A Reason To Breathe (One Direction)

I have started this on Wattpad, but I think I want to start posting this on here, as well. Thanks!


3. Fear Him


Hey Everyone! Sorry if the story  is kinda boring but I am trying to get up to 1D. So.... This might seem like a filler chapter. Hang in there! So.... ENJOY!

Lil xx

My trembling arm reaches up and turns the knob. I dont have a clue why my dad would talk to me during the week, unless it was something bad (well for me).

"Yes, father?" I squeak, as politely as I possibly can.

"I need you to do me a little favor," he states, matter of factly.

I gulp. This wont be good.

"Drive to the grocery and buy me a case of beer,"  was his lazy reply.

Phew! I thought he was going to ask me to do a bad "little favor". He tosses me the keys and I race towards the door. He grabs my hand and spins me around. He looks me in the eyes.

"Dont you dare run away or I will track you down and all hell WILL break lose," he glares, spitting when he says "will". 

"Y-yes father," I stammer. He reaches his hand out and slaps me. My face stings immensly where he had slapped me.

"Thats a warning," he gloats. I turn around and glide towards the door. I open it quickly and start to step out, but not fast enough to dodge his hand, which grabbed my bum. He slams the door closed, and I spin on my heels, all of the hatred in the world, all of the pain and suffering is in my eyes as I glare at the door and quickly sprint to the door, rejoicing at my new-found freedom.

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