Finding Love

Alison Marie is a big fan of the pop british/irish boy band. you could say that shes obsessed...but shes more like dedicated. She is completely in love with the entire band. when she gets tickets for their concert next month heading back to her rented house for the next few days she runs into one of the boys and he brings Alison to meet the rest of the boys too. Will she fall head over heels for this mystery boy?


8. Lily's arival

I got out of bed and went downstairs to get food to eat. cereal. I got a bowl and milk and spoon.  I stopped eating and walked out in the huge living room because I heard a knock at the door. obviously it was Lily.

Lily's P.O.V.

oh my god Ali's house is big! I got out of the car with my bag and knocked on the door.

OPEN UP ALI! I screamed.

she opened the door and sighed.

I just got up lily

yeah so its concert day and we need to get ready the concert is at 12:00 pm

fine fine fine come in

I ran inside and set down my bag.



okay have fun! she screamed.

I ran up the big staircase. woah. this house is huge...

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