Finding Love

Alison Marie is a big fan of the pop british/irish boy band. you could say that shes obsessed...but shes more like dedicated. She is completely in love with the entire band. when she gets tickets for their concert next month heading back to her rented house for the next few days she runs into one of the boys and he brings Alison to meet the rest of the boys too. Will she fall head over heels for this mystery boy?


3. it's party time!!

it was finally time for my party!!! I couldn't wait much longer I was so excited! today is the day I officially turn 16! yay!


so my friends came in one by one. put presents on the table and we all chatted for a while. we ate our cake and ice cream and other food. then it was time to open up presents. finally. as everyone knew I was obsessed with one direction as they had all seen my room before and on this day. I got many one direction presents. but now it was time to open the last present. it was a small box. rectangular. I thought it could just be jewelry like any other time. I opened the box carefully unwrapping the box. I opened the box carefully and everyone stared my way. talk about awkward. I opened the card that came with the box and checked who it was dad and stella, my best friend, all I could so is wonder what was in the small box. I opened the box and awe covered over me. what I had gotten I deffinately did not expect. I had gotten one direction tickets for last week and had a house rented for me. only me. I would be staying there for a week all by myself and meeting my idols...OH MY GOD!

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