A Reason To Breathe (One Direction)

I have started this on Wattpad, but I think I want to start posting this on here, as well. Thanks!


9. Accidents Happen

Here is the second chapter......

Alyssas POV

Well, now where do I go? I am all alone and I dont have a house or anything. I start to really think about my plan. Why did I think this would work? I have nowhere to go! I guess I should just get a flat. Driving towards the highway, I set my sights on the housing department. This way, I will be able to buy a flat! Turning onto the freeway, I make sure to check both ways. A little down the highway, the cars in front of me stop, so I slam on my brakes. Unfortunately, the person behind me was switching lanes, so they didn't stop. SLAM! The car behind them slam into them, forcing them to hit me. Hitting the dashboard, I become woozy and pass out.

Nialls POV


The door crashes to a shut as Harry walks in, a huge goofy grin on his face. Oh no. He is like one of those love sick puppies. 

"Let me guess," I holler,"you were with that girl again?" 

"Her name is Alyssa, and yes, of course I was," says an almost drooling curly haired freak. He starts to ramble about how PERFECT she is and how PERFECT she acts, blah blah blah. Frankly, I am kinda sick of this Alyssa chick. She us ALL Harry talks about! He cant wcen watch a good game of football without bringing up that girl! Im happy for him, really. Im just tired of all this Alyssa talk. 

I come up with a plan to get away from all his talking. I grab the keys and sprint out of the kitchen, yelling "IM GOING TO NANDOS!"

*Ten minutes later*

On the freeway, I turn on the radio out of boredom. Its in the middle of a really good song by my mate, Ed Sheeran. I start singing along as I switch lanes. All of a sudden, CRASH! I jerk forward and hit the windshield, as everything fades to black.


Lily xx

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