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Willa Pope is normal but not at the same time. She's 18 but has failed quite a few grades and is "trying" to finish her schoool out, but that has been hard sense her dad beats her cause her parents fight and thats where he takes all his anger out. Plus she has never had any friend wat so ever and kids always put her down. the only way she shes at peace is when she doing someting that is to do with 1D. she loves them but people put her down for it. what will happen when her mother abannoeds her and leaves her woth her father? will she try and leave? wat will happen? U have to read to find out. theis is my first story so no hate pls. Enjoy


6. the pain

6-the pain
Willa's P.O.V.
Me and Niall pinkie promised. I still don't know I I trust him completely. Then doctors come in and put the shot in my leg to numb it. ***30 mins later*** the doctor comes in with the pins and other doctor stuff. He comes up and says ready. I reply ready as I ever with be. Then He asks if I want Niall to leave but I shook my head no. So Niall held out his hand for me to hold. First the the clean my leg because I really dirty for not taking a bath in days. Then I think I must look horrible. Then they use a marker to make dots where the pins r going in. Next the pins go in. They tell me I might feel a little pain. Here we go. Ohh muther of fucking god. Shit! This hurts!
Niall's P.O.V.
They start the pins in and she starts screaming cuss words. Plus she squeezing the life out of my hand. Gosh she has a strong grip for a little thing. After there done they have to put a cast on her leg that types above her knee cause she can't bend her leg or it will mess up the pins. Then she got to pick the color of the cast. They had tie dye so she picked the one with her 4 favorite colors green, orange, blue,and purple. After that they size her crutches and then say she can leave. She has been through a lot today. Then the doctor said she needs to just rest in bed for a for a day or 2 at most. Then after 4 weeks come back and they will see if it need to be took off.
Willa's P.O.V.
We get to the car and think how am I suppose to pay for this. Then I'm like how did they let me leave without paying. OMG did Niall pay them? How am I suppose to pay him back? I'm going to have to. So I ask Niall did he pay? He said yes. Or we'll I'm going to pay u back. I reply. Umm no u are not. He says snapping his fingers. Wat ever u say. Then we leave. And I take a nap.

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