My best friends One direction

What happens when a thirteen year old girl meets One direction? She becomes one of their best friends of course!! Madi is a regular girl, until 1D shows up at her house and asks for her help. What will she do? Might contain swear words, and scary scenes.


35. Chapter 35

 *A few weeks later*

Madi's POV- For the last couple of weeks, I've been avoiding Niall. The Seattle gig was great. The little girl held my hand the whole time. We got out school things, and we've started to learn about the human body, via Skype with my teacher. We've traveled down Cali, and are on our way to Texas. It's about November, and we're spending Thanksgiving with them. Now, back to the story.

I hear someone swear, and laughing. I roll over, and sit up. Unfortunately, I hit my head.

"OW!" I scream, rubbing my head. Within seconds, my curtain is pulled open, Niall standing there.

"What happened?" He looks me over, then sees my forehead. He sighs, "Come get some ice, I think you'll be fine." He climbs back down the ladder, and I follow. I walk in, and see everyone out there- The guys playing cards, Lillian painting her nails, and the other girls watching a movie. I plop down, and Niall tosses me a bag of ice.

"I'm still pissed about the shit you pulled," he snaps. I glare up at him.

"Really? Because I'm not. Girls need alone time sometimes," I shoot back at him. He turns, and glares at me.

"Well you could've told us!" He screams at me.

"If I did, you would've come with!" I scream back. Liam comes up, and pushes Niall and me apart.

"Guys, calm down. Nialler, she's fine. No scratches, bruises, or cuts." Niall glares at me, and I stick out my tongue.

"Well, I don't get why I have to be treated like a baby. Ben's just as old as me, and he can go anywhere!" I stand out of the booth. Niall pushes Liam, and grabs hold of my arms.

"You don't get it!!" He yells, his grasp tightening. "You just don't get it!!" He shakes me. I start to feel a pain in my arms. My legs shake.

"N-Ni s-s-stop y-you're h-h-hurting me," I stammer, my legs going weak. He still shakes me, not hearing my pleas.

"Why don't you understand?!" He yells in my face. His pretty blue eyes cloud over, and I start to get scared. What happened to my Nialler?

"Niall!" El screams. The boys pry him off, but he hits them away. He places his hands on my arm, with steel grasps.

"I CAN'T LOSE YOU AGAIN!!!!!!! WHY DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND!?!?!!?" He screams. By now I have tears running down my face, while repeating, "Please let go,you're hurting me, please," but he never hears me. He keeps saying that I don't understand. The girls are screaming, Ben is trying to pry him off, and the boys run for Paul. He comes charging up the steps, and hits Niall square in the chest.

"I NEED YOU-" He gets cut off, and lets go. I fall to the ground, gasping. My arms are throbbing,and I shake with sobs. Niall realizes what he's done, and I see tears start to form in his eyes. He takes a step forward, but Paul puts a hand on his chest.

"M-Madi, I d-d-didn't mean to, I- I was sc-scared for you. . ." He trailed off after I flinch, because he reaches toward me. I put my hands where Niall's were, and the boys are trying to see.

"C'mon babe, we need to see if you need ice on them," Zayn wraps his cold hands over my sweaty ones. I carefully pull away, and everyone gasps. I look down, and see blackish-blue spots. Louis brings over a bag of peas,and puts them on my bruises.

"That feels so good," I murmur, and l smile at Lou. Niall walks over, and I scoot away.

"Pl-please do-don't hurt m-m-me," I stammer, scooting until my back hits the wall. Niall's Shoulders sag, and he steps away. Ben comes over and helps me up. He walks me to his bed, and I sit down.

"I'm so sorry. I should've stopped him," Ben whispers, kissing my bruises.

"You couldn't. Liam couldn't. Thank you for being there." I lean in, and so does he. Our lips just about brush, when I hear Niall scream.

"Madi stop!!!" I whip my head, and see Niall, tears running down his face, eyes red. He storms over, and pushes Ben.

"What do you think you're doing?! You promised!!!" He yells at me. I scurry onto Ben's bed, and cower in the corner. Niall snaps out of it, and he softens.

"Madi, wait, I-I didn't mean to yell, I just w-w-was taken by surprise. Please, don't run from me. I'm not scary," his voice cracks. I cower, until Niall sniffles, wipes his eyes, and walks away. Ben stands up, and looks at me.

"I'm fine. Just fine," I wave him off, and walk out. Lillian walks away from Niall, to me.

"Can I talk to you Madi?" She asks, pulling me into the hall. She pushes me into the bathroom, and locks the door.

"L-Lillian, what are you doing?" I ask, trying to step around her. She slaps my hand.

"OWWW!" I scream. She covers my mouth.

"Shut up, or else," Lillian pulls out a bat from behind the shower curtain. My eyes widen. It's just not my day. Lillian comes closer.

"Now, you want to know why Niall has been on an outrage, don't you?" She hits the bat against the inside of her hand. I nod, and she pushes me down on the floor. My nose hits the tile, and I feel blood. I stagger into a sitting position, and grab toilet paper.

"Well, I drugged him. Yep, got him high. Course, he doesn't know. But that makes him love me more, and you less. So, today was great. He lost your trust, he got angry. Yep, great." She swings the bat around as she talks, stepping closer and closer. I take a deep breath.

"HELP!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!! LOU, ZAYN, LIAM, NIALL, HARRY, BEN!!!!!!!!!! ANYONE!!!!!!" I scream, and get a swing in the gut. I get cut off, and I slouch on the ground. I hear steps.

"Now, before I end your life, how do you want to end? Suicide? You couldn't take it anymore, and before I could stop you, you shot yourself," She wickedly smiles, and pulls out a gun.








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