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Willa Pope is normal but not at the same time. She's 18 but has failed quite a few grades and is "trying" to finish her schoool out, but that has been hard sense her dad beats her cause her parents fight and thats where he takes all his anger out. Plus she has never had any friend wat so ever and kids always put her down. the only way she shes at peace is when she doing someting that is to do with 1D. she loves them but people put her down for it. what will happen when her mother abannoeds her and leaves her woth her father? will she try and leave? wat will happen? U have to read to find out. theis is my first story so no hate pls. Enjoy


7. wat to do

Chp. 7- wat to do
I decide I need to wake her up cause she need to explain some things. So I wake her. I first ask how she's feeling better. Then I ask so can u just start from the begging a explain every thing to me. She start out with well and then begins her story about her past.
Willa's P.O.V.
I decide I cud trust Niall with this and told him everything and it made me feel better. (By the way i didnt tell him about about the pic that ceel out of my locker.) I felt like he understood me. At the end of my story I see a tear roll down his check. I ask wat wrong and he just replays "I can't see how some people just treat other people like this no one deserves this. And wat ur jackass father did was wrong he has no clue how to treat women. The. We sit there for a moment and Niall ask if I have anywhere to go and I say no. Then he goes well would u like to stay at my flat. I say no no no I don't want to bother u anymore. The he says well I want u to stay so u don't get Hurt worst and u don't have a choice. I giggle and say fine.
Niall's P.O.V.
Yes! She going to stay with me. I'm going to have to make my move. I so happy. I'm going to get her to trust me even more. She been through some much she don't trust no one. I'm glad she trusted me enough to tell me this. That shows a lot. I wonder who she likes the most about the band. I hope it's me. When we get to my flat I walk over and open her door and help her out.
Willa's P.O.V.
We get to his flat and he walked over and open the door then helps me out. We walk to the door and walk in. I her boys scream Niall back and they run in there and I jump and start to shake cause I'm scared. Niall stand in ground of me and says hey guys this is Willa she will be staying with us. I softly say hi a d the all say hi. Then he ask me if I'm hungry and I decline but I say I'm really tried. So he goes to show me the guest bedroom. It's upstairs so instead of making me walk he carries me. He so sweet. He takes me to the room puts my guitar down. And starts going out of the room and I think wat was he doing in the woods in the first of the place so I ask and he walks back in and sit I one of the chairs in the room and tells me his story.

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