A Reason To Breathe (One Direction)

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10. Now it's the worst time...

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Niall's POV

I am in a white room. Where am I? What am I doing here? I tell my legs to stand up but nothing happens. WHat is going on? I am trying so hard, pushing, pleading, begging my body to move, a single twitch would be enough. No reply. I am exhausted. Just laying here. The room is spinning, trying to remember what is going on, what is happening, where I am. Where am I?  Little flashes are coming and going. A door appears, where a gorgeous girl mysteriously appears. A gorgeous girl, a girl who's face is the light in the darkness that is now falling, as fast as stars. Just a moment ago the room was blindingly bright, now the darkness is covering us, like a blanket, only it isn't warm and cozy, but cold, windy almost. Like I am falling. I am falling through the floor, desperately clinging to anything I can get my hands to, as I am desperately clinging to my last hopes. A single hand. A hand of a friend, who isn't a friend. It's the beautiful girl! Oh! She must be an angel! Her soft hand glides into my shaking one. Relief instantly washes over me. Or is that just the water? WATER? We have just hit the crashing waves, sinking so gracefully, yet painfully, which somehow doesn't exactly reach me. I am mesmerized, looking into her round, glamorous eyes, full of fright but something else as well, passion maybe? We are sinking, down, down into the great depths of the ocean together. She leans closer, opening her mouth as to tell me something, anything, but our grasp is interruped and broken by a sound so hideous:


Sitting straight up, gasping for air. I am here. In the white room. But this time, there is no girl. Only doctors, wires, and four eager faces of the boys I love.


Alyssa's POV

I saw him. I don't know who, but I saw him in a dream. Sadly I had woken up. I had to tell him something, but what? I know not of what message I must deliver.

"Alyssa? Honey? You have a visitor!" Nurse Jenny soothingly sighs, as she walks into the room. She reminds me so much of my mum. She is always so kind to me. I had been in the hospital for 2 days, so far, due to injuries from a car crash, when I had woken up yesterday. After some small talk, I learned that I will be good to leave in 3 days, after the large gash on my side is completely healed.

"Okay, Mrs. Jeny! Send them in!" I yell, after moving around to be a little more comfortable. Smiling, I hear the door creeeeeeeeek open. I brace myself as I instantly recognize the footsteps. He found me. Oh no... My worst fears are confirmed when I see the face of the man that I thought I had escaped.

"Alyssa!" he snarls, "I can't believe this! How could you escape? Serves you right that you got all of these bruises and scars, and I am ready to add some more. You deserved them, after you run away from your own  father!" He delivers a swift punch to my arm, making me instantly wish I had just died in that car crash.

"Now you are gonna get some more of what you deserve!" He yells, as he uses all of his force to kick me right in the stomach, where my new stitches are, busting a few.

"Ooooof!" I let out a small scream of pain, of mercy. Tears are now falling down my cheeks. The machine beeps very loudly, signaling that something is wrong. Nurse Jenny runs into a horrendous sight, my father yanking out my hair, and me screaming and crying. Gasping, she musters up all of her courage and turns to my father.

"Sir I am going to have to ask you to leave this hospital, and never come back." She strongly commands.

With a growl, my father slowly trudges towards the door, the scowl on his face clearly giving away all of his intentions. 

"Don't you worry, Alyssa. I will get you next time," he growls, before slamming the door shut and racing down the hall.

Lol so I hope yall like it, I made it longer than usual so no complaints! Please continue to read! Remember: 5 votes for the next chapter!

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