My best friends One direction

What happens when a thirteen year old girl meets One direction? She becomes one of their best friends of course!! Madi is a regular girl, until 1D shows up at her house and asks for her help. What will she do? Might contain swear words, and scary scenes.


4. chapter 4

 Author's note :) Hey friends!!! FYI Pizza Ranch is a pizza place that's really popular in the middle east of America. So I hope you like this chapter!!:) If you have any ideas, please put them in comments, i might not use it though!! Thanks!!

Farmgirl 52

Madi's POV-

The boys were finishing their third pizza. Weird, they've never had Pizza Ranch before. I look at the time. Oh shoot. It's already Six.

" Oh no! I gotta go do chores!!" I scream as I run into the laundry room. They follow me, confused.

"What do you have to do?" Zayn asked.

"I have to go feed and water the animals! I completely forgot! They were suppose to be done an Hour ago!" I explain.

" WE can help you!!" They yell. So I let them borrow my brother and dad's chores clothes. And boots.

"So. The water pipe is right there. I need four buckets filled to the rim. One goes by the piglets, one by the dogs, one by the rabbits, and one brought out to the horse. Questions?" I ask. They look around, and get to work. As I feed the rabbits, Niall and Louis fight over who gets to go first. Pretty soon they are both wet, and the buckets are empty. I rush over and turn off the water before they flood the barn.

" Guys! Let's hurry! Do you want the coyotes to get you?" They shake their heads and I giggle. They don't know much about Iowa do they? Liam goes and helps me water the rabbits, Harry and Niall bring the buckets to the pigs and horses, and Zayn goes by the dogs. After we were done with the rabbits pigs and horses, we go to the dogs. I let out my German Shepard, Abby, and she runs out. Abby has ADHD. Well not really, but she is really hyper, and my brother says she does. Whatever. So they go and play with Abby outside, while I feed and water the rest. I start to lug the bucket to the end of the line of dog kennels. Suddenly I feel it being lifted out of my hands.

"Why don't you let me get that for you love?" An Irish accent says to me. I look, and Niall is almost to the first cage. "RACE!!!!!!!!!!" He screams, and I run to the food barrel. He end sup beating me, because Abby runs in and knocks me off my feet. I'm used to it though. She is a clutz. Like me. That's why we are so good together. They rush to my side, Looking scared like a broke something. "Oh my god Madi are you okay?"Niall whispers to me.

"Niall I'm fine, don't swear, I hate swearing. I always fall, I never get anything worse than a bruise or cut. Really guys I'm fine." I say, as Abby comes over and wiggles into my lap and licks my face. I laugh, and they calm down. But they watch me as I put Abby away, and the rest of the dogs. We go back inside, and Liam calls Paul. I go downstairs and take a shower. I plug in my Ipod, and jam out while I'm in the shower.

"I'M AT A PAYYYPHONE TRYING TO CALLL HOME ALL OF MY CHANGE SPEEENNNTTT ON YOU!!!" I belt in the shower. I get out, run to my room and put on my packer pajamas. I run upstairs, and Niall and Harry are sitting watching the TV, Zayn and Louis and the upstairs showers, and Liam is getting the suitcases from their car. I scream, and grab the remote from Harry. They both jump. " The packers play today!! It's against the vikings!!! we are gonna kill them!!" I scream. They look at me. Niall and Harry exchange looks, and dive for me. I scream and try to wiggle away, but they got me. they tickled me until I gave them the remote. I sat on it, but Niall just picked me up like a doll and Harry grabbed it. I make grabby hands at it, but Niall wouldn't put me down.

" Pretty please can we watch the Packers kill the Vikings?" I ask as I bat my eyelashes at Niall. He sighed, and put me down. Harry made me say please, then I got it. I put the game on, and the  rest of the boys come in, smelling nice. We watch the Packers kill the vikings, me sitting by me five new best friends.

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