My best friends One direction

What happens when a thirteen year old girl meets One direction? She becomes one of their best friends of course!! Madi is a regular girl, until 1D shows up at her house and asks for her help. What will she do? Might contain swear words, and scary scenes.


40. Chapter 40

Madi's POV-

I lug my suitcase into my room. Ben and I were going to stay in a hotel, across town from his sister, Genny.

"Ben?! Where is my carry on?!" I yell out into the suite. Ben walks out, into my bedroom, holding my bag. I snatch it from him, and shoo him away.

"Don't look at my dress until I'm ready!!" I tell him, pushing him out. He stands in the doorway, pushing out his cheek.

"Not leaving until I get a kiss on my cheek," Ben smirks. I slap him, lightly, and shut the door.

"Hey!!" He yells through the door.

"Sorry!!!! I need to get ready!" I call. I pull out my laptop, and flop it on my bed. As I'm waiting for it to log in, I pull out my dress and heels, carefully putting them on the bed. Once it's in, I pull up Skype. I see Perrie is on, so I call her. Soon, Perrie and El's pixalated faces fill my screen.

"Madi!!" They squeal.

"Perrie! El!!" I laugh back. "Okay, I'm going to put on my dress, and please tell me what you think, okay?" They nod in agreement. I pull off my sweats, slip on my strapless bra, and slide into my dress. My dress is light pink, and goes to my knee. It's jeweled at the top, less at the bottom. I have a pink strap that goes right under my bra. It's tight-fitted, and loosens up more on the bottom. My shoes are silver heels, with a strap above my toes, and by my heel. I slip them on, and take out my pink earrings. I put on my necklace from the boys, and step in front of the laptop. Perrie and El's faces are priceless.

"Oh Madi,"El breathes,"It's gorgeous."

"Absolutely beautiful," Perrie agrees, her voice barely audible.

"Thanks guys," I giggle, pulling a lock behind my ear.

"How are you doing your hair?" El asks.

"I'm putting it in a side ponytail, and curling it." I pull out the picture I want it to look like. Perrie nods.

"Make sure you part it. It's all about the part." She murmurs. I nod, and rake a comb through my hair.

"So, where's Dani?" I ask, parting it.

"She is at work. Yeah, like that. More hair on the other side." El points, and I follow.

"Oh, how are the boys? They haven't talked to me since I landed." They look at each other.

"Uh, yeah. They're fine. Zayn texted me today. He said that he was having a lot of fun," Perrie says, waving her hand, with her bracelets jingling.

"Uh, okay. Like this?" I ask, revealing my hair.

"Perfecto!" El says, kissing her fingers. I laugh. I get a bang on  my door.

"Let's go Madi!! Genny gonna be here pretty soon!!" Ben yells.

"Alright!" I yell at him. To the girls I say, "Wish me luck. Maybe I'll get a kiss!" I laugh. They laugh too.

"The boys would turn in their bed!" El laughs.

"Yeah, they would. Okay, I gotta go. Bye!" I blow a kiss. I get one in return. I close the laptop, and walk to the door. My phone vibrates in duffel bag, and I fish it out.

"Hello?" I ask, digging in my suitcase for my special purse.

"MADI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Niall's Irish accents screams into my  ear.

"NIALL!!!!!!!!!!" I scream back at him. He laughs, and I hear someone yell at him in the background.

"Okay, so the boys are getting ready to do a show, but we have a laptop. We need to see your dress." Niall says, laughing.

"Well, tough. I will Skype you tonight, okay? I need to go, Ben's impatient. I will call you if anything goes wrong, okay?" I find my purse, matching pink color, rhinestones, and clutch. I slide some money into it, with my iPod, just in case.

"Really? I wanna see you before . . ." Niall trails off.

"Before what?" I question, pulling out pajamas to change into after the dance. I grab my make-up bag, and head to my bathroom.

"Before Ben does. It's a guy thing," Niall laughs. I spread some eyeshadow on, quickly adding eyeliner and mascara. I grab my lip gloss.

"Oh really.That's a dumb guy thing," I murmur, spreading the pink goo over my lips. I pucker my lips, and smile at myself- I am ready.

"Okay Niall, I really have to go, give my love to everyone, bye!" I call, clicking end before hearing Niall's goodbye. I spritz on some perfume, and walk to the door. I open it, and see Ben leaning up against the wall opposite of me. He looks up, and he eyes widen.

"Oh my gosh," He whispers, coming closer to me. "You look gorgeous." I blush,and twirl. Ben whistles,and I laugh.

"Oh my.Ben. You clean up well," I pull on his tie. Ben smiles, and pulls out a rose.

"For you, the most beautiful girl out there." I blush a deeper red, and take the flower. I grab his hand, and we walk out of the hotel.


"Bye guys!!! Have fun!!" Genny calls from her car. We wave, and walk up the steps of Ben's old school, the Lions. We walk in, and streamers hang from the ceiling. We follow the streamers, soon to have rose petals on the ground. Sparkles dot the lockers, which are huge! I follow Ben, clutching to his arm.

"Is this a private school?" I murmur, looking at the large classrooms we pass.

"Yeah, it is. That's why the dances are so great," He smiles at me, and we meet a couple in the hall. The girl waves, and the boy nods.

"Hey guys," Ben says, waving. We keep walking. We came to two doors, which are pulled open. We walk in, and I see a disco ball. There are colorful lights flying around, sending colors all over the walls. I see many girls wearing long dresses, short dresses, and, like me, middle length. Boys in tuxes. This is amazing. Ben guides me over to the snack table, and hands me a cup of punch.

"So,there are parents around, but they keep a low profile. Trust is big here." I nod, and Ben waves to some guys. We walk towards them, when I see a stage.

"What's the stage for?" I whisper.

"We have live entertainment. Last year was Adele." He says, as we come closer to the guys. I smile as Ben pounds fists.

"Mads, this is Ted, Johnny, Brant, and Greg. Guys, this Madison, from Iowa," He squeezes my hand, and I wave at them. One, I think Ted, comes close, and touches my shoulder.

"Who's garden did you pick this flower from? I want one too," he winks at me. I gasp, and shake him off. Ben bursts laughing, as well of the rest.

"Watch it, she's no little fool around," Johnny snickers. I smile at him, and hear a slow song come on.

"Come on Ben, let's dance," I tug him away from his friends, and put my arms around his neck. His slides his hands on my waist.

"So,Ben. Do I get to meet your exes?" I ask.

"You don't want to. The night isn't long enough," He sighs. I laugh.

"Well, I'm meeting one, because you know mine."



"So, do you want to know who's performing tonight?" Ben wiggles his eyebrows.

"Please, not The Wanted," I groan.

"No, no. Heck no. It's a surprise, because you will freak. I promise," he winks.

"Is it Katy Perry?"


"Carrie Underwood?"

"Nah, two years ago."

"Miley Cyrus?"

"Try again."

"Uh, Cher Lloyd?"

"You are bad at this," he nods at some kids.

"The guys?"

"Aren't they on tour?"

"Yeah, but, I don't know." I look down at my neckalace.

"Toby Mac?"

"Sorry," He twirls me around, my dress spinning. He pulls me close, and I laugh.

"Ugh. Why am I so bad at this?" I look around. I see a really pretty girl, wearing a long purple dress, and looking at us.

"Ben, take me to meet her," I nod towards her. Ben sees, and pull me in the other direction.

"Why don't you meet some of these girls?" I stop in my tracks.

"No, let me meet her." I cross my arms, sequences scratching my skin. Ben hangs his head.

"Fine, fine. I will let you meet Amber." He walks over to her, taking me with. Amber is a short girl, with long brown hair, and hazel eyes. Her eyes squint as we walk up to her.

"Ashley, Madi. Madi Ashley." Ben pulls me away, but I shake him off.

"Hi Ashley, I'm Madi." I stick out my hand, smiling.

"Uhm, hi. Aren't you, like, a hick?" She giggles. Great.

"Actually, no. I don't farm. We raise German Shepherds, but I do show rabbits and goats for fair. Not many people are hicks. But then again, we don't have many perfect-wanna-bes either," I say, sweetly smiling. Ben and his friends 'OOOhhhhhh', and Amber turns red.

"Well, at least I don't use your left-overs," Amber smirks, while Taylor Swift turns on in the background. I smile again.

"You know what Amber? I don't care if you and Ben were a thing. But, he is now mine. Kind of. One Direction doesn't want me to date yet." She gasps.

"You are bluffing!" She screeches, while looking at Ben.

"Oh no, it's true. I can call them," I pull out my phone. I dial Louis, and Amber comes closer.

"Hello Madison!! Ben keeping his lingering fingers off you?" I look at Amber, who's face is to die for.

"Oh yes. I just wanted to call and say hi. I kinda hung up on Niall earlier. Ben's friends are really nice! I wish you could meet them!" I smile, knowing I won. Ben gives me a thumbs up, while Amber is stuck in her face.

"Well, I bet they are! Well, we are about to go on, so wish us luck!" Lou calls.

"Knock 'em dead!" I call.

"Oh,we will!" Zayn yells. Click. I put my phone back in my purse, and look at Amber.

"Counter-attack?" I ask.

"I slept with Ben!" She yells, throwing a fist in the air. I pat her arm, smiling sympathetically.

"Oh Amber, I already told you." I murmur, " I don't give what you two have done. Unlike you, I don't give myself away, unless I'm married." I turn, and pull Ben away from the steeming brat.

"Madi, it doesn't mean-" I cut him off.

"I don't care. I know your feelings. You haven't looked at another girl like you do at me. I-I have notice," I smile.

"Yeah, but we didn't, like, have sex. We just slept in the same bed. She just tells people that. I'm not that bad," Ben scratches the back of his neck.

"Attention all kids. Our live entertanment is going to come out!! So come on the dance floor!" A lady yells. Ben and I were already right next to the stage, so we stay there. Out run the band, five figures. One behind the piano, one by drums, one has a guitar, and the other two do a weird pose by mics. It's dark on stage, but the lights flash up. Niall is right in front of me, with his best guitar around him. The boys run to their spots, while I scream my head off.

"Hi everybody!! As you know, we have gotton to know Ben!" Louis points at him.

"So when we got a call, we happily agreed! We also haven't seen Madi in a couple months, so this was perfect!" Niall waves at me, and I blush.

"Now, let's get this party started!!!!!!!" Zayn yells, while Josh starts up. The beginning of They Don't Know About Us starts up. The piano starts, and Liam's voice fills the room.

"Do you care to dance?" Ben whispers in my ear. I nod, and Ben grabs my hand. We lock hands. My other one goes on Ben's shoulder, and Ben's hand wraps around my waist.

"You look really pretty tonight," Ben murmurs, as the chorus starts up.

"Oh thanks you," I blush. We move in a little circle, watching the lights shine around us. It was a perfect moment. Ben leans down, and I push up on my tip toes. I throw my arms around his neck, staggering a bit. Our lips brush, and I smell mint from him. I have my first kiss, with my boys singing in the background, and it was perfect. I pull away, and smile. Ben pulls me close, and I rest my head on his chest. Our hands go back where they were before.

"That was the best kiss ever," Ben whispers, as Niall's solo rings in my ears. I smile, and breathe in Ben's scent.


I pick at my nails, as I wait for Ben. He was saying goodbye to some close friends. I lean against the lockers, as people mill around me. I search for the boys, and soon, I see a mop of curly hair bounce. Harry emerges, sprinting to me. Niall comes behind him, and Louis passes them. Liam and Zayn were trailing behind, signing stuff. I pull off my heels, drop my purse, and run to him. He catches me, and spins me around. Harry and Niall fly past us, and I feel my dress flow out around me.

"Oh Lou! I've missed you so much!" I squeal, hugging him close. He sets me down, my bare feet cold against the school floor.

"I've missed you too! No one pulls pranks with me!!" He shakes his head, and Niall hugs me. I stagger, but lean into him.

"Hey Nialler, long time no see," I laugh, as he engulfs me.

"I've missed you so much!" He whines, accent thick. Harry pulls Niall away, and I wrap my arms around him.

"What's up Styles?" My voice pitches up, while Harry squeezes me. He laughs, and loosens up.

"You look amazing," He smiles, and winks. I hit his arm, and he gives me a look of shock. Zayn runs over, after signing some papers. He scoops me up, and I wrap my arms around his neck. He sets me down, my feet on his shiny shoes.

"Keeping down the fort?" I ask, ruffling his hair. He pushes my hands away, and smirks.

"Of course. Of course, it's really boring without you." He twirls a peice of my hair. I smile, and see Liam behind him.

"Excuse me, my dear," I smile at Zayn, and go to Liam. He grabs my hand, and twirls me.

"Wow, you look beautiful," I wrap my arms around his large torso, feeling his warm hands around my neck.

"Thanks Liam, you don't look half back either," I giggle into his tux. I feel five other pair of arms wrap around me.

"Groupie!!" Louis yells. The hall was about empty, so the guys walk Ben and I out.

"So, we have another surprise," Niall says, swinging our hands. Ben was holding my heels, and was discussing some plans with Liam ahead of us.

"What's the surprise?" I look at Harry, who shrugged. Louis slings his arm on my shoulder.

"Well, there is a reason why your parents let you and Ben stay together in a hotel." I gasp.

"You guys are staying with us?!" I squeal. They nod. I start to skip, having to drag Niall. Louis grabs my other hand, and we skip to the car together. When we get to their rental, I hop in the front. Liam pulls open the door opposite of me, and the rest pile in the back. I crank up the heat, because it's freezing!! Liam pulls out, and we go to the Hotel.




                                                                AUTHOR'S NOTE

                                                                      Hey guys!! So this chapter was filled to the rim with surprises!!:) I'm suffering from Forever-alone syndrome! My BFF just got her first bf, and they are so cute together!! So I piled my pretend boyfriend moments into this!So that's why it's been a while!!! Really hope you liked it!!!






















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