My best friends One direction

What happens when a thirteen year old girl meets One direction? She becomes one of their best friends of course!! Madi is a regular girl, until 1D shows up at her house and asks for her help. What will she do? Might contain swear words, and scary scenes.


44. Chapter 44

Madi's POV-

We walk into the arena, my math book tucked under my arm. I pick a seat, and get comfortable. The boys start to practice, without the lights, so I can do homework. I put my hair behind my ear, and dig into pre algebra. I look up every so often, to see the guys goofing off while singing. Louis motions for me to come up, so I put down my school work. I run up to the stage, and Liam helps me over the fence. Josh starts the drums, and 'Loved you first' comes on. The boys start, and I run around on the stage like a kid on a jungle gym.

"I've been waiting!" I scream over everything. Ben somehow gets up, and holds out for my hand. I take his, and he pulls me up the stairs, to the top part. He sits down, and I so the same. I pull out my camera, and the boys pose while singing. I snap a couple of them, then of Paul who is sleeping on the side. I turn it on us, and Ben presses his lips on my temple. I smile, and snap a picture. We start taking millions of pictures.I look at him, and kiss him full on. Snap! I pull away, and look at all the pictures.

"Look at us. I love this picture," I murmur, pointing at one with us both laughing. I save it, and close the camera. I hop up, and race down the stairs. Ben follows, and we dance with the guys.

"Lunch!" Someone yells. The band scurries off stage, and the boys lead us to their dressing room. In the room, was a box of pizza. I sit on the couch, and bite into my slice. The guys crowd around, and finish the pizza. Paul walks in, and grabs a slice.

"Okay lads," Que giggle from me, "We have a couple hours, so you can go shopping, but be back here around five. Madi, you have on your tracking device?" I nod. "Alrighty. So, lets get back to the hotel." Niall grabs the box, and I grab my book. Ben takes my hand, and he walks me to the car. In it, I'm squashed by Liam and Louis, who were arguing over what to do.

"But I need to see that movie!!" Louis whines.

"But I need to go get more clothes!" Liam whines back. I put up my hands.

"See the movie next place. Liam, buy Lou something in return." I look at them, and they nod. Good. We pull into the hotel, seeing fans lining up.

"Paul, can we talk to fans for like five minutes?" Zayn asks. Paul huffs, and agrees. We pile out, and the noise escalates. I cover my ears, and follow Harry over to some fans. One girl my age a magazine cover from the dance.

"Madi! Can you sign this?" She shoves a marker at me, and I sign it.

"Why do you want me to sign it?" I ask, handing it back. She sighs at my signature.

"Because! You are dating Ben! And hang with the boys! And I just KNOW that you will become famous with singing! I've already downloaded all of your covers! You are amazing!!" She hugs me, and I hug her back. Ben's arm slings over my shoulder,and some girls scream.

"Ben!! Ben Ben!" A girl screams, and he signs the paper. She screams louder, so I head over by Niall. He's signing a poster, while taking a picture with a girl.

"Yo Romeo! Let's go!" I wave him down, and walk back to the hotel. A guy stops me by the door.

"Excuse me Madi, can I have a picture?" I nod, and smile with him.

"Thanks!" I wave, and run to Paul. Soon the guys come, and we go up to the giant suite. I run to my room, pulling off my sweatshirt. I pull on a tank top and skinny jeans. I slip on my gladiator shoes, and run to the bathroom. I put on minimal eye shadow and mascara, then deodorant. I spritz perfume on, and grab my purse. It holds my phone, hotel key, iPod, and some lip gloss. I run out of my room, and sit on the couch. Liam comes out, and sits next to me. I flip through channels.

"Where are you going?"

"Ben is taking out somewhere."

"Woah, what?" Liam stands, and runs out of the room. Soon Harry comes, and sits next to me.

"So. Ben!" He wiggles his eyebrows, and I roll my eyes.

"I don't have time to be bantered. Ben! Let's go!!" Ben runs out, grey t-shirt and jeans. He slides his phone into his back pocket, and slides on sunglasses. I do the same, and wave to Harry.

"Bye guys!" We call, heading to the elevator. Ben presses the base button, not before Paul comes running in.

"Sorry kids. One guard has to be with you," Ben gives him the look.

"Ben, I will not be close for most of it. Okay?" Paul returns Ben's look,and I bump him.

"Ben, Paul. Stop. Let's just have a good time, okay?" Ben nods, and Paul smiles. The elevator opens, and Ben takes my hand. He leads me out the door, Paul behind us. We get into a car, and Paul pulls out of the hotel. We ride into a strip mall, people flooding the sidewalks. Ben points to a shop, and Paul pulls over. We find a parking spot, and walk out. Ben grabs my hand, and Paul trails behind us. Ben pulls me into a store, and shoes line the walls. There were isles of shoes, and purses, and earrings. Nail polish in the corner, and a hat stand next to them. By me, are some jewelry.

"Ben, this is MY store,"I breathe touching a necklace.

"I know. I spent hours finding this place!" He laughs, waving around.

"Shoes!" I squeal. I look through the store, Ben following and adding my things to our cart.


"I can't believe you went to all that trouble!" I exclaim, putting the last of our bags in the car. We spent three hours at many stores. We went to many sports stores for Ben, and I got many many bags from the store Ben found.

"I have one more place for us to go." Ben pulls me towards an ice cream store. We walk in, the door making a ding. We walk up to a counter, and a worker comes up to us.

"What would you like?" The lady asks, pulling out a scoop.

"Can I have cotton candy in a waffle cone?" I ask. She nods, and writes it down.

"I would like cookie dough in a waffle cone please." Ben says.

"Alright. Why don't you pick a seat, and I will bring you your ice cream." Ben pulls me to a booth by the window, the sunlight streaming in. I slide into the booth, and pull off my sunglasses. Ben pulls his off two, and sets them on the table. I put my purse on the table next to our glasses, and pull out my phone.



Hey u! hows it goin? xx


I roll my eyes, and slide out the keypad.



its going! hows, whateves you doin?xxxxxx


I slide my phone away, and look at Ben.

"So, how's life?" I giggle, resting my head on my hands. Ben smirks.

"It's going great, since we are eating ice cream." We look up, and the lady hands us our ice cream.

"Thank you," we chorus.

"No problem kids. Have fun now," she waves, and walks back to the counter. Ben slides out, and I follow. We walk back into the sun. I put my sunglasses on, and we walk on the sidewalk.

"Should we ditch Paul?" Ben asks, pointing at his uncle. I lick my ice cream, and shrug.

"How will we get home? He has all our clothes!"

"Alright alright. We won't run this time." I check the time.

"We should be getting back now," I sigh, as we approach the van. I climb in, and Ben follows. Paul drives us the short while, keeping an eye on our ice cream. When we pull up, the ice cream is gone.

"Okay, so we have the concert now?" I ask, hopping out.

"Yep. So grab whatever you need, and let's hurry!" Paul yells, running up to the elevator. I grab my bags, and follow. Ben presses the button, and we fly upward. The elevator bings, and we walk to the suite. As we wait for Paul to open the room, we hear yelling from inside.

"What now?" He grumbles, letting us in. Paul stands in the doorway, Ben and I peeking out from behind. The hotel room was a mess. There was food everywhere, couches upside down, pillow thrown. The boys' rooms were propped open, and their clothes were everywhere.

"We were gone for like, three hours. How did you do this?" I say, looking around. My room was closed, and my clothes were fine. Once I return from putting my bags away, I see Louis come out, covered in feathers.

"Where did you get feathers?" I  pull one off, and it floats down.

"We bought it. And we had a food fight. And a wrestling match. Same old same old." I roll my eyes, and try to flip the couch over. Liam shows up, smelling like axe. He's hair was in a towel, shorts on, but no shirt.

"Let me help you!" He laughs, flipping the couch over. I push  the cushions on, and sit down. Harry runs out, Niall trailing.

"Oh they're home!" Harry yells, as Niall throws a peeled banana at him.

"Get ready!" Paul bellows. They run off, bumping into Zayn.

"Let's go!" I yell, getting up to change.





                                                             Author's Note!!

Hey guys!! I just want to say thank you to each and every one of you guys who are reading this! I love to think that you guys are actually liking what I write!! So, who else is already freaking about the movie?!?!?! I'm like, counting the days!!!EEEPP! So very excited.... Anyhow, just wanted to thank all of you, and so sorry I didn't update like I promised! Well, I don't want to keep you from feeding your fish, or cats, or  spiders. Love you all!!!:)














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