My best friends One direction

What happens when a thirteen year old girl meets One direction? She becomes one of their best friends of course!! Madi is a regular girl, until 1D shows up at her house and asks for her help. What will she do? Might contain swear words, and scary scenes.


37. Chapter 37


Madi's POV-

I roll out of bed. The boys and my departure was horrible. I think of it every time I wake up for school.


"P-p-promise to call me every day?" I blubber, soaking Liam's shirt. He hugs me, and rubs my back. I pull away, and wipe over his wet shirt. I walk over to Niall, and tentatively hug him. It's been a little awkward between us, but was getting better.

"Hey, Madi, don't cry. We'll Skype, and call, and we can visit too. I mean, we play around there. Shh shhhh." He hugs me close, forgetting everything that's happened to us. I hang to him, until Louis taps him on the shoulder.

"My turn! It was my birthday, you know." I run to him, and jump into his outstretched arms. I take a deep breath of his cologne, missing it already.

"You know, I loved my present. Even though we aren't getting each other things for Christmas, look in your suitcase when you get home." He mumbles into my shoulder. I left a little something for each of the boys. I got Louis a mini soccer ball for his birthday.

 Paul got my time zone, so the boys know when to call. Niall got an Irish Flag blanket, that I sprayed with my perfume, knowing he loves it. I got Harry a new beanie, with cats covering it all. Louis will love the wallet with carrots over it. Zayn got a mini comic book, which took forever to find. Liam's was the hardest, but when I found all of the Batman movies ever, in a complete package. He will freak. I hid them with Paul, so he'd put them under their tree.

I nod, and walk to Zayn. He starts to tear up.

"Aw Zayn, please don't cry. I'll call you guys when I land, okay?" my voice rises, tears almost slipping again. He engulfs me.

"I'll miss you love. Don't do anything dumb okay?" He pulls away, and looks into my eyes. I nod, and Harry pulls Zayn out of the way.

"My turn!!" He picks me up, and spins me around. I hug him, and my legs spin around. Harry stops, and holds me out.

"Please don't get any boyfriends without us knowing, okay?" I nod, and swing my legs. He tickles under my arms, and I wiggle. Harry sets me down, and hugs me. I bury my head into his flannel shirt, and reach up to feel his curls. I pull away from the hug, and snatch off his beanie. I pull one,  letting go, and watching it spring back into place. Harry grabs the beanie, and pulls it back on his head.

"Flight 77 take off," the announcer says, sounding bored. I choke down tears,have one more group hug, and grab my purse. Ben reaches for my hand, and I take it. We walk up to the line, turning around to see the boys waving like mad.


I grab a comb, and rake my hair. Ben's dance is in two weeks, and my dress is in my closet. It's February, and my birthday is tomorrow. I put on my skinny jeans, and boots. After auguring over my shirt, I pick my red and grey striped sweater. I pull my hair up, and spritz on perfume. My phone jingles in my window sill. The one good thing about living in a basement. I hop on my bed, answering my phone.

"Hello?" I ask, straightening out my comforter.

"Hey Madi! When are you ready?" Andrea asks.

"I'll be ready in five minutes. Be ready?" I ask.

"Yep! See you then!" I hang up. Andrea lives across the highway from us, so she rides with my brother with me. I look around my room. The picture of the boys and I from Liam is hanging on the wall, around my One Direction posters, signed. Niall's snap-back, with my name on it, hangs next to my purse. Zayn and Paul gave me tickets to see them perform in Minnesota, Missouri, and Illinois, with Katie. Harry gave me my own beanie. Louis got me a blanket, downed in his cologne. It's purple, with blue and green stripes. The girls joined together, and gave me a camera, so I can send pictures to them and the boys. So far, I've taken a picture of me and my pets, with Ben, and in my dress. I've gotten awesome feedback, and can't wait to wear it.

I check my hair in my mirror, and walk out of my room. I bang on Jacob's door, and run upstairs. Carsyn and Camryn chow down on cereal, while I grab an apple. Jacob runs up the stairs, grabbing his bag.

"Ben riding with us?" He wiggles his eyebrows. I roll my eyes, and chomp on my apple.

"No, Andrea's gonna be here in a couple minutes." Jacob nods.


I flop down on at the lunch table.

"How's math?" Katie laughs. I roll my eyes, and bite into my sandwich.

"School was easier with the boys' help," I mumble around my sandwich. The rest of the girls at my table laugh. Ben and Bryan approach our table. I elbow Hannah.

"Hey guys!! There's room!!" Ben sits in between Katie and me, and Bryan sits next to Hannah and Andrea.

"So! When are you guys leaving for Ben's old dance?" Hannah asks, while Bryan steals some of her cookies.

"Well, we leave March 3, because the dance is the fifth. We are going to stay in a hotel, just us!" I do a little dance in my chair, and the girls follow. Ben puts his arm around me.

"Yea, it will be great," He laughs, as a shiver runs up my spine. Katie and Andrea sigh.

"I want a boyfriend!" Andrea wails.

"I want Harry to love me!" Katie wails back. I laugh, and finish my milk.

"Okay, let's go," I walk over to the garbage, and dump. Ben follows.

"So, it's your birthday tomorrow, and we leave for the dance, so when are we going to go out for your birthday?" He asks, following me to Science.

"We don't have to, it's not a big deal. The dance is enough, I promise," I say walking in the classroom.

"You sure?" He asks, taking his seat in front of me. Mr. Schminey taps the board, showing we need to read page 54. I open the science textbook, and start reading. I lean forward, until I was at Ben's ear.

"I'm sure. It's just fourteen." I laugh, and go back to reading about the human body.


"How was school?" Niall asks, chewing on some pringles. I laugh,and go back to my math homework.

"It's going. I miss you guys," I push Harry's beanie up more, so I can see. Niall laughs, and I look up. Harry flops down next to him.

"Hey Madi!!! The bus is so boring without you!!!!!!!!!!!!" He screeches, making Niall laugh more. I move my laptop over more.

"So, how's the tour?" I ask.

"It's fine," Niall says, picking up more pringles. This is how I spend most of my nights. Homework, and talking to the boys.

"When is your next concert?" I push up the hat again.

"It's in, about, an hour." Harry checks his watch.

"Oh, well, where are the others?" I twirl a piece of my hair around my finger. Niall copies me, and I giggle. Harry yells around him, and the screen is covered with Louis's face, upside down.

"HELLO MY DEAR MADISON JONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He screams. I wave, and hear Liam yell in the back,

"I want to say hi too!!" Louis pulls away, and I see the rest of the boys, crammed on the tour bus couch.

"What's up guys? Keeping my bed nice?" I wink, and they laugh.


"Bye Madi!!!! Love you!!!" They all call, waving.

"I love you too guys!!! Don't get arrested!!" I wave, and sign out. I crawl under my blankets, and doze off, dreaming about my boys.


AUTHOR"S NOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys!!! So, I wrote this yesterday, and I fast forward to time now!! It's my birthday today, February 28!!!! WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!1!! My ex, actually Bryan (Omg!) carried my stuff around for me today!!! He was so nice! I got a One Direction poster from my bff!!!! Yessssssssss!!!!! Okay, so, I need someone who wants to be Ben's ex girlfriend, really really badly!!!!! Please? For my birthday?:) Or a follow from the guys (@MadiPottebaum), whichever is easier!!:P Okay, Love you guysss!!!






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