My best friends One direction

What happens when a thirteen year old girl meets One direction? She becomes one of their best friends of course!! Madi is a regular girl, until 1D shows up at her house and asks for her help. What will she do? Might contain swear words, and scary scenes.


41. Chapter 41

Madi's POV-

I'm aroused from my slumber to the sound of TV. I numbly sit up, and stretch. I slip on my robe and slippers. I walk out of my room, and see Harry watching cartoons-Yes. I run to the couch, and jump over the back of the couch,landing on Harry.

"Ow! Wow, you pack a punch!" He slides me off of his lap, and I slip under his blanket. My slippers fall off, so I push them on the floor. I put on legs on Harry's lap, my heels hitting the arm rest. My toes peak out, purple with lime green polka dots in a diagonal line. I turn to the TV, and see it's Spongebob.

"You have great taste in cartoons," I giggle, pulling on my own beanie from my robe pocket.

"Thanks. Look, we're matching!" Harry points at the one I gave him, and pulls mine down. I push it up, and push his down. I scamper up, and into Louis's and  Niall's room. I hear Harry thundering towards me, and a scream leaves my lips. I jump onto a bed, and land on Louis. He flies up from sleep, a crazed look in his eyes.

"What's going on?" Niall mumbles, waking from his slumber.

"Madi pushed down my beanie," Harry whines, repositioning it.

"You pushed down mine!"


"So I returned the favor!" I laugh.

"Alright! You two go get breakfast, let us sleep!" Louis pushes me off the bed,and I land on my butt. I stand, and throw his covers off of him.

"Run!" I push Harry out the door, and run towards my room.

"I'm going to put on some sweats!" I call over my shoulder. Harry mumbles in  reply, so I sprint into my room. I pull off my pajamas, and slip on sweat pants, and a baggy sweatshirt, with a saxophone on it. I pull a brush through my hair, and put on my snap back. I put on some perfume, and slide on my moccasins. I run out the door, and bang into a sleepy Zayn.

"Oh! Sorry! Why are you up so early?" I walk him to the couch, and he sits.

"Liam snores." He mumbles, laying down. I pull the blanket over him, and tuck him in.

"When Harry and I get back, we will have some breakfast, okay?" I murmur.

"Yeah,okay," Zayn mumbles, half-asleep. I tip-toe to the door, and meet Harry.

"Ready?" I ask, as Harry grabs the rental keys.

"Ready!" We walk down to the car storage, and climb into the little car. I buckle, and turn on the radio. Some Techno-music fills the car, so I turn it down. Harry starts the car, and backs out. He turns onto the highway, and we drive for a while. I switch stations, until, Live While We're Young pops on. I look at Harry, who jams in his seat.

"And Live While we're young!" Harry yells. I laugh.

"Harry, what are we getting?" I yell, as we turn into Wal-Mart.

"Donuts. The best breakfast food out there," he turns off the car, and I step out. The morning sun blinds me, and I run in. Harry catches up to me, and I grab a basket. An old man sits by the flowers, with an oxygen tank.

"Welcome to Wal-mart," He coughs.

"Thank you," I smile, as we walk by, going to the bread isle. We walk to the donuts, and Harry picks a box.

"Anything else?" I grab a bag of apples.

"Nope. You?" Harry shakes his head, and we walk to the check out. We step into line, in front is a lady with a little girl. The girl looks over, screams, and drops the Polly Pocket she was carrying.

"Harry Styles!!" The girl squeals,her pig tails bouncing.She squeezes past her mom, and runs to Harry. He hugs her back, and talks to her. I get the mom's camera, and I take a picture.

"Thank you so much! Make sure to say hello to everyone else for me!" She waves, while walking to the exit. Harry puts up the breakfast and apples, and pays. I grab the box, and Harry  takes the apples.

"Wow, I'm surprised we haven't been seen yet, by people. And you aren't even hiding." He shrugs, and points at the beanie.

"I'm covering my hair. People usually stare at it." I nod, and we walk towards the car.

"Hey, why didn't we get something to drink? Niall would have a cow," Harry says, dumping the apples on top of the  box. He hands me the keys, and runs back into the store. I shake my tracking device down my wrist, and walk to the car.I unlock the car, and climb in. I start it, and watch Harry jog over with Orange juice. I lock the door, and watch him come to the driver side. He pulls on the handle, once, twice.

"Okay, Madi. Not Funny. Let me in," He laughs, tugging on the door. I unlock it, and he climbs in.

"You should've said please."

"Please let me in?" Harry's eyes sparkle with humor.

"There, that's better!" I laugh, patting his arm. I pull off my hat, and pull my hair up. Harry leaves the parking lot, and drives to the hotel.

"I love this song!" I turn up the radio, and Adele's voice fills the car.

"Never mind, I'll find someone like you!" Harry sings, as loud as he can.

"I wish nothing but the best for you toooo!!" I sing, as we pull up to the hotel.

"Don't forget me, I beg, I remember you said, Sometimes it lasts to love, but sometimes it hurts instead!" We yell together. Harry cuts the engine, and I grab the box. Harry takes the juice and apples, and we go up to the room. When we walk in, Almost everyone is awake. I set down the box, and Niall runs over.

"Thanks for the food!" He kisses the top of my hat, and grabs a donut. I bite into an apple, and walk to the couch. I toss an apple to Liam, and plop next to him. I pull my knees up, and watch the cartoons.

"We saw your first kiss last night," Liam murmurs, before taking a bite out of his apple. I freeze.

"Oh, you saw that?" I ask, looking down.

"Oh yeah. Niall pointed it out before his solo. He saw you guys closing the distance. We kept watching you the whole song." He laughs. I turn a deep red, and Ben hops onto the arm rest next to me.

"Hey Mads!" He smiles, and pecks my cheek. I push him off, and he lands with a thug on the carpet.

"Just because we've kissed doesn't mean you have a label on me," l shake my finger at him, "Besides, you haven't even asked me out yet." Ben struggles to his feet,and takes my hands.

"Will you please go out with me Madi?" He asks.

"Nope." I say, pulling back my hands.Niall laughs from the kitchen, and Liam joins in.

"That's my girl!" Liam snickers, while hugging me. I lean into him, and go back to the TV.


"Hi Paul!!" I say into the phone. Louis was trying to fit twenty grapes in his mouth, so they passed the phone to me.

"Hey Madi!! So, are you keeping my nephew in line?"

"Of course! You know I would!" I pick at my nail polish that I just applied.

"Well, I just got off the phone with your parents, and guess what they said?"

"Uhm, that I have good grades? I don't know!" I laugh.

"Nope. I think they said something about you coming back on tour-"

"NO WAY!!! FOR REAL?! ARE YOU PUNKING ME!?" I scream. The boys look at me, and Louis grabs more grapes.

"Nope! I'm not! You and Ben get to come on tour with us!! Madi? M-Madi? Are you there?" I run around the room, screaming, and laughing.

"You guys won't believe this!!!!" I scream at the boys. Louis spits the grapes into a bowl next to him, and takes the twenty from Zayn.

"What's going on?" Ben asks.

"WE GET TO COME ON TOUR WITH THE BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!" I scream. They stare at me. Niall's the first to process this. He runs up to me, and hugs me. He spins me around, and runs to the boys.

"SHE GETS TO COME ON TOUR WITH US!!!!!!" The boys get out of their trances, and start screaming. I run around the hotel suite, laughing and screaming. Someone hangs up on Paul, and turns on some music. We spend the rest of the day as a lazy day, watching movies, pulling pranks, and jamming to music. It was a perfect day.

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