Ballet wars

Paris is 17 and principle ballerina at the best ballet school in the country The Royal Ballet but what happens when One direction walk in on the most important audition of her life.


1. intro

Hi I'm Paris and I'm 17 and a principle ballerina at the Royal ballet in london.In a couple of weeks i have a huge audition coming up for the new ballet Swan lake.I am 1 of 3 girl principle dancers at the company and have huge competition.My rivals are a girl named Bella she is 25,a girl named Lola she is 23 and a girl named Rina she is 26 making me the youngest in the whole company.I hate one direction and all my friends love them but them loving them makes me hate them even more.I dont know why i hate them i have no reason to.I have been brought up being very rich and i have everything i want.i have a whole cubard to myself of shoes and i another 300m walk in robe full of clothes.I live in a mansion  in north london.Ballet is my life i coulnt live without it 

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