A Reason To Breathe (One Direction)

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7. Meeting You



Okay guys, so I said I would start posting more often so.... Im gonna try to post tonight if I dont fall asleep..... Hahaha so if you are reading this, that means I DIDNT FALL ASLEEP!!!!!!! Hahaha no but really.

Thanks to everyone who is reading. It really means a lot when I get reads, comments, or votes because it makes me want to keep writing! For a while, I was going to just delete this and start over, but when I posted the last chapter, I saw that I got a little feed back, so I am gonna write a few more chapters, but I think if I dont get any feed back, I am probably just gonna stop.

ANYWAYS, 9 VOTES, 157 READS, AND 14 COMMENTS!!!! Thanks sooooo much. My goal is to get to 500 reads. If I get 500 I am literally gonna cry. I will love you guys forever. PLEASE keep voting, commenting and, most importantly, reading!!!! 

So, here is just a little chapter so you aren't all DYING from waiting.........

Oh well. Just shut up and read.

Lil(: xx


Harry's POV

I check my shiny, gold colored Rolex watch, checking, once again that it was, indeed, 4:47. I have checked probably 4 times in the last minute. Finally, the hand moves over one more line, signalling that it is now 4:48.

Why am I so anxious? I go on dates ALL THE TIME!

I sneak a peek at my watch for a fifth time out of nervous habit. Where is she? We had agreed on meeting at 5, but you would think she would be here early, considering I AM the World Famous Harry Styles!

My mind slips back into thinking about her. Her long curls, her full lips, the way she stands like a little kid, her tiny hands, her- WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??? I need to calm down. The entire past week, I haven't been able to get her off of my mind. I find myself thinking about her all the time. But why? She is just a cutie l that I am going on ONE date with. I mean, she's just a regular girl, right?

Alyssa's POV

I have been out of the house for about an hour now, and I am pretty sure this has been the best decision of my life. I pull into the parking lot in my car at the little mall and grab my keys and money, stuffing the bills into my pocket. Locking the car and running into the mall, my mind starts wandering. How long will I be gone? Where will I live? What's going to happen? My thoughts are bouncing off the walls inside my brain, going crazy, desperately trying to escape. Suddenly, my eyes get wide. I swear I hear angels singing up in heaven. You know in those cheesy movies how there's a spotlight on something important or beautiful? The whole mall is like that. Every store is practically screaming for me to come inside. I haven't been to a mall since before my mum died. It's so beautiful here. The stores all surround a large, majestic circle-shaped food court. Food stands that are making my mouth water surround picnic tables, waiting for someone to sit in. And in the middle of this gorgeous setup is the show stopper: a huge fountain with clear, bubbling water. It was breathtaking. After a few minutes of ogling, I take a quick look around and rush into a store called Forever 21.


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