My best friends One direction

What happens when a thirteen year old girl meets One direction? She becomes one of their best friends of course!! Madi is a regular girl, until 1D shows up at her house and asks for her help. What will she do? Might contain swear words, and scary scenes.


36. Chapter 36

Madi's POV-

Lillian pulls out the gun, and points it at my chest.

"Why Lillian?" I whisper, hearing the boys outside. She shrugs.

"Well, when Niall refused to be with me because of YOU, I decided to get ride of you. So we can be together," She loads the gun. I scoot back, until my back hits the cupboard. I open it behind me, and try to find the pepper spray.

"Oh you stupid girl. You think I didn't plan this? Looking for this?" She pulls it out from behind her back, and swings the pepper spray around on it's chain. She chucks the bat at me, hitting my leg. It didn't hurt as much, but somehow made me bleed. So my blood is coloring the floor, and Lillian is laughing, pointing a weapon at me. I look behind her, and see the door creak open. Niall puts his finger to his lips, and I nod.
"Now, what are your la-" Lillian was tackled by Dani, the gun skittering to me. I pick it up, and point it at Lillian.

"Don't do anything Lilly," I taunt, "Or I can end your life." Paul rushes over, grabs the gun, and dismantles it. The boys run to me, Niall getting there first.

"Madi, I'm so sorry," he gushes, kissing the tip of my nose, and my arms. When I don't flinch, he looks at me, confused. I hug him tight.

"Niall, Lillian drugged you." I whisper in his ear.  He turns, and we see her getting picked up by policemen. I don't even realize we stopped moving. Liam whispers something to them, and they nod. He walks over, and squishes by us. Zayn and Harry run over, with Louis right behind them.

"Good news. The police aren't going to make this public!" Louis screams. Harry starts to dab my nose, but I take it. Zayn finds a band aid, and puts it over my leg. Niall grabs my hand, and kisses it. I see a tear slip down, running down hid cheek, splashing onto my hand. I reach up, and catch the next one.

"It's all my fault. I'm so sorry," he cracks, and looks down. I lift his head.

"Niall, it's okay. Guys, can I have a minute? I need to talk with him." The boys grumble, and leave. I collect Niall into another hug, him breaking down.

"Niall, shhhh. Shh it's okay. It's okay. I know you didn't want to hurt me. The drugs did that to you. It's not your fault. I'm not angry, I promise. Shh, you're okay." I whisper, as policemen come through the bathroom, looking over for anything. A woman nodded at me, and I nod back-they were finished. Niall pulls me onto his lap, and burries his head into me.

"I'm still so sorry. I shouldn't have brought her along. I'm so sorry," he murmurs. I shrug, and he smiles.

"You don't hold many grudges do you?" he asks. I shrug again.

"Maybe a trip to the ice cream shop?" I ask hopefully.

"Of course!" He laughs, "Now, we should probably clean this up. Here, go outside and get some air." He helps me up, and down the hall, passing our bunks. Some cops were grabbing Lillian's things out of Niall's bunk.  

I follow my friend into the kitchen, down the steps, sidestepping the mess on the floor, and walk down the steps. My bare foot plants onto the concrete of a deserted parking lot, and see every one else. Ben runs to me, and scoops me into a hug. He twirls me around.

"I was so scared!!! You were screaming, so I got the boys, Niall picked the lock, and rushed in. I called the police, and Parker pulled in here." He says, setting me down and hugging me. The girls run over, toppling me and Ben into a group hug. Soon, I feel the boys cram in too.

"GROUP HUG!!!!!!" Louis screams. I hug tightly to my dear friends. We wave to the last of the police that leave. Once they're gone, Paul comes and points at Liam.

"Liam, I'm going to the store, for meds. You are to put Madi to bed, and make sure everyone is quiet." I huff, and he softens. "Sorry Love, but the medics said you needed some headache medicine, just in case." I nod,and feel Louis come up behind me.

"Piggy back?" I ask, turning around. I hop on, and Louis runs to the bus. I giggle and bounce, not seeing stuff. When we make it to the bus, we look back. Everyone else were still there.

"Let's lock them out," Louis whispers, locking the door behind us. We sit by the window, watching them walk over. Harry walks up, and pulls on the door. His face turns to confusion, to irritation. He looks at Louis, and flicks him off. Louis covers my eyes.

"NOT BY THE CHILDREN!!" Louis screams through the glass. Ben pulls out his keys, and unlocks it. The boys run in, and Liam picks me up.

"Run my friend, run!!" Louis screams after me, while being tackled by Harry. I smile, as I climb into bed. Everything is back to normal.




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