A Reason To Breathe (One Direction)

I have started this on Wattpad, but I think I want to start posting this on here, as well. Thanks!


8. Meeting You, pt 2

I am soooo sorry guys. A lot of personal stuff has been happening lately..... I AM REEEEEEEALLLLLYYYY SORRY! So to make it up to yall I am gonna post 3 chapters....

Alyssas POV


Returning back to the car with 12 shopping bags, I check the time. 4:35. Perfect! I had spent the last few hours shopping in heaven. I had bought all the new styles and fashion at the cutest little shop called Forever 21. Glancing down at the outfit I had chosen to wear on the date, I smile and start driving. I'm wearing an adorable black shirt with little gold crosses and a plated gold mini skirt, which ended about 6 inches above my knee. I topped it all off with gold strappy sandals and gold Juicy Couture Earrings shaped like crosses. I was in love with all of my new clothes. I pull up to the parking lot at the little market that Harry and I had agreed to meet at. Butterflies are flying around in my stomach. My hands are sweating. Did I mention that this was going to be my first date? Man. I am nervous. My heart flutters as I see a curly-haired figure approaching my car. HARRY! Opening my car door, I nervously apply a coat of pink lip gloss and hop out. He grabs my hand and brings me to his car, where we just start talking about random things on the way to the coffee shop. Once we get there, he runs out and opens my car door, like a gentleman. Once inside, he takes my order and buys the coffee as I pick out a cute little table by the back of the shop. He soon joins me with the coffee. 

"So Alyssa, how are you?" 

"I am fine! How are you, Harry?" I ask with a smile. So far so good! 

"I am magnificent!" he says, nervously fidgeting his large hands. After small chat and the usual 'how are yas' we finished our coffee and left, hand in hand.

After driving back to the super market, he walked me back to my car and gently turned me around. 

"Alyssa, I really enjoyed hanging out with you today. Maybe we can do this again sometime?" he sincerely asked, looking into my eyes. 

"Ermmm sure! What's your number?" I ask, hopeful. "I have a pen here in my car! Just write it on my hand!" He gladly takes the pen and slowly writes his number down. I guess I will go to the Apple Phone later to get a phone. 

"Thanks Harry!" I say, stepping back to my car door. He quickly grabs my waist and pulls me close. 

"You're welcome. See you later love," he whispers, his breath hot against my skin, sending goose bumps to my arms. He presses a light kiss on my cheek and casually strolls away.


~Lily xx~

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