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Willa Pope is normal but not at the same time. She's 18 but has failed quite a few grades and is "trying" to finish her schoool out, but that has been hard sense her dad beats her cause her parents fight and thats where he takes all his anger out. Plus she has never had any friend wat so ever and kids always put her down. the only way she shes at peace is when she doing someting that is to do with 1D. she loves them but people put her down for it. what will happen when her mother abannoeds her and leaves her woth her father? will she try and leave? wat will happen? U have to read to find out. theis is my first story so no hate pls. Enjoy


12. Nandos

Chp.12- Nandos

nialls P.O.V.

i told willa i need to telll her and ask her something. theni took her to the back porch to tell her. when we get out their she say so wat u need to tell me. well willa this is all a part of the suprise but first of all we r all going to Nandos and.........

willa's P.O.V.

niall told me we r going to nandos. i love that place. then he puts one knee on the ground and says willa i like u a lot. and i want to ask u to be my girlfriend and go to nandos as my girlfriend.  i kinda jump then say of course!!!!!! then he says thats not all but i have this. and he brings out a pretty green dress that will match my cast. he said we need to leave at 7:15 and its 6:15. i have just enough time. i put on the dress then some prefume. then brushed my teeth, put on kight make up, and then on to the hair. i put my hair up then curled my ponytail, then i leaft my bangs down strighten and was ready. i was going to try to go down the stair but then strong hands come up behind me and grib my wasit to pick me up in the process he whisper in my ear wat did i say about going down steps?? then carrys me down a lightly throws me on the couch then sits bside me. we wait for the rest they finally come and were off.

Nialls P.O.V.

she looked beautiful in that dress im so happy with louis and zayn and perrie. me and willa just sit on the couch till there ready. then were off tonight perfect, i hopw the poparazzi dont ruin it.

30 mims later

Nialls P.O.V.

were r here and every thing has gone good. we held hands, i put my arm around her i learned her b-day is june the 10th. thats pretty close its may 10th she will 19 soon like me. after dinner we walk out and i had my arm around her and then kissed her on the check well as soon as i did there was a camara flash............

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