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Willa Pope is normal but not at the same time. She's 18 but has failed quite a few grades and is "trying" to finish her schoool out, but that has been hard sense her dad beats her cause her parents fight and thats where he takes all his anger out. Plus she has never had any friend wat so ever and kids always put her down. the only way she shes at peace is when she doing someting that is to do with 1D. she loves them but people put her down for it. what will happen when her mother abannoeds her and leaves her woth her father? will she try and leave? wat will happen? U have to read to find out. theis is my first story so no hate pls. Enjoy


9. hiding

chp. 9-hiding

willa's P.O.V.

so im sitting in the closet holding my breath cause im breathing hard becuase im scared. i hear footsteps ohh god pls don le tthem come in hear pls pls pls. the footsteps go by i hear a door open and close. then i go in then i try to see where the bathroom is soi got toopena  door but it locked and i hear niall's voice say outin a min. he comes out and say all yours but before i go in he says ohh yeah dont forget put the seat down i forget their was a lady in the house sorry. i say its ok. then i walk in and put down the seat.

niall's P.O.V

ohhhh shit ohhhshit was she still awake while i was talking? i hope she didnt hear me? well who cares shes going to find out sometime aways but if she id hear she might lose trust. i have to tel her soon but i dont know when. 

willa P.O.V

its gonna be didferent in a house with boys. i mean im going to have to make a sign say put the seat down cuase i down need no late night splashes if u know wat i mean. ok well i get back to the guest bedroom and fall asleep.

Harry P.O.V.

wow niall brought a nice girl home but she seemed scared and indcure about erself but i dont know why she very pretty but not as pretty as my girlfriend Maddie. after this movie i think all of us is going to bed.


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