, but turns around imminently. "I'm sorry, Isabella! I really am, I was stupid to yell at you. Your my princes and I need you. Please, please, forgive me! please." I craw to the edge of the bed, wrapping my arms around his neck. Andrew put his hands on my hips. "Andrew, We've been together through everything. I've grown to need you. I love you." I push me back onto the bed. "I love you Isabella, and that's why I want to spend forever with you," His hands were shaky and every breath he took seem to last forever. He pulled me back to the front of the bed and grabbed one of my hands. He went down on one knee, and took a shaky breath of air. "Isabella Rose Dominguez, will you be mine forever?" Then he pulled out a black box, and opened it. Revealing a beautiful diamond ring. My eyes watered up. I was speak-less. I shock my head yes. His eyes where now watery too. "I was going to wait for the perfect moment, but I thought it was be good now." Then he slide the ring onto my left hand. I looked down at the ring and smiled. "Andrew, this is the happiest day of my life!" I grabbed him and pulled him down with me. He laughed, as I started pulling off his clothes. (I think you can guess what happens next...)

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