A Reason To Breathe (One Direction)

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4. To The Store


MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!! I hope everyones day has been as great as mine! My day is BRILLIAM because my mom scored floor tickets to the next 1D concert! So excited!!!!! Keep promoting my book, and remember, if you want a shoutout, just ask! I will be more than happy to give you one!

So, enjoy!

Lil(: xx


~Harrys POV~

"Okay, lads. I'm going out! What do you want me to pick up?" I ask unpatiently, twirling my car keys in hand. 

"CAAAARROTS!!!!!!!!!!!"  a familiar blue eyed boy hollers, dashing into the kitchen. His eyes shine as he shares what he wants from the market. 

"Oh," he pipes up again, "make sure you get lots and lots of them!" Louis' inner child yells, bursting my eardrums.

"Is that all??" I inquire, grabbing my favorite grey beanie and placing it aloof my curls.

"Here is a list of what Niall wants," he places the list into my hands. My eyes widen as I notice the "list" is more like a book.

"I helped him write it!"  Louis yells as he runs out of the room, down the hall, and towards his room in the flat we share, where Niall is making quite a lot of ruckus. I roll my eyes and pull some sunglasses onto my smirking face.

I pull up to the closest grocery store, ten minutes away, and hop out of the car, shopping list in hand. I open my list and smile, noting that just about every third word is "carrots." That boy sure does love his carrots.

I glance over my shoulder, checking for paps, noticing a small girl, looking to be about my age, having some trouble with her groceries. All of her bags had broken, and she was racing around, trying to collect all of her things. I smirk, and stroll over, asking if she needs any help.

"Y-y-yes please," the petite girl tells me. I gently gather the groceries and carry them tho the car. I secretly glance over at her tiny figure, looking her once over. She sure is quite fit, with her long brown curls that reach her thin waist.

"So what is your name, anyways?"  I find myself asking as I finish up, trying to start a friendly conversation.

"Alyssa," she mutters, staring up into my green eyes.

"Well, Alyssa," the words come out of my mouth before my brain has any time to process it. "My name is Harry. How would you like to spend a day with me?"

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