The Little things

This story is about the lifenlong friendship of Louis Tomlinson and Clay Steele. It has drama,romance,comedy, just about everything I hope youll like it.


1. Friends Unite

Clay was just another 15 year old boy, he goes to school, has friends, and a family. But little does he know he becomes friends with a well known boy band member Louis tomlinson. One day clay was walking home from school and stopped by his local coffee shop to grab a mocha frappicinno. On his way in he was texting and accidentaly bumbs into a person.Clay suddenly sees the persons face. It is a man, who was also texting on his phone. Clay says sorry and excuse me and so does the man. But clay remembers seeing this mans face before but cant remember where he seen him at. So clay asks the mans name and the man quietly replies "Louis Tomlinson whats yours?" "My name is Clay Steele, and havent we met before?" Louis replies "No i dont think we have." At that moment clay asks louis would like to have some coffee and chat. And louis says "Yes, i'm not doing anything at the moment why not." So louis and clay drink their coffee, and have a little conversation. And clay finds out that louis is the band member of One Direction (Which is clays all time favorite band) and also uncovers that One Direction have a concert coming up and louis offers clay front row tickets and a back stage pass for after the show so that they can hang out more and meet Niall,Liam,Harry,and of course Zayn. A few days pass by and its finally time for the concert and clay has one little setback...its his girlfriends birthday and she wants to go see One Direction in concert but the problem is louis only gave him 1 ticket, and 1 backstage pass. So clay calls louis and asks if he has anymore tickets and ir passes and louis does not have anymore. So clay has to choose to either give them to his girlfriend or keep them and go anyway, but clay chooses to go himself and his girlfriend doesnt break up with him but cries and goes home. Then a couple hors later clay goes to the concert and there waiting near the entrance is louis waiting for clay. "Hi there Clay are you ready." "Im so excited and pumped i can hardly wait." So louis takes clay with him back stage and there standing doing vocal warm ups are the 4 other band members. "Hey lou who's this?" "This is clay we met at the coffee shop we've become friends over some coffee he generously epaid for." "Oh, well hi  my name's Niall Horan." "I'm Harry Styles" "Hello there i'm Liam Payne" "And i'm Zayn Malik". "And were One Direction". "Yes i know who you guys are your like my all time faborite band and im standing back stage with you guys rit now and im about to watch one of your concerts

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