My best friends One direction

What happens when a thirteen year old girl meets One direction? She becomes one of their best friends of course!! Madi is a regular girl, until 1D shows up at her house and asks for her help. What will she do? Might contain swear words, and scary scenes.


49. Chapter 49

Madi's POV-

"WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!" I hear in my ear. I shoot up, and hit my forehead against Zayn's.
"I'm awake!" I grumble, hopping out of bed. "How are you up before me?"

"I don't know. So get up!" Zayn pulls me into the living room, where a very tired Perrie is.

"PERRIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I scream, diving into her arms.

"MADI!'' She laughs. We hug, until Zayn comes and tries to join.

"Aw c'mon!" Zayn whines as I walk away. I laugh as they start to make out.

"Where is everyone else?" I ask, turning to the lovers.

"Asleep," Perrie tries to say. I nod, and just leave.

"Ben? Are you awake?" I crack open his door, to find him fast asleep. I sigh, and walk in. I plop down on his bed, and turn on the tv. Cartoons light up the screen, as I play with Ben's hair. He jolts awake, and looks at me.

"Hey Madi! Why are you in my room, while I'm sleeping?" Ben hops up, and kisses my cheek. I watch him walk into his bathroom, and I hear the water run.

"I got woke up by Zayn, because Perrie and El came here. So I came to see if you were awake," I walk into the bathroom, and watch him brush his teeth. I grin, as he grins at me in the mirror. He wipes his face, and snakes an arm around me.

"So, since everyone else is having a date day, would you like to see the new Despicable Me movie with me?"  I giggle, and feel myself blush.

"I would absolutely love to Benny!" I hug him.

"Yeah, I'd be down with that. Harold?"

"Yep. Love to." We both whip around, to see Niall and Harry leaning in the doorway. Their eyes zoom in on Ben's arm, which is still on my waist.

"Guys, I love you. Like, a lot. But, I think this is a date. For me and Ben," I say, as Paul walks in.

"Sorry Madi. Harry, Niall you, me and Ben will be attending this 'Date'. Okay?"

"Fine," Ben and I chorus, grumbling. We flop onto the bed.

"That's the price for having a boy band be your best friends," Paul says, walking out. I hop off the bed, pulling Ben's hand away from my waist.

"I'm going to go get ready, okay?"

"Sure!" Ben hops up, and heads back to his bathroom. I walk out, and Mason comes from his and Harry's room.

"I think I'm going to stay here today," He says, falling onto the couch. I walk to my closet, and  pull on my lime green tank top, and my jean shorts. Flip flops cover my feet, as I walk into the bathroom. I brush my teeth, and put little make up on. I'm going to be in high school, so make up is okay right? Anyway, I grab my purse, and head outside.

"Let's go people!" I call, as Ben walks beside me. Niall and Harry walk out, laughing at something. Louis runs after them, covered in syrup.

"How did you even...? You know what? I don't care, let's go Paul!" I call, as we all head out. Ben takes my hand, and we walk ahead of our group, into the elevator.

"Close close close close close close close close!" We chant, pushing the closing door button repetitively. As the door closes, a huge hand stops it.

"So close," Ben mutters, watching Paul walk in with Niall and Harry. Harry looks at our hands, and rolls his eyes. We travel down to the lobby, and walk out. Screaming girls sound, and we run back into the lobby.

"Now what?" I ask. Niall puts on a snap back, and Harry slides his beanie back on.

"Now we take the back way." Paul says, leading us to a side door, where a car is parked. Paul opens the door, and we scurry out, all the girls crowding the front doors. Once in the car, I start to laugh.

"I can't believe that they didn't notice us!" I giggle. Ben laughs a little too, as we drive off to the movies.


We walk up to the deserted movie theater, and Paul pulls out some money.

"Five tickets to Despicable me 2 please," He says, as sliding the money. We get the tickets, and walk into the theater. I sit down, Harry on my right, Ben on my left. Paul and Niall walk in with popcorn, passing one down to Ben and I. As the room darkens, the screen lights up.

"I'm glad we can at least sit by each other," Ben whispers, wrapping me in his arms. I snuggle up to him, as the pictures come to life in front of us.


We walk back into the hotel room, popcorn buckets in our hands.

"That movie was great!" Niall laughs, as he jumps onto the couch. An arm pulls me to the side, and into a room.

"What the-? Zayn!" I say, hitting his arm hard.

"Sorry Love! I just have to ask you something. Something that you'll get," his cheeks brighten, as he sits on the bed. I sit next to him, waiting for an explanation.

"I'm gonna propose to Perrie." He whispers, smiling at her name. I take a gasp.

"Zayn! Yay!" I jump from the bed, my excitement high.

"Shh!" He says, covering my mouth. "The boys already know, but I need your help. I need you to help me pick out the ring." He says.

"Sure!" I squeal, "Let's go!"

"Okay," He chuckles, grabbing car keys. We secretly leave, and hop into  a car.

"Do you know any jewelers  around here?" I ask, as  I look out the window.

"I've only been looking for weeks," He says, bumping  my arm. I giggle, and watch the world go by.

"Do you think the fans have liked best song ever?" Zayn asks, looking at me.


I sit in a recording studio, watching the boys sing their new song.

"Alright. Now, Zayn, we are gonna start with you okay? The rest of you guys have a break. Liam, you're next." Tony, their recording guy says. The boys come out, excluding Zayn, and sit by me on the big brown couches.

"So do you like the chorus?" Louis asks.

"It sounds great! Of what I  heard," I shrug, already excited. Just because I'm friends with them, doesn't mean I get to listen in on the songs. I get to come today, because I had nowhere else to go. Yay for me!

"I know your excited!!" Niall laughs, taking my head into the crook of his elbow. His fist rubs against my skull, as I squirm away.

"NIALL! I HATE NOOGIES!'' I whine, finally freeing my head.


"I think they do. I've only heard good things about it," I ask as we pull into a jewelry store.


Ben's POV-

I walk out of my room, having my stuff packed for the next gig. I see Mason is also packed. Oh that's right. He won't be with us for the next gig. Hallelujah. I sit down next to Liam and Niall, who are playing FIFA. I don't get why they like that game so much.

"Yes! In your face Payno! Wohoooo! Winner! Winner!" Niall hops us and starts to do a victory dance. Liam tackles him, and they hit the ground with a thud.

"Ahh! Get off!"Niall whines as Liam sits on him, pinning him to the ground.

"Who's the winner now bro?" Liam asks, smirking.

"I am!" Niall laughs. He then looks at me, mouthing 'help.' I shake my head, and sit on the couch. 

"Say it!" Liam laughs.

"Never!" Niall rebels.

"SAY IT!!!!!" Liam screams louder.

"OKAY! PAYNO'S THE WINNER! NOW GET OFF!" Niall shoves him off, and Paul comes in, followed by Perrie and Lux.

"Where's Zayn and Madi?" Perrie asks. Everyone shrugs, although we all know they are picking out Perrie's ring.

"Outside!" Lux whines, pulling on Perrie's pant leg. She sighs, and picks up the toddler.

"Alright, let's go." She walks out the door, followed by two guards. Uncle Paul comes and sits by me.

"So your parents called," he starts.

"Cool, how are they?" I ask.

"Good. They, uh, want you to come home." Paul says, nice and slow. 

"What?" I say.

"They. . . They want you home. School is about to start, they want you to go to high school. At the high school." Paul finishes. I slump down on the couch. Go back to school? Without the guys? They are like my only friends. What about Madi?

"And Madi?" I ask, looking up at Paul.

"Her parents want her home too. But don't tell her. Let her be." Paul looks down. "I'm gonna miss you two. I don't want to do this, but I have to. If you and Madi ever want to come back, we have to keep your parents on our good side. You know that." I nod. Harry walks in, obviously just woken up from a nap.

"When are we gonna go to do sound check?" He mumbles.

"In two hours. So get ready. And find Louis," Paul says, standing. I grab his arm.

"Do the guys know?" I whisper, as Paul shakes his head.

"Just us know Ben. Lemme tell the guys." He walks towards the other wing, as I slump back to the couch.

Now what? I can't just pretend like every moment we have on the tour will be the last. But then again, the American part of the tour is going to end in a couple weeks. Then there's a huge break. A huge break afterwards Madi and I won't be able to join. I pick myself up from the couch, and trudge to my room. I lay down on my bed, waiting for Madi. I can't tell her, but I really want to. But  I have to keep my feelings to myself. I hear a soft knock on my door, and it creaks open.

"Hey Ben," Harry smiles, shutting the door behind him. He slumps down onto the bed, facing me.

"So. . . Paul told me." He sighs. I shrug, and look towards my suitcase. I only have to repack a few more times. 

"I wish I could do something you know? I wish you and Madi could stay here with us, and not go back," Harry ruffles his hair, and lays back on the bed. We both look up at the ceiling, our backs on the bed. "But that be unfair. You two need your high school experiences. It's a blast," he chuckles.

"I'm worried," I pipe up. He looks over at me.

"Why? It's great,''

"Cause. There are a lot of high school guys that think Madi's hot. And she is, but, she's not theirs. I don't want her to leave me," I whisper. Harry's hand rests on my shoulder.

"Don't worry. Madi won't do that. In fact I think-" A door slam interrupts Harry, and Madi bursts through the door.

"Guys! Guess what!!" Madi's eyes shine with excitement.

" What are you doing?' She tips her head to the side, her ponytail swinging. 

"Talking about manly stuff," Harry says, his voice dropping a few octaves. She giggles, and closes the door behind her.

"Oh really? Well, Harry, I want to talk to Ben. So leave." Harry frowns, and gets up.

"Fine. As long as I get a big HUG!" Harry grabs her around the waist, and lifts her up.

"Harry!" She squeals. "Harry put me down!" Her laugh fills the room as they spin faster and faster. I sadly grin, and stand from the bed. Harry walks towards the bed, throwing Madi on it. She lands with a thud, bouncing a couple times. Harry then scurries out of the room, knowing Madi would follow him. 

"I'll get you Styles!" She smiles, sitting up. "Come here Ben," she says, patting the bed. I flop down next to her, as she turns on the TV. My head finds it's way into her lap, as she plays with my hair.

"Madi?" I whisper.

"Mhmm?" She asks, looking down at me.

"I like it when you play with my hair," I confess. She smiles brightly.

"Good, I like playing with your hair. Your brown, now straight locks." Madi looks back up at the TV.

"Madi?" I murmur again.

"Yes?" Madi says.

"D-do you miss your friends?"  She takes a deep breath, and shrugs.

"Yeah, I guess. But I'd miss this too. Can't have both huh?" She grins down at me, and pecks my lips. When she pulls away, I smile up at her. I'm about to kiss her again, when a knocking comes from the door.

"Whaaaat?" I groan.

"We are leeeaaavvviiingggg," Louis groans back, as the door opens. I get up, Madi following me. We all grab our luggage, and head out. As we board  the bus, I look out towards the taxi pulling in. Harry hugs Mason tight, as the driver puts his luggage in the back.

"Hey Mads," I call.

"What?" She yells from inside.

"Mason is leaving. Wanna say goodbye?" I reluctantly say. She hops down the stairs next to me. Her clear blue eyes are on Mason. They look at me, and back at Mason.

"Thanks," Madi murmurs, rushing off to the taxi. I watch her ponytail swish as she pulls him into a big hug. Mason looks at me, rolling his eyes, and waving me over. I walk over, as they pull away.

"See ya bro," I smile, taking a man hug. 

"We good?" He asks. I nod. We exchange a smile, as he slides into the taxi. It zooms off, as we wave him goodbye. As soon as the car disappears, I feel Madi engulf me into a hug.

"Thanks Ben," she whispers into my chest. I hug her back, as I watch the sun set. The boys all head to the bus, while Madi and I stay embracing. The stars start to peek out when Madi decides to speak.

"I talked to Harry." Confusion crossed my face.


"Yep," she said, popping the 'p'. "He told me that you were worried about high school. That I'd rather date a hot upperclassmen than you." I take a deep breath, as Madi snuggles closer to me.  The sun disappears completely, leaving us in the dark, only with the moon and stars.

"We should probably go back to the bus. . ." I mutter, hinting that I don't want to talk  about it now.

"Not yet. I told Paul that I wanted to talk to you."

"Since when is going against the bro code okay?" I grumble.

"Ben." Madi giggles. I rest my chin on top of her head. "Ben look at me," she whines. I pull my head away, but keep my arms wrapped around her.

"Yes?" I smile. Her crystal blue eyes bore into mine, as her lips curl into a smirk.

"Ben." She says. 

"What?" I grunt.

"You know I won't do that. I won't just leave you for some hot older guy. I like you, " her little hands slide around my waist, as she stretches on her tip toes.

"Why would I like someone from my brother's grade when I can have you," Madi jokes, as her lips brush mine.

"Yo Romeo! Juliet! Get your asses in here, we got a tour to do!" Louis yells from the bus. Madi laughs, pulling out of the embrace.

"Let's go,'' she giggles again, taking my hand. We walk over to the bus, Madi walking in before me. She's halfway up the steps, when she turns around.

"Oh, and don't look at my butt. Perrie told me she saw you looking," Madi smirks, as my cheeks redden.

"Well now I want to look," I mutter, following her up the steps, into the bus.

"Madi, come with me," Perrie commands, taking her to the back of the bus. The bedroom curtain closes, and I hear the bathroom door open and close.

"Girls," Niall mutters. 

"So Zayn, when are ya gonna propose?" Harry says, casually looking up from his phone. Zayn's ears start to turn red, as the other boys chuckle at him.

"But seriously, you okay? We can help," Niall says, serious in his voice. Zayn looks at his hands.

"I-I can't wait. She really makes me happy. I just want to make her mine. Well, you know," Zayn whispers, smiling at the ground. I smile, and stand up. We pull out of the hotel, and follow three more buses ahead of us.

"I'm going to bed. Night guys." I yawn. I get a chorus of 'Nights' and head into my bunk. I hear Perrie and Madi giggling in the bathroom, but I'm too tired to wonder about it. As soon as my head hits the pillow, I'm out.


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