My best friends One direction

What happens when a thirteen year old girl meets One direction? She becomes one of their best friends of course!! Madi is a regular girl, until 1D shows up at her house and asks for her help. What will she do? Might contain swear words, and scary scenes.


6. chapter 6

Author's note-

Hey guys!! I now realized that a lot of things wouldn't have been there  last summer, That's the time frame kinda. So sorry if it's weird and doesn't add up. Thanks!!!

Farmgirl 52 <3

Madi's POV- We pulled up into the mall parking lot. I look at them and smile. I would never be doing this. Hanging with the biggest boy band in the world. But I don't think of them like that. They seem like they weren't famous, and just my friends. The boys put on sunglasses, and so do I. I don't need to, but I don't want to stand out. We walk into the mall, I breath in the crazy people, fighting over things. It's hilarious. We split up. Louis and Zayn, Liam and Harry, and Niall and me. He seems the closest to me, even though I haven't had time to know the rest. I take Niall to our famous snap back store, and he nearly flips. After we bough half of the store, we walk past claires. Inside it was overflowing with One Direction stuff. I ran and grabbed a Niall doll and showed him. He laughs and quickly pulls up his hat. I turn, and see girl with One Direction stuff everywhere, and had two huge bags of their stuff. They see Niall, and then me. They think we're dating, probably since he was holding my hand so I didn't get lost. We sprinted away, and ran into Harry.

" What are you guys-" He sees everyone, yells at Zayn, and  They both pick me up. We run until we lost most of them, but to be sure we ran into a rug store. We pile into giggles, and laugh even harder when Zayn come over, with some rips on his clothes.

" you think this is funny?" he asks pointing at me. I squeal and run. I smack into a girl, who isn't very happy.

" So I was all like chasing Niaalll and HHaaarryy and that had some bitch in their- hey! What where you're going!! Oh look guys, it's that bitch who is hanging out with my future husbands!!! Hahaha, watch it bitch! yu wanna go?!" She looks down at me. Her makeup is running from sweat. Her lipstick is smudged. And she called me a Bitch 3 times! I glare at her.

"Look girl, you don't call me a bitch! Swearing isn't attractive. Not saying you are. You have enough make up for the whole mall, Scratch that, The state of Iowa! So don't call me names! You don't even know me!" I scream. No one calls me names. She glares back at me. Suddenly she pushes me down and kicks me. Hard. I scream, and hold my stomach.

Harry's POV-

We laugh as Madi runs out of the store. We talk to each other, until we hear a blood curdling scream. Oh no. Niall and I book it, The others right behind us. We find Madi on the floor, groaning and holding her stomach. These girls were pulling her hair, and kicking her. Liam pushes them over and smacks the boy who tried to push him over. Zayn yells at them, with Louis. Niall picks her up, and I take her hand. She starts crying. I hate seeing her cry. I barge over to the girls who did to our princess.

" WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? KICKING A LITTLE GIRL!!!!!! YOU ARE JUST JEALOUS OF HER!" She tries to hug me, and tells me that she loves me and Madi is just a bitch. Not a smart idea for that girl. "DON'T YOU DARE CALL HER ONE MORE NAME!!! WE WILL FIND YOU IF YOU DO, AND YOU WON'T BE HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!" I scream, and storm off. I walk over to Madi and Niall, and she looks better. she gives us all a weak smile.

" Let's pick up some pizza. I wanna go home." She declares. Niall takes her hand, Louis the other. Liam stands in front of her, Zayn and I in the back. She giggles. " I can't see anything," she laughs. We all chuckle, and race to the car with piggie backs. Liam and Madi won, Niall and me second, Zayn and Louis last. We drove home, and ate pizza. It was a good day. Kinda.

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