Finding Love

Alison Marie is a big fan of the pop british/irish boy band. you could say that shes obsessed...but shes more like dedicated. She is completely in love with the entire band. when she gets tickets for their concert next month heading back to her rented house for the next few days she runs into one of the boys and he brings Alison to meet the rest of the boys too. Will she fall head over heels for this mystery boy?


6. -a week later the trip-

the week had gone by slow. but today it was time for the trip! I am so excited! I picked up my suitcase and bags and walked downstairs into my living to find my parents waiting for me.

we hope you have fun on your trip Alison my mother said

obviously she would miss me. I hugged my mom and dad and said bye and walked out the door. the concert is tomorrow night at the stadiums so I will have to choose what to wear tonight. I drove in my red car down the streets to the air port.

I reached the air port in about 45 minutes. horrible ride with a lot of traffic. I walked in and took a seat next to a girl with long curly brown hair and she was wearing sunglasses and a shirt that said I love one direction in big bold letters.

I pulled out my iphone and scrolled through my twitter feed. nothing new obviously. with me only following stella and the one direction boys there wouldn't be a lot going on. stella posted pictures of the party last weekend. I miss her already. I was zoned out until I heard the air hostest call out the plane.

florida plane to California now boarding. I repeat florida plane to California now boarding. the woman said.

I got up and so did the girl next to me. we both exchanged a glance and smiled then looked away going to the plane. maybe we would see eachother again? I wouldn't know until I find it out for myself.

I boarded the plane and tried to find my seat. row 5 seat 1. I scurried to my seat. ugh windows seat. whatever. the person who was sitting next to me was that one girl from the air port. after about 20 minutes I was tapped on the shoulder. I pulled out my headphones.

hi the girl said smiling.

hello my names Alison. I said back.

my names Lily. Lily replied.

so I see you like one direction? I asked.

yeah more like love. im going to their concert tomorrow night. she replied.

oh my gosh you are? me to! I said.

omg maybe we'll see eachother! how old are you? Lily replied.

I just turned 16 last weekend. I said.

cool I turned 16 last month. Lily stated.

where are you staying? I asked.

a rented house ,there were no more hotel rooms where I usually stay so I am staying at a rented house its huge! lily said.

im staying at a rented house too! maybe we'll be close to eachother. I said.


the plane is now landing I repeat the plane is now landing. the person on the air said.

well maybe we will meet up whats ur number? I asked.

Lily gave me her number and we both headed out to get a cab.

ill see you later make sure to text me when you get to the house! I yelled across the street.

okay! Lily yelled back.

I got into the cab and headed to the house. ~10 minutes later~

the house is huge and im not exaggerating! my phone rang once I entered the home.

text from Lily:)

heyyy I just got into my house its huge!

text to Lily:)

same here whats your address?

text from Lily:)

216 rose lane

text to Lily:)

its late im going to go to bed im tirrrred maybe we can go to the concert together tomorrow night? ill text you my address and you can come over early to get ready with me?

text from Lily:)

sure thing nighty night Ali

after reading the text I went upstairs into the room I am staying in and I changed into my pg's and went to bed.

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