Ballet wars

Paris is 17 and principle ballerina at the best ballet school in the country The Royal Ballet but what happens when One direction walk in on the most important audition of her life.


2. The ballet shop

                                              Monday morning 

Beep beep beep beep screams my alarm clock "uhhh" i yawn as i sit up i look at my clock 6:00am Omg i have gotta get ready i get my tights and leotard and put them on i get my dance bag then i remember  that my pointe shoes are in the cobard i race to my closet and find my pointe shoes slip then on and then i hear a crack i pretend its nothing and go onto demi pointe then before my eyes my whole shoe snaps geuss i will be droping by the dance wear store to buy some new ones .i arrive at the dance shop and greet the lady thats works here her name is gina i tell her what pair type and size i need and race to the studio.

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