My best friends One direction

What happens when a thirteen year old girl meets One direction? She becomes one of their best friends of course!! Madi is a regular girl, until 1D shows up at her house and asks for her help. What will she do? Might contain swear words, and scary scenes.


45. Chapter 45

Madi's POV-

"Good luck guys!!" I call, as the guys run out to the stage. Screaming sounds, and I walk back to the snack bar.

"So, who's deal?" I ask, as Paul,Preston, Pablo, and Ben sit with me around a table. Pablo passes around cards, and we settle in.


"No! That's not fair!" Ben wails, as I take his loot.

"Sorry," I smirk. Paul's walkie talkie beeps, and he motions for us to follow. We walk out, as the boys run by for a clothes change. We walk out into the arena, with the screaming girls. Ben and I get pulled into the space in between the fans and the stage. I stick my earplugs in, and wait for the boys run out. Josh starts playing a random drum beat, and girls scream behind us. I grab Paul's arm, and he leads us over to the other side. I sit on my plastic chair, and sway to the bass drum. Ben sits next to me, and grabs my hand.

"Nope," I yell, taking my hand back. He pouts, and Josh ends his solo. The boys run back in, and the screaming rises many octaves. I stand, and whistle.

"Hello!!" The boys yell in unison, even though the concert is almost over.

"So, this is a song that we all have a fun time with." Niall says, waving at a girl. "Do you guys want to hear it?" Screaming. I laugh, and clap. "If you insist!! Here is Teenage Dirtbag!!" Niall yells, as the music starts.


"Thank you all! You have been a great audience, but it's past my bedtime!!" Louis says.

"BYE!!!!!!!!" They all scream, as the girls scream and cry and clap. Paul grabs my hand, and we weave around the photographers. Paul leads us to the backstage room where my stuff is. The boys' room is next door, so I grab my books and bag, and head over. I lean on the wall outside, waiting for them to change. The door opens, and a soccer ball rolls out. Louis follows it, barefoot. Paul comes out holding bags, while the rest of the guys walk out.

"Hold this." I shove my bag at Liam, and run after Louis. He lazily kicks it, as I tiptoe behind him. He just about kicks it, but I'm faster. I kick it as hard as I can, and it flies. I sprint around Louis, to the ball.

"HEY!!!THAT'S MINE!" I hear him screech, and thundering stomps echo through the hall. I laugh as I sprint, feeling him gain ground. I give the ball another hard kick, but miss. I slip on the ball, and land on my butt. Louis comes into my view, laughing.

"That was the funniest thing I've ever seen!!" He laughs. I giggle, and dust myself off.

"I'm glad I made you laugh," I say, as I kick the ball away. Louis immediately stops laughing.

"Dude. Not cool." He runs to the ball, and picks it up with a cool move. I clap.

"I give that a 8!" I say, the boys coming towards us. I take my stuff from Liam, and fall in step beside him.

"You had guts going after his ball. He will seek revenge," Liam says, as we walk outside. A warm summer breeze hits me, although its April. I take a deep breath, and follow the boys to the car.

"What time is it?" Zayn asks, settling next to me. Harry pulls the van door close, and takes the seat on my other side.

"About 11:30. Time for you to go to bed," Harry bumps my shoulder, and I scowl.

"Fine. But I expect to be carried in." Harry nods, and I settle into Zayn's shoulder. I knock off for a couple minutes, but mostly listen to the guys.

"So I found them studying at 7:30! What if they were making out or something?!" Louis wails.

"SHH!" Niall yell-whispers.

"Sorry," Louis murmurs.

"Guys, they were just studying. Don't worry. I keep my eyes on them at all times." Paul says, as we pull into the hotel parking lot. The engine is cut, and Harry pulls open his door. Zayn does the same, and grabs me. I wrap my hands around his neck, and snuggle into his warmth. His laugh shakes me, but I still pretend to sleep. Zayn carries me into the elevator, and re situates me.

"Who knew she was so heavy?" He grunts, making the boys laugh.

"Too much for ya?" Niall snickers.

"Nah. Just wish we weren't on the top floor," Zayn replies, stepping out of the elevator. He walks to our suite, and someone unlocks it. We walk in, and Zayn strolls into my room. Liam pulls back my covers, and Zayn sets me down. The blankets cover me, and my door shuts with a click. My eyes open, and I look around. They set me on the right bed, and had my blanket next to me. I shrug out of the covers, and grab my pajamas from my suitcase. I tiptoe to my bathroom, and change.


Niall's POV-

I grab a box of wheat thins, and sit on the couch. I pull on a blanket, and flip through the channels. Zayn and Liam come from Madi's room, and sit next to me.

"She was faking you know," I say, staying on a replay of a basketball game.

"Yeah I know. But we promised," Liam says, stretching his arm. Louis walks in, wearing his beanie and pajama pants. 

"What are we watching boys?" He asks, walking to the couch. Louis stands next to the couch, mesmerized by the TV.

"Where is your shirt?" Madi mumbles, rubbing her eyes. She changed into her pajamas, robe, and bunny slippers. She walks down the stairs, and sits on my armrest.

"I don't need a shirt, because I'm a guy, who can go shirtless," Louis says, pounding his chest. She rolls her eyes, and steals some of my crackers.

"What happened to going to sleep?" I ask, as she shoves them in her mouth. She shrugs, and hops up. Madi walks around to the laptop on the table, and brings it to me.

"No." I say, shaking my head. She smiles really big, and opens it on my lap.

"Pwetty pwease?" Madi smiles. I roll my eyes. I sign in, and hand it to her.

"Thanks!" She smiles, and logs into Twitter. "50 new followers," she takes a deep breath, and logs out. She pulls up skype, and calls someone. Screaming comes from my laptop, and from Madi.


"Madi!" She runs to her room with the laptop, the door slamming shut. I shove more crackers in my mouth, and watch the TV. A door opens, and Harry walks out.

"What was that?" Harry says, rubbing his ear.

"Females reuniting," I say, as Paul walks in.

"Alright guys. It's time for you guys to go to bed. We have a long day tomorrow." I close the box and stand up.

"What's tomorrow?" Louis asks.

"You have more interviews, and are guess starring on American Idol. So go!" He waves his arms, and the rest of the boys scurry into their rooms. I shuffle over to my room, but turn into Madi's. She's smiling at the laptop, laying on the bed. She swings her legs, while sitting on her stomach.

"-and then he, oh hey Niall! Hold on Kayla." She turns the laptop, as I see Kayla walk off the screen.

"What's up?" Madi rolls off her stomach, and crosses her legs. I plop on her other bed.

"I just wanted to make sure you turn off the laptop. Okay?" She gives me the 'I'm not an idiot' look, and nods. Suddenly, her phone rings.

"Hello?" She asks. She listens, and nods.

"Yes, I see. Thank you Mr. Marley. Yeah I'll tell Ben." Madi clicks the end button, and turns back to me.

"Ben needs to be reminded about our math homework. He never remembers math. Anyway, do you need anything else?" She blinks at me.

"Nope. Nothing else. Well, maybe that we are performing on American Idol tomorrow." I barely get the words out before she screams. Like a loud scream.

"When?! Where?!" She grabs my shoulders and shake me.

"Tomorrow," I laugh, peeling her fingers off my shirt. She squeals, and turns to the laptop.

"Kayla!!! Guess who gets to see American Idol Live?!" The girls start screaming, so I leave the room, and get ready for bed.

                                                                      Hey guysss!!! I just heard about the bombing! What is wrong with people?!:( Please pray for them!!!!



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