My best friends One direction

What happens when a thirteen year old girl meets One direction? She becomes one of their best friends of course!! Madi is a regular girl, until 1D shows up at her house and asks for her help. What will she do? Might contain swear words, and scary scenes.


9. chapter 9


Madi's POV- I haven't heard from the boys in months. I get texts every now and then, but haven't gotten one for a while. They probably wonder why they spent a whole week with a nobody. I performed my solo without them there. I know they are big people, but they promised. I guess I should've been more understanding. It's now July, and we have a fair. I show rabbits. It's just a little fair, just animals, no huge rides, nothing huge. I am walking to the rabbit barn, with a bucket of water for my bunnies. I was wearing a tanktop that was 1D. I didn't tell anyone about them staying, no one would believe me. I had Niall's hat on. It almost lost his scent. But it was there. I was wearing shorts, and old boots. As I filled water bottles, someone knocks over the bucket. I look, and there is Jordan. With that girl. I roll my eyes, and pick up the bucket. Now I have to walk across the grounds to get more water.

" I know she's here guys," A familiar voice says. I look. " There she is!!" They scream. These random boys run past me, to a girl. Shoot, thought they weren't my boys. I sigh, and lug the bucket towards the rabbit barn.

"MMMMMAAADDDDIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!" I hear a scream. I whip my head back and forth. I see some badly dressed girls coming towards me. Uh oh.  They rip off the wigs and bulky dresses. There they are. My boys. I scream, drop the water bucket, and run towards them. I jump on them, and we make a huge hug. I started crying, and Zayn wipes them away.

" Did you miss us love?" Harry whispers in my ear. I nod furiously. I look at them. They look the same. I smile.

"Let's go somewhere more private," Niall whispers, pointing at a couple of girls with 1D stuff on. We run towards their car, but Jordan and that girl stop us.

"Well looky here, they are finally back. But they missed some stuff. Didn't they?" He says, holding on to his girlfriend.  He was talking about my concert, and didn't come to visit. How did he know that? They walk towards him, When a bulky guy comes and pushed us towards the car. I don't think he sees me, so I sit on the floor in the car. We watch the man yell at Jordan, and him run, with the girl closely behind. I look at them, and they are messing around, over where we go. I missed this. Niall looks at me.

" Hey guys, there's my hat. And we have a fan," He says. I blush. I take off the hat, but he puts it back on my head. " Keep it. You see less of us than our families do. We should've come by when we had the concert in Minnesota." The man jumps in the front, and the boys throw stuff over me." Hey Pauly-boy,'' Louis says, calmly. Oh ya!! That's Paul.

"I know she's in here guys, Lemme see her." He commands. They slowly pull off the bags, but they leave the hat on. I sit up further, and knock if off, while pulling up my blonde hair. It gets blonder in the summer. He looks at me, and his face softens.

'' She is just a slip of a girl, uh?'' He whispers. I blush, and smile at him. "I'm Madi." He laughs.

" Oh I know about you, they told me everything, and if Jordan wasn't a kid, he'd be beaten to a pulp." He smiles at me. I know we will be close to.


Hey guys!!! Please please please leave me comments!! I don't know if this is good, or if something else should happen. I have a plan, but I would love to hear your opinions!!! Please!!



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