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Willa Pope is normal but not at the same time. She's 18 but has failed quite a few grades and is "trying" to finish her schoool out, but that has been hard sense her dad beats her cause her parents fight and thats where he takes all his anger out. Plus she has never had any friend wat so ever and kids always put her down. the only way she shes at peace is when she doing someting that is to do with 1D. she loves them but people put her down for it. what will happen when her mother abannoeds her and leaves her woth her father? will she try and leave? wat will happen? U have to read to find out. theis is my first story so no hate pls. Enjoy


10. the next day

chp.10- the next day

nialls P.O.V.

i wake up thinking yesterday was a dream but i crack open the door and the pretty girl was still their so it wasnt a dream. i walk downstairs and harrrys making pancakes. once they all get down their i ask them for help. ok guys i really need u k. i wanna get willa some cloths but after i want to take her to Nandos. well y do u need us. i hear harry said. becuase i need louis and zayn to find a cassaul dress that matches her case. and the rest just to help get cloths. i have no i idea and she gonna wat some opinions. ok i think we can do that. liam siad. the harry butts in. waohhhhh i dont agree i have to be with boobear.well harrry how about u calm ur 4 nipples u will get to sit beside him at nandos. fine harry mutters.and guys bring ur girlfriends shopping..... well lets eat brefast. about 10 mins later i watching the telly and i hear walking upstair so i go see wat it was and i see willa trying to  go sown the steps. i say stop ill be rite there i dont want u to fall ok get one of the boys or me.

willa's P.O.V.

i was trying to walk down the steps but niall wouldnt let me but if he wants to carry my fat butt then he can be my guess. he sit me in the kicthen and i ask wat time it is. he said 12:30. then he said do u want pancakes or want me to make u a sandwhich. i reply sandwhich pls. then he say ok then wat kind? uhmmm whole wheat bread with turkey and chesse pls. ok willa just at the bar. i go over there he says i was thinking today me and the boys r taking u shopping and then a surprise. ok but i need to take a shower and wat am i suppose to wear? well louis has some cloths thst eleanor leaves here and he said u can barrow that.niall said while setting my plate down. thx niall. want a drink? i say sure any dr. pepper. yep right here and then hands it to me. niall agian thx for evrything i would still be on the streets withmy foot not tooking care of. ur awsome a awsome.... niall r u ok with me calling u my best friend cuase rite now ur the best on i have ever had. that great. he said. as im eating my sandwhich i think how an i suppose to take a shower with a cast? so i say niall how am i suppose to take a shower with a cast? he thinks i say well im gonna need help does eleanor keep a bathing suit hear? yes he says. well can u get me that real quick yea sure he says alittle confused. he comes back down with it and im dow with the sandwhich and i hav e put it in the sink. ok well y do u need this. well before i say anything do u have a trash bag and duck tape. still confused nialls says yes. ok well i put that binki on and u put on trunks cause u r going to have to help me in the shower and the trash bag needs to go over my cast and duck tape around it to keep it shut. he says ok. i get the binki on and he get the trunks on.

nialls P.O.V.

i got to help her take a shower. it was pretty fun. i helped her reach stuff like the soap and sampoo. she also had me get her back. she has soft skin. we even had some fun but not in the inoproperite way, we just has a little water fight but u made sure no water go on her cast.

willa's P.O.V

after i take a shower niall gave me the cloths.i went to the guest room and put clean underwear on, a bra, tank top, a loose tank top shirt that said i love hugs nut i couldnt get on the skinny jeans. so niall had to go get jean shorts and still had to help me get them on the i put on black converse.and niall said we were ready. he was wearing shorts with a celtics tank top on and it looked good on him. he carryed me to the car then i ask well were r the boys? he goes ohhh yeahh they r meeting us their with their girlfirends. there going to help and i thought it might be nice. ok i cant wait!!!!! i say!!!!



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