A Reason To Breathe (One Direction)

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5. Day In Their Shoes

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~Harry's POV~

The words just slipped out of my mouth. I don't know anything about this girl, and I ASK HER TO STAY WITH ME THE WHOLE DAY??? What am I thinking? Paul is gonna kill me! He is gonna- My thoughts are interrupted by the sound of Alyssa squeaking out a sentence.

"I am sorry! I would really love to, but my father wouldn't allow it!"

My heart sinks, though my brain knows that this is probably for the best. The boys and I have about 3 meetings anyways. Still, I WOULD have liked spending a day with a beautiful girl.

"So, Alyssa, do you come here often?"

 Oh my gosh. Did I really just ask if she CAME HERE OFTEN? Of course she does! Its a dang GROCERY STORE! I swear, sometimes I am so stupid.


~Alyssa's POV~

UH OH. What am I supposed to say to that?

"Ermm well, of course! I come here every Wednesday!" I flash a convincing smile in his direction.

Great, now I am lying. Ughhh. My life is so complicated sometimes. I wish I could stay with him! I really like him! He is so adorable, with his grey beanie and small brown curls, which he carelessly swept to the side. His emerald eyes are staring down at me. They make my heart melt, like a Popsicle on a hot day.

"Well then, how about next Wednesday, you can join me for a coffee after shopping?" His eyes shine and glimmer with hope. I can't say no to them.

"Yeah! Sure! See ya then!" I flirtatiously wink and saunter off to the front seat of the car.


~Harry's POV~

I watch her glide out of the parking lot. And with that I trudge towards the store, my thoughts sprinting all throughout my brain, running amuck. Well. I guess I have a date next week.


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