My best friends One direction

What happens when a thirteen year old girl meets One direction? She becomes one of their best friends of course!! Madi is a regular girl, until 1D shows up at her house and asks for her help. What will she do? Might contain swear words, and scary scenes.


48. Chapter 48

Madi's POV-

Mason tells us the story of his flight, but Ben keeps distracting me. First he tries to take my phone, then plays with my hair.

"-then the guy next to me was like, 'Dude, that girl is hot,' and he pointed to a guy!" Mason laughs, the other boys following. I giggle, and feel Ben's fingers trace designs on my hand and arm. I look over at him, and he smirks his little smirk.

"So, where's the carnival?" I ask Liam, turning away from Ben.

"We will be there soon, calm down child." Mason laughs, and does Ben.  I roll my eyes, and look at Mason and Harry. They are laughing and talking about family things. I never realized how much they look alike. What is with people bringing their relatives on tour?

"We're here!" Liam cheers, pulling into a parking spot. Everyone piles out, and the smell of cotton candy fills my nose.

"Let's go!" I squeal, pulling on Niall's hand. Paul pays for us, and we run in.

"Let's go on the roller-coaster!" Zayn says, putting on his sunglasses.

"Yeah!" The boys chorus.

"I don't like roller coasters, so I'll hold your stuff," I suggest, taking their phones and wallets. Louis frowns, and Harry shakes his head.

"No. We don't have to go on the roller coaster. Where do you want to go?" He asks, trying to take back his things. I hold them to my chest, and walk backwards.

"No. You boys go be stupid on the roller coaster. I'll wait by the line, then we can do something I want to. Okay?" I say, pointing to the line. The boys grumble, and Mason runs to the line. Ben stays where he is, still deciding.

"Ben. I'm not going to leave. Just chill," I laugh. "Ben, seriously, go. I will be fine," I push him towards the line, and he kisses my cheek.

"Fine. But then I'll win you a stuffed toy."

"Deal." Ben jogs away, and I sit on a bench. I watch the boys get in line. I open up Liam's phone, and see a new text message.

"He won't mind, right?" I say to myself, letting the nosy side of me open up the message. I look at Dani's name, about open it, when a hand pulls me to my feet.

"Don't check Liam's phone!" Harry scolds, pulling me into the line.

"I wasn't! I don't want to go on Harry!" I try to pull my hand back, but Harry wouldn't budge.

"You have to! If you come on, we will but you cotton candy!" Harry grins.

"Fine," I groan. "But I better get a crap load of cotton candy," I threaten. Everyone cheers, and the worker lets us on. Ben sits on one side, while Louis sits on my other side. Mason, Liam, and Harry sit behind us, while Niall sits in front of us, by Paul and Zayn.

"What is this ride called?" I ask, my voice shaking.

"It's called the Wild thing," Niall says, turning around.

"Oh yay. Wild thing," I laugh a shaky laugh.

"Welcome to the Wild thing. Keep your hands inside the car, and please take off any sunglasses, or glasses. Thank you, and enjoy your ride," The worker yells. I start taking deep breaths.

"Guys, I'm scared," I whisper.

"You'll be fine!" Mason says, rubbing my back. Ben takes my hand, and smiles.

"I'll be right next to you," he says, as we start to move. I scream a little, and the boys laugh. We climb up the hill, and stop.

"Here we goooooooooooooooooooo!" Louis yells, as we dive down the first hill. I scream, and grab Ben's hand. The cart shoots down the hill, and goes on the upside down loop. I scream again, and watch the boys in front put their arms up. Ben tries to put his up too, but my grip keeps them on the rail. We lurch to the side, my ponytail on Louis' shoulder. Back straight, we zoom towards a tunnel.

"The camera is in here!" Niall yells. "Make sure you make a silly face!" As we enter, I see a little box near the end. I cross my eyes, and put up my arms. FLASH! And out we go. Another loop, making me scream louder. We skim so close to the little river, that Ben puts his hands into the water. Up we go again, and go through two loops. Finally, I see the line, and where we started. We go up one more hill, and shoot down. The braked sound, and we slow down. Everyone laughs, and starts to unbuckle themselves. I shakily undo mine, and scramble out. I take my bag from the box, and rush down the stairs.  Once my feet hit the pavement, I start to slow down. I walk to the nearby bench, and slowly sit down. I watch Niall walk down, tears spilling down his cheeks. His laugh echos, as the other boys follow him. Ben runs to me, and sits next to me.

"How was it?" He asks, smiling. I smile.

"It was okay. But I want you to win me that toy now,'' I pull Ben up, and meet the others.

"Where to now?" Mason asks, rubbing his hands together. Ben takes my hand, and pulls me one way.

"Madi and I are going to go by the carnival games."

"I'll come too," Louis says, following us.

"Let's go on the venom," Harry cheers. The rest follow him. We start to walk, only to have Niall follow us.

"Let's see who can win the first toy for Madi," Niall suggests. I roll my eyes, but they all agree. We walk up to the first game.

"Welcome!" The worker says. "This game is called smack the horse. You take this gun, and try to shoot the horse on his butt. See the circles? Make it in the little one, you get a big prize. Make it in the medium, you get a medium prize. Make it in the big one, you get a little prize. Ready?" The boys nod, and sit down.

"Ready set GO!" The worker yells, and they pickup their guns. Niall shoots the horse in the middle square, Louis following him. Ben waits, and shoot his last shot. I watch the bullet go into the little circle.

"GO Ben!" I laugh, as he gets a cute jellyfish. Niall and Louis each got smaller whales.

"Alright. My'lady," Ben gets down on a knee, and hands me the toy.

"Oh Ben, you shouldn't have," I laugh, taking the jellyfish and clutching it to me.

"So, where to next?" I ask, as the boys walk ahead of me.

"We are playing this basketball game." Louis says, waiting in line.

"But I stink at basketball," I whine.

"You play basketball," Ben rolls his eyes.

"I still stink," I say, the man handing me a ball. The boys are stationed around, and the worker yells go. Louis shoots at his hoop, and misses. Ben makes his. I throw mine up, and make it. I don't watch the others, just my own. I make three in a row, then miss two. When the buzzer sounds, I have ten points. Niall has seven, Louis five, and Ben nine.

"The beautiful girl wins! Here you go sweetie!" The man hands me a mini basketball. I tap his shoulder.

"Can you take a picture of us? I ask. He nods, and takes my camera. I pose with my jellyfish, Ben spins the ball on his finger, Louis sticks his tongue out, and Niall is kissing his whale. The man snaps a couple pictures, and hands it back to me.

"Thanks!" I call, as we away.


"Okay. So, Harry is getting your cotton candy. We've gone on every rollercoaster, and little ride that Madi likes. Anything  else before we leave?" Paul asks. I shake my head, and snuggle into Ben.

"I'm thirsty!" Mason calls.

"I'll show you to the drinking fountain," I volunteer. "Ben, will you hold my toy?" Ben takes my toy, and hugs it. I start to walk with Mason.

"I still can't believe you didn't tell me you and Harry were related," I joke, punching his shoulder.

"Sorry. I guess I wanted you to like me for me." I smile. What does he mean by that?!?!?! I think.

"Here's the water," I say, pointing. Mason takes a gulp, and we head back.

"So, you and Ben are dating?" Mason quietly says.

"Well. . . Yeah. Kinda. We've gone on one date." I kick a rock while we walk. Mason jams his hands into his pockets.

"Remember when we sang together? I tried to kiss you, but you wouldn't let me?" He says.

"Yeahh . . ." I say, nervous. I feel my cheeks turn pink.

"When can I get that kiss?" He asks, stopping me. I look to my right, and the boys are a good twenty feet away.

"Mason, I'm kinda with-"

"I know. Ben. But we had something Madi. Remember, when we held hands? Ate marshmallows by the fire?" Mason takes my hand, and I smile at the memories.

"Mason. We did have something. I can't deny that. But, I think I moved on. I really like you, but Ben is my guy." I take my hand back. Mason nods.

"But can I get my kiss before I leave?" He asks.

"Maybe," I sigh, walking back towards the rest of the crew. We walk back to the car, and climb in. We pull out of the parking lot, and zoom away.

"So, no more school for you guys huh?"  Liam says.

"Yep! Finally done with middle school!" I laugh. Ben yawns, and stretches his arm.

"Nice move Benny," Harry laughs. Ben sticks out his tongue, and rests his arm on my shoulder.

"I'm exhausted!" I yawn, putting my head on his shoulder. I rest my eyes, and before I know it, I'm out.

Ben's POV-

Madi's breathing evens, and I close my eyes. I pretend to be asleep, and hear the boys talk.

"Madi was so into me." Mason pouts. What?! "I asked her out, but she was dating a dick. Now she's dating another one," Mason huffs.

"Watch it Mason." Harry says, angry. Good. "Ben's really good to Madi. Only the best are for Madi. So, if you think you're the best, you should first maybe, oh I don't know, WAIT TILL SHE'S SINGLE!!" Harry yells. I shoot up, pretending like I just woke up.

"What's going on?" I mumble rubbing my eyes.

''Oh you know, just talking, about girls," Mason waves his hand.

"Really? Were you talking about MY girl?" I say, pointing at Madi.

"Could be," Mason shrugs.

"Dude, not cool," I say, as we pull in. Everyone Piles out, except me and Madi.

"Madi, wake up." I whisper, and nudge her. She sits up, and stretches.

"Are we here already?" She whispers.


"Could you go get one of the guys?" She asks, curling into the seat.

"Sure Baby," I murmur. I hop out, and open the garage door.

"Louis! Madi wants you!" I call. Louis jogs over, and walks towards the car.

"Yeah Madi?" Louis whispers. Madi says something, and he sighs. He picks her up bridal style, and she cuddles into him.

"She wanted to be carried," Louis smiles, as I open the door.

"Thank you Louis," Madi whispers.

"Your Welcome," He laughs, as we get into the elevator. Madi's bag slings off her shoulders, and she pulls it back up.

"Are we in the room yet?" She mumbles.

"Almost," I laugh.


Madi's POV-

Louis walks me to the room, and sets me down on the couch.

"Alright, everyone to bed. It's been a big day,and you guys go back to England in a couple of weeks. We need to finish this tour!" Paul says. The boys cheer.

"I'll miss you guys." I sigh.

"Maybe you could come with us! See where we live, and you can visit our families with us!" Zayn says. The boys start planning, and I walk into my room. My bag vibrates, and see it's Liam's phone. Dani's name flashes on the screen.

"He really won't mind. I just won't tell him." I open it up.



just cuz we take a break doesnt mean i cant visit madi rite? and you take care of loki while your back in our country


My heart stops. Literally stops.

"No," I whisper, "No, no no no no!" I cry. I get up,and throw open the door.

"LIAM! What is this?!" I scream, throwing his phone at him. He catches it, and reads it.

"Madi, it's not what you think, okay? We just needed, to take, a little break." Liam walks over to me, as Sobs escape me. He hugs me close, and I throw my arms around his waist.

"We just need some time to ourselves, Okay?" Liam says, comforting me.

"Okay. I just, really liked Dani. I wanted you two to stay together," I cry. Liam rubs my back, and walks me to my room. I crawl into my bed, and Liam lays next to me. He plays with my hair, and sings to me. I slowly drop off to sleep, my jellyfish next to me.


Author's note!!!!

HEEEEEYYY! So, I'm won't update my stories for a little bit, because I'm going to Florida!! Yeah that's right, this Iowa chick is getting Florida rays!!:) So, I might not update for a while. But, if I get a hold of a computer, I will come here first! Bye lovelies!!!


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