My best friends One direction

What happens when a thirteen year old girl meets One direction? She becomes one of their best friends of course!! Madi is a regular girl, until 1D shows up at her house and asks for her help. What will she do? Might contain swear words, and scary scenes.


42. Chapter 40

Niall's POV-

I zip up my suitcase, and roll it out of my room. The other boys are bringing down the suitcases, so I go find Madi. I walk to her room, and knock on the door.

"UHm, come in!" I hear her yell. I creak open the door, and see Madi, skinny jeans and a sweatshirt. Her hair is in a messy bun, getting covered by her beanie.

"Hey Niall! Help me?" She smiles, handing off her suitcase. I roll it out, Madi following with her carry-on.

"Excited to come and stay with us?" I ask, handing the bag to Liam. She nods, handing her things to Ben.

"I'm very excited! I got to quit my job, and the school has a packet of the things we need to learn. My parents are sending me my clothes through the mail. When we go back to Minnesota, can we visit? I will have to take some other things, that my parents can't know about," she laughs. Zayn's head pops into the hotel room.

"Bus is here!!" He hollers.

"Race!!!" Madi yells over her shoulder, sprinting past Zayn. I run after her, diving into the elevator.
"Gotcha!" I yell.She jumps.

"Don't scare me like that!" She laughs, hitting me in the arm. I laugh too, and rub the spot.

"You've got an arm."

"Thanks." The door opens, and she runs out. I see her speed up to Louis, and whispers in his ear. He nods, and she runs away.


Madi's POV-

I run away from Niall, to Louis.

"Is the bus open?" I whisper in his ear. He nods, and I run towards it. The door opens with a swoosh, and Paul is standing in the doorway.

"Paul!" I scream, giving him a hug.

"Hey Kiddo!" He laughs. I run past him, to my bunk. I crawl up the ladder, and rip open my curtain. My bed was made, the pictures in the same spot I put them up in. I roll into my little bunk, and snuggle in. The smell of the bus fills my nose, and I sigh. I roll off, onto the ladder. I walk into the kitchen, and the guys were bringing in the suitcases. I grab mine from Liam,and walk to the closet. I walk to my drawers, and fill them with clothes. The boys join me, and someone hits me with a ball. I see Louis holding a bucket of plush balls, and through another at me. This time I catch it, and throw the ball at Zayn. I hit him in the shoulder.

"Oh it is ON!" Zayn yells, throwing it back at me. Louis pelts Harry, and Niall grabs some. I hit Liam, and I get one on my head, knocking off the hat. I fill it with balls, and throw my loot at Ben. Ben dives out of the room, as I pelt him. I run after him, throwing and missing mostly.

"Come back here Higgins!!" I laugh, hitting him in the back of his head. I feel one hit my back, and stop running. I turn, and get trampled by Harry, who was chasing me. I fall down onto the plush carpet, Harry flying past me, as though never even hitting me. He stops, and turns back. I wobble up, and sit onto Ben's bed.

"You could've killed me!" I put my hand over my heart.

"Sorry! You shouldn't have stopped!" Harry laughs. I give him a glare, and get one in return.

"Lunch!" I hear Paul yell. Niall pushes through, and sprints out of the little hall. I follow, the boys falling in step behind me. I slide into the booth, Liam and Niall across from me.

"So, when will Madi and Ben get their stuff?" Liam asks, biting into his sandwich. I pop a chip into my mouth, while moving over for Louis to fit.

"The stuff will be at the next hotel. Which we will be at tomorrow." Paul hands another sandwich to Niall, and I take a bite of mine. As I chew, I look around the room. Not much has changed. A calender hangs on the fridge, some dates circled. I swallow what's in my mouth, and grab some grabs. I watch the boys wolf down their food, and do the same. Once my plate is empty, I hop out of the booth. I push the plate into the already full garbage can, and lug open the fridge. I pull out a bottle of pop, and slide back to my spot.

"So, who wants to watch a movie?" I ask, sipping my pop.

"What movie?" Louis asks, helping himself to another sandwich.

"How about Breaking Dawn part 2?" I squeal, pointing at my bunk.

"Do they sparkle?!" Louis screams.

"Yep!!! Can we?!" I ask over my shoulder, running to my bunk. I crawl up the wooden ladder, and fling my pillow to the side, revealing the movie, in a plastic bag. I grab it, and slowly crawl down the ladder. I hold onto it with both of my hands, and walk back into the kitchen. The guys watch my carefulness with it, as I slowly pull it out of the bag, and pop open the case. I grab the disc, and ease it into the DVD player. The TV lights up, and commercials show up. I run back to the bunks, and grab Harry's comforter. I run back into living room, and the guys were picking spots.

"I wanna sit by Madi!" Niall whines, trying to wiggle by Harry.

"Guys, guys. I'll pick a number, and you choose."

"Three," Harry yells, throwing a fist in the air.

"Four," Niall smirks.

"My number was Five," I laugh, my hand showing. Niall whoops, and Harry moves off the couch. I plop down next to Niall, Zayn on my other side. Harry slides in front of me, and Louis sits down next to him. Ben sits into a chair, and Liam lays on the ground, his head next to Harry's lap.

"Shh!! Here it comes!!" I squeal.


I'm awaken from my slumber by something wet hitting my face. My eyes flick open, and I look at a nozzle of a water gun.

"She's awake!" Harry yells, and Louis moves the gun. I pull my head off of Niall's lap,and rub my eyes.

"When did I fall asleep?" I ask, wrapping the blanket I'm sharing with Zayn closer.

"Around the time that they were going to see the cousins. Or something. That's when you put your head on my lap. I lifted you up and put a pillow there," Niall says, shoving it at me. I grab it, and hit him with it.


"You are welcome!" I laugh, throwing the pillow on the ground.

"What time is it?" I look over at the window, and see it's dark.

"About 11:30. It's time for someone to go to bed," Liam calls from the booth. I crawl away from my warmth, and peek over his shoulder. Danielle's face shows up on his laptop, and she waves.

"I would love to talk, but I'm suppose to go to bed. Apparently," I roll my eyes, earning a round of laughter. I wave bye to everyone, and walk back to the closet. I pull out my poka dot pajamas, and my sleeping bra. My shirt is fished out, and I slip into the bathroom. I dig for my brush, and find it, in Harry's things. Of course. I rake my hair, while brushing my teeth. I quick change, and throw my clothes into the dirty hamper. A knock comes from the door.

"Madi? You almost done?" Ben murmurs. I open the door, and smile.

"Yep. Goodnight!" I hug him tight, and walk back towards my bunk. His hand gives an iron grip around my wrist, and I'm pulled back to him.
"Are you ignoring me?" Ben whispers in my ear, sending chills.

"N-no. I just haven't seen the guys in months," I say, another chill climbing my spine.

"Can I have a kiss goodnight?" Ben whispers again, humor edging his voice.

"Sorry, still a no. But," I say, kissing his cheek," I will kiss your cheek. Just because you've been so good!" I tap his nose, and I earn my favorite smile.

"I bid you good night!" Ben bows, and I curtsey.

"See you tis morn!" I laugh back, turning and walking to my bunk. I crawl up the ladder, and under my covers. I hear the boys in the living room, laughing and talking.

"I'm so glad to be back," I murmur, falling into sleep.



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