A Reason To Breathe (One Direction)

I have started this on Wattpad, but I think I want to start posting this on here, as well. Thanks!


2. Story Of My Life


Hey Everyone! Oh, and sorry ahead of time... This is kinda a filler chapter, but I felt like I needed to tell you guys a little bit of information about her.... Oh, and her name is ALYSSA, by the way!!!

Enjoy! Lil xx

My dad slams the door closed and the whole house shakes

Uh oh, I think.  Another bad day at work.

He throws his keys and stomps towards the kitchen. I hear the clank of beer cans, so I know he probably grabbed two or three. The exhausted sofa groans from his weight as he plops down, flicking the news on.

~About two hours and four trips to the fridge by my dad later~

Loud snores erupt from where the telly is. Gosh, that drunk idiot must have fallen into a slumber. I nervously twirl a piece of my curly brown hair. I quietly slip out of the prison cell to go to the loo. Once I lock the door, I check myself in the mirror. My big, blue eyes are a little puffy from crying when I had cut my foot earlier. I splash some warm water on my face and tip toe back into the hallway. I'm about to open the closet door, when I stop dead in my tracksand glance lovingly over my shoulder at the photo of my mum. She had died from a drunk driving accident two years before. Ever since then,  my father has been a heavy drinker. He spends most of his days drinking, except for those two sober hours, my two hours of freedom. A small tear escapes my eye and slowly glides down my porcelain cheek. I open the small closet door and step inside. While thinking heavily, I slam the door loudly. SHOOT! What if he wakes up- My thoughts are interrupted when the telly snaps off and I hear:

"Alyssa! Come out here, you hoe!"

My stomach drops.

My hands turn clammy.

My heart stops.

And I open the door.

Again, sorry about the short chapter! But EEK! What will happen?

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