My best friends One direction

What happens when a thirteen year old girl meets One direction? She becomes one of their best friends of course!! Madi is a regular girl, until 1D shows up at her house and asks for her help. What will she do? Might contain swear words, and scary scenes.


46. Chapter 46

Madi's POV-

I re braid my hair for the third time.

"Madi, why don't you ask their stylist to help you?" Ben asks from my bed, munching on some chips.

"Because," I say, annoyed. The braid is lopsided, so I pull it out. Again.

"If Lou did it, you would be done in, like, five minutes," Ben reasons.

"Fine! But she always has to do the boys'!" I grab my phone, and text Lou.

FROM- Madi!


hello! so, if u hav time, could u do my hair? if u dont hav time, i understand:)


Not even a moment later, my phone buzzes.



finally! ive been waiting ages to do ur hair! i wud love to


I put my phone down, and go back to the mirror. I decided to wear a light green dress, that turned navy around my stomach. A white shrug was put on my shoulders, a white bow belt over it. I pull my cowboy boots on over my fuzzy socks. The boys' gift hangs on my neck. I run a brush through my hair one more time, and grab my purse.

"Let's go!" I call, pushing Ben towards the door. He drags his feet, but finally moves. The boys were all by the door, waiting for us.

"Finally!" Harry calls, pulling open the door. I roll my eyes, and fall in step next to Zayn and Liam. They keep hitting each other. They run to the steps, and lug open the door. Their steps echo as they sprint down steps. I squeeze into the elevator, and we fly downwards. The elevator opens, and Zayn was standing in the doorway.

"You guys are so slow!" He laughs, as Liam walks out of the stairway,

"Let's go, before fans come!" Niall yells, grabbing my hand, and takes me to the waiting van out side.I climb into the back, getting a window seat. Niall sits next to me, and Liam next to him. Harry, Zayn, and Louis sit in the row across from us, which is flipped around, so we can talk and see each other. Ben gets in the front with Paul. I put on my seat belt, and start jiggling my leg.

"I think that Madi is nervous, and she isn't even performing!" Louis laughs. The rest laugh along, as I roll my eyes.

"It's not funny! I've been watching this show for my whole life!! I'm so nervous!" I look out the window, and watch the buildings fly by. People walk on the sidewalk, oblivious of the world's biggest boy-band is riding past them.

"How long until we're there?" I ask, turning to Niall.

"About twenty minutes. Plus we have to go to make up, and rehearse. Then we have to wait until the show starts, which is around-"

"Seven. My time." I finish. Niall rolls his eyes, as Louis pulls out a deck of cards.

"Bullshit anyone?" He asks, pulling up the little table. Harry deals, and I look at my cards.

"One," I say, putting down the card.

"Three twos," Niall says, placing the cards face down.

"One three." Liam calls.

"Two fours." Harry smirks.

"Bullshit." I smile, waving four fours at Harry. Harry groans, and picks up all the cards.

"Hey! You all lied!" He yells. We all laugh, as Zayn lays some fives.

"Three fives," Zayn says.

"Two sixes," Louis says.

"One seven," I say.

"Bullshit," Niall says. I grumble, and take all the cards.


"Ha! I win again!" Zayn yells. I reposition all my cards, and throw them on the table.

"We are here!" Ben yells, still groggy from his nap. Paul pulls into a studio, and we pile out. Ben waits for me, and takes my hand.

"Just this once." I say, shaking my finger at him. Paul leads us through the studio, showing an ID to a guard.

"This way One Direction." He grumbles, pointing the way. Soon, we walk into the studio where American Idol is shot.

"NO way!" I scream, running in. Ben stops me, because someone is practicing.

"C'mon, before Madi has a break down." Paul laughs, opening a door. Inside, is where the hair/ make up stylists are.

"Hey Lou!" I say, sitting down in her chair.

"Hey! Now, I'm going to braid across your head, making a side pony tail, which I will curl." Her fingers weave into my hair, parting and starting the braid. I watch the boys warm up, and watch TV.

"There we go!" Lou turns me to the mirror.

"Oh my gosh!" I say, feeling my hair. "Thank you so much!" I squeal, giving her a huge hug.She hugs me back, and sets up her stuff. I sit down next to Harry, and listen to him sing.

"And let me kiss you!" he finishes. I smile, and the boys cheer.

"I can't wait for this!!!" I gush, looking around the room.

"Okay, so, let's go into the studio and practice." Their vocal coach says. I take my book I brought, grab my bag, and follow the boys. They walk onto the stage, while Ben and I sit in the front row. I pull open the book, as Zayn starts up.

"Oh I just want to take you anywhere that you like!" Zayn sings, proud and strong. Their music fills the background, as I read my book. Soon, my phone vibrates. I open a text, from Ben.

TO- Madi!

FROM- Benny boy!

so, am i gettin ignored now?;)


I slide my bookmark in place, and look at him.

"No, you aren't. But, my book just got ruined. So, what tdo you want to do?" I ask, resting my head on my hands.

"I want to do this!"He says, snatching away my phone. He runs up the isles, and sits in one of the judges chairs.

"Ben! Get back here!" I laugh, running after him. When I get up by him, I see Ben texting someone.



ben is my fav and i love him mor dan u!


He presses send, right as I snatch it back. I send to him that Ben texted that, and put it on the table.

"So, this is what it's like to sit in a judge's chair," I murmur, feeling the arm rests.

"Yep." Ben says, taking my phone with him.

"Not again!" I call, running after him. We weave through all the empty seats, the boys' singing in the background. I catch Ben, but he throws it on stage, next to Josh. Josh slides it under his seat, smirking at me.

"Run Higgens," I say, turning around. He darts towards Paul, but trips on a cord. He face plants, and I hop over him.

"Ha!" I laugh, hopping over him. He scrambles up, and I scamper back to my seat. I cross my legs, as Ben runs past me.

"Let's play tag!" He yells over the music. I tap him, and run away. My dress flows behind me.

"You're it!" I laugh over my shoulder. The song ends, and some techie looking people come towards the stage. Ben scoots past them, and I run out of the room. I sprint to our dressing room, and hide behind the plant next the door. Ben runs through, and I hide more. He pulls open the door, looking around.

"Madi, I see you," Ben says, looking around. I roll my eyes, and slip away, while Ben looks for me in the dressing room.

"Madi, you are suppose to stay in the stage room," Paul says, coming around the corner.

"Sorry," I mumble, walking in front of him, and taking my spot.

"And as for you, Benjamen, stay by me. No roughhousing." I hear Ben grumble, and I open up my book. Again.


"Good show Lads!" Niall yells, as we walk into our hotel room.

"Yeah, good job boys. I'm going to take a shower, and head to bed, okay?" I say,walking into my room.


Liam's POV-

Madi walks into her room, as I take off my shirt. I walk into my room, and quick change in to shorts. As I walk back into the living room, the boys were doing the same as me- Changing and shirtless.

"This is the one bad thing about girls on the trip. We can't always go shirtless." Louis says, taking the remote.Some movie on FX came on.

"Well we CAN. But we shouldn't,'' Zayn reasons. I nod, and take a seat on the couch. Ben walks in, also shirtless.

"Wow. We can have a party!" Ben says, doing a jig.

"Go make out with Madi," Harry laughs.

"Or don't," the rest of us chorus. Ben rolls his eyes, and sits by me.

"Do you know that Madi is really tired lately?" Ben says, pointing at her room."She laughed today. Like for real. She's been really quiet, and reading a lot."

"So? Girls get tired." I stretch.

"Yeah, but she's acting different," Ben persists. "Like, quiet. Madi. Is. Quiet."  I nod, now remembering how many times she blows us off. A lot of stuff has happened to her.

"Maybe she's just, sad. Or needs alone time." Niall says.

"I'll go talk to her," I say, hopping up. I knock quietly on her door, and walk in. Madi is curled up in her bed, reading a book.

"Oh, hey Liam. What's up?" She asks, setting down her book, and looking up at me. I take a deep breath.

"Well, the boys and I have noticed that you have been a little quiet lately. Is something wrong?" I ask, looking at her. Suddenly, she doesn't look like a young lady. She looks tired, scared, and confused. All in her eyes.

"Well, I have been getting these nightmares. Like, Josh, the bad one, shows up, and takes me away. I'm in some room, locked in, but can see what he does. He-he. . ." She stops, tears forming in her eyes.

"What does he do Madi?" I ask, pulling her into a hug.

"He- he kills you. And Niall. And Zayn. Harry, and Louis. Then Ben. He kills you, when I'm locked in a room. I can't save you, or help. Then, he sets up your heads, around my little box. So your faces are peering in on me," she trembles,holding on to me. I hug her tight.

"Don't worry. Josh is in jail. He won't hurt us, or you." I say, trying to make her feel better.

"But it's not just him. Sometimes, it's fans that hate me. Or enemies at school. Or, just strangers. They always torture you guys, kill you, and set up the heads. I- I don't think I have another night left in me to see you dead again," Madi weeps. She clings to me, as if I really will get my head chopped off.

"Would you like to have a sleep over?" I ask, grabbing her pillow. She nods, one nod, and pulls away.
"Can I get ready for bed?" She asks, her eyes still watery.

"Of course. I'll quick set up a room for all of us, and we can have a sleep over." She hugs me again.

"Thanks, Liam," Madi smiles, and runs into the bathroom. I walk out the room, and into the living room.

"Guys. Sleepover. My room. Now." I say, running into my room. I throw my suitcase into my closet, and head into Louis'.

"Madi's been having bad dreams," I explain, grabbing a mattress. Niall takes his, and follows me into my room. We set them up side by side, as Zayn and Ben bring in theirs. Harry follows, taking  a mattress, and Madi's things. Soon, my floor is covered with mattresses, lined up. Zayn pulls in a bunch of blankets, and throws them onto the beds. Madi comes in, hands full with pillows. She lays two on each bed, enough room for all of us on the floor. I lay on the end, my back against the wall. Madi crawls next to me, Louis on her other side. Niall, and Zayn go on the other side of Louis, then Ben and Harry.

"Goodnight guys," Madi murmurs, her voice thick with sleep.She cuddles into me, wrapping her hand around my arm. Her grip looses as she falls asleep. We listen to the TV for a while.

"Is she out Li?" Niall asks, sitting up.

"I thinks so," I whisper, her breathing even and unchanging.Ben sits up, and pouts.

"Why do I have to sit over here? I'm her boyfriend," he says pointing at where Madi lays.

"Because Ben. She has been having really bad nightmares," Louis mumbles, rolling over, closer to Madi and me.

"Like what?" Harry pipes up.

"She said that she was stuck in a box, and a person, sometimes that Josh guy, sometimes girls who hate her, or strangers, torture us, while she watches. They behead all of us, and set them up around the clear frame. She has to sit and look at our heads, after we were tortured. Then she usually wakes up." I finish. Louis' eyes pop open and Zayn sits up, surprised.

"What the hell?" Niall murmurs.

"Yeah I know. I have no idea what has gotten into her dreamland," I agree. Harry and Ben lay back down, and soon you can hear their chorus snores. Zayn lays back down, Niall following.

"That is one horrible dream." Louis shudders.

"Yeah. Now go to bed. We have a lot of stuff to do tomorrow," Zayn grumbles. I snuggle into the blanket, as Madi starts to smile in her sleep. Good.


              Author's note-

Hey! So, I'm freaking out! Did Payzer break up?! Please no! I wanted a Payzer wedding!!!!!!! I'm going to go cry in a hole now, bye lovelies!!!!




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