Ballet wars

Paris is 17 and principle ballerina at the best ballet school in the country The Royal Ballet but what happens when One direction walk in on the most important audition of her life.


3. Class time

I take deep breths and walk into the studio "Late miss red " Miss Kara screams at me "sorry miss Kara i got held up" i lied "where" "ummm traffic" i lied agian"class to the barre" she yelled.we did barre then center and then came the topic i hpoed she would talk about for the whole lesson Swan lake.she waffled about how it is so important and how dancers that danced for the abby lee dance company when they were younger where going to the audition.I put up my hand "may i ask what there named are?" i said "Maddison and Chloe" my jaw dropped 

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