My best friends One direction

What happens when a thirteen year old girl meets One direction? She becomes one of their best friends of course!! Madi is a regular girl, until 1D shows up at her house and asks for her help. What will she do? Might contain swear words, and scary scenes.


8. chapter 8

Madi's POV-

Sobs rock my body, as I rake the grass. My tears are clouding my vision, but I see my brother? My bro came and hugs me tight. He knows how hard it was to lose grandpa.

Jacob's POV-

I drive home, to grab a game for XBOX. I pull up, and see five guys pounding, who? Jordan. Good for nothing Jordan. I jump out and push one aside.

" Hey!"An Irish accent yells at me.

"Chill dude, he hurt my sister." They held him, and let me have him. I punch him. Lots. I look around. Blondie's got a shiner, Curly cut lip. Buzzed bite marks? Quiffed has a couple nice bruises. The last one, had gravel marks on him. I smile. This is my sister's Favorite band. One Direction. I turn. I see her. Madi. She's in the grass, clutching the last thing of her grandfather. I run over, and hug her.

Madi's POV-

After Jake left, I look at them. I start to cry. They look horrible, because of me. They come and give me hugs, saying sorry and wished they could've hurt him more. After I calmed down, We watched movies. I sit with Niall on one side, Harry on the other. Liam was in the chair, my back on his knees. Zayn's head on one leg, Louis's on the other. After a couple movies, they turn to me. Zayn dropped the bomb.

" So what happened to your grandad?" I look down, at Niall, whose head was in my lap. I play with his hair as I tell them.

" He died of cancer. I though he would make it. He was so tough. His name was David. Grandpa was a worker, and loved all of us grandchildren. All 14 of us. More came after he passed. He gave me this locket when I was a baby. After he died, I was always sad, and Jordan was annoyed. My grandpa said he was trouble, and would hurt me. I should've listened to him." A few tears fell, and landed on Niall. I giggled. We ate some ice cream, and went to bed.



Madi's POV-

I woke up. The last day. I packed Niall's bag, while he played his guitar, and the boys sang a couple songs while packing. I was going to miss that. We ran upstairs and starting making waffles. We spent the morning outside, the boys in a sled while I drove the four wheeler.  Around lunchtime someone knocked. I grab a bat. I open it, seeing Katie. Katie is the person who introduced One direction to me. I squeal and hug her.

"MADISON FAITH JONES WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME YOU KNEW ONE DIRECTION!!!!!" She screamed while throwing a magazine at me. I was on the cover. Niall was holding me, the rest of the boys around me. I was crying and they just beat up Jordan. I just stare.

"Um guys this is my friend Katie." I say pointing at her.

" I THOUGH WE WERE YOUR FRIENDS!!!!" Louis shouted. I giggle

" I have other friends to Louis." "Oh."

 While the boys and Katie associated, I went to my room. I just sat and looked at the magazine. I wanted to become a singer and be on a magazine cover, but not like this. Niall walks in, and sits next to me, and pulls off his shamrock snap back. He rakes his hair. Niall looks at me, and smiles.

" Everything will be okay Mads," he says, giving me a famous horan hug. That calmed me down. Katie stayed for a while, then left for her hockey game. I looked at the clock. It was about five forty five. I was holding back tears. When the driver pulled up, I cried. I gave each boy a hug, and they all held on longer. I was going to miss them. I watched the car until I couldn't see it anymore. I walk inside my house. I clean every inch of the house, while blasting music. I'm so exhausted when I go to sleep, I almost don't notice the shamrock snap back on my bed. Evidence, that they weren't part of a dream. Nialler's hat. 











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