My best friends One direction

What happens when a thirteen year old girl meets One direction? She becomes one of their best friends of course!! Madi is a regular girl, until 1D shows up at her house and asks for her help. What will she do? Might contain swear words, and scary scenes.


33. Chapter 33

Author's Note-

Hey guys!! I'm really sad, because no one wants to be one of my characters!!:( I need someone who wants to be in this story, so pretty please put your name in the comments, and what you look like! PLLEEEAAAASSSEEEE?!?!?!?!?! I'm getting discouraged that no one is answering me!!:( Okay, I'm going back to my story:|

Madi's POV-

My hair blows over my face, tickling me. I open my eyes, see Louis and El over me. I roll over, and Louis blows on my hair again.

"Niall let you in?" I mumble into pillow. Louis pulls off the hotel blankets.

"Yup. We are going to the pool, and Ben wanted me to tell you to keep you to your promise. I was going to dump water on you, but El said no. So get up!" He pulls out my pillow, and my head flops onto the bedsheets. I look up through my hair, and see Louis's smirk. I get up, and push my hair out of my face.He runs to the door.

"You're in trouble now Tomlinson!!!" I run after him. Unfortunately, he slammed the hotel door shut, so I had to lug it open. By the time I opened the suite's door, Louis was hiding behind Harry, El, and Zayn. Liam, Dani, and Perrie are still in their rooms.

"Madi, we are all going to the pool. So hurry up!" Louis laughs, while hiding behind Harry. I roll my eyes.

"Whateves. Just tell Niall that I'm angry at him for not waking me." I walk towards the door, but was tackled by a shirtless Ben. I fly onto the couch, and Ben topples onto me. He sits up, and looks at me, sprawled on the couch. He slips me feet onto his lap.

"You were going to leave without saying hi to me?" He pouts. I sit up, and push my bed hair out of my face.

"Sorry Benny. I thought you were getting ready."

"I was. But I heard you, and thought you were going to leave without saying hi," He looks at my toes, painted pink with a blue flower. I wiggle my them.

"I would never. Give me five minutes, and I'll be ready to go swimming." He raises his head, and smiles. I ruffle his hair, longer than when I met him, and hop up. I walk past Louis, and hit him in the stomach. Harry laughs, and Zayn snickers. I run up to the suite door, and tug it open. I walk down the hall, and pull out my card. It slides it into the slot, and the red light turns green. I open the door, and flick on the lights. Niall wasn't there, so I plop on my bed. I grab the remote, and flip on the TV. Once I find Nickelodeon, I walk over to my suitcase, right next to Niall's. I flip mine open, and hit Niall's. A picture falls out of it. I pick it up, and see it's Niall. With a girl. There in snowboarding clothes, so I can't see what she looks like.

"He's dating someone, and didn't tell me?" I gasp. I thought we were friends. I throw my new tennis at the wall, and rake through my hair. I grab my swimsuit, tuck the picture into my bras, and go into our bathroom.

"I guess it's none of my business. I mean, I'm not his mom. He can have a girlfriend." I grumble to myself, while pulling on my tankini. The green and blue flowers sparkle up at me, and I pull on the bottoms. Once I'm in my suit, I throw my clothes into my suitcase. I grab a towel, and walk out to the suite. I bang on the door, and wait for Ben. He emerges, wearing his shorts. He was ripped. How did that get past me?

"Are you done?" Ben laughs, lifting my chin. I blush, and start walking. When we get into the elevator, Ben presses the button. I feel the elevator go down, and look at Ben. He runs a hand through his hair, and I smile.

"Ben, when is your dance?" He thinks.

"I think around the beginning of March." I nod, and the elevator opens with a swoosh. Kids run around, and parents chase after them. I take Ben's hand, and we walk to the pool. He opens the door for me, and the smell of chlorine hits my nose. I walk to an open table, and put down my stuff. Ben does the same, and he jumps in the pool. I start to walk over to the hot tub. A couple of girls hop out, and jump into the big pool. I settle in, the jets hitting my back. I look over at Ben, who is waving at me. I wave back, and notice the girls look at him, and smile. I frown. They are totally checking him out, with me right here! I think, my brow furrowing. Madi, he isn't yours. Yet. You can't rush things. You promised Niall. My better side reasons. We also promised to tell if we had a boyfriend or girlfriend, my evil side chimes. Ben crawls out of the pool, and walks over to me. He flops in the warm water. I look at the girls, who also climb out. They start to make their way over to us. I scoot closer to Ben,and rest my head on his shoulder. He wraps his arm around me, as the girls ease in.

"What's up Madi?" He whispers in my ear. I laugh, and the girls give me evil looks. I've been getting a lot of those lately.

"Oh nothing Ben. Thanks for asking. I was just thinking about what dress I should wear to the dance, even if it's far off. I want it to be perfect." Even though I was trying to give a hint to the girls, I meant every word. I was planning on what to wear already. I had that night he asked me. He smiles, and grabs my hand. He traces the '1D' on my thumb.

"I was already looking at flowers too. I'm really glad you said yes." He  smiles the 'million dollar' smile, and I return it.


I stand out of the pool, and walk to the steps. Ben and I spent all day at the pool, the boys coming to check on us every once and a while. Except Niall. I wrap my towel around me, waiting for Ben. When he has his, he grabs my hand. We walk to the elevator, waving at the bellhop. Ben presses the button, and we fly up. I pull out my cover-all from my bag, and hand Ben his shirt.

''Madi, where was Niall?" He asks, pulling it on.

"I don't know. I haven't seen him since the interview." Ben nods, and we walk out. He walks me to my room.

"You wanna come in? I don't want to be by myself."

"Sure!" I unlock the door, and flip on the lights. We walk in, and see Niall. Kissing some girl. On MY bed. He turns, the 'deer in the headlights' look. I gasp. Niall stands, and the girl sits up.

"Madi, I know what you're thinking, but it's just-" I turn, and pull Ben with me. I run to the suite, and Ben unlocks it. I run in, and see everyone there. I dive down onto the couch, landing on Harry, Liam, Louis, and El. I bury my head into Louis's neck, and he pulls me into a hug.

"Do you think she found out about Lillian?" Harry murmurs, patting my back. I pull away from Louis, his shirt wet from my hair.

"Wh-why did he lie to me? W-w-we promised to tell each other i-if we liked someone." I sniffle, close to tears. Niall quickly walks in, and sits across from the couch. I nuzzle back into Louis, and he kisses my forehead.

"Can I please explain Mads?" Niall whispers, reaching out to me. I slink back into Louis, but get up anyway. I slowly stand, and walk towards the door. Ben stops me.

"Are you sure Madi?" He looks at me, trying to see if I will be okay. I nod, and hug him close.
"I'll be fine. If anything, I will crash here." I pull away, and follow Niall. We walk to our room, and Niall unlocks the door. I walk in quickly, and plop on my bed, facing the wall. I shudder, thinking Niall kissed a girl, who I don't know, on this bed. I feel the bed weigh down, and feel Niall lay beside me. He puts his chin on my shoulder.

"C'mon Madi. Please." He says. I sigh, and turn to face him. He smiles, and takes a deep breath.

"I met Lillian when we were on tour. When you were at home. We went on a bunch of dates- skiing, snowboarding, walks in the park. But once you came on tour, I told her I didn't have time to have a girlfriend. And when you were kidnapped, Lillian called me a lot and I just cried and talked with her. Once you were found and in the hospital, I told her I had to focus on you getting better. Then on you and Ben. Then on you and the trial. Finally, when we came to her home town, Portland, she demanded to talk to me. So we went out today, and she came back here. And when you walked in, well yeah," Niall trails off, scratching the back of his head.

"Well, why didn't you tell me about her this whole entire time?!" I yell, and flop back over. Niall climbs over me, so I'm facing him.

"The reason I didn't tell you was because- b-because I wanted  to make sure she was permanent, or going to be here for a while, before she met someone really important." He scoots closer to me, and takes my hand. I blush.

"Really?" I murmur. He nods.

"That's why I kept Lillian a secret. I didn't want you to get your hopes up. I know you want me to be happy, right?"

"Well. . ." I trail off. He gasps. I pat his bicep.

"Aww Nialler. You know I want you to be happy!" He pulls me into a bear hug.

"I won't give Lillian all my attention. We can still go out to the movies, and have pillow fights. Go to Candy Shops. Make fun of people. Do twit-cams. Oh, and late sleepover parties, like we do all the time. Or, if Lillian is with me, you can hang with the other guys too." He says into my hair.

"I hang out with them too. You just share a room with me." I mumble into his shirt. He laughs, his shirt shaking. I pull away, and ruffle his hair.

"Well, I'm tired so, go on your bed!" I push him off, but he catches himself.

"I can't! I spilled some pop, so I have to share with you," he shrugs, pushes me over, and climbs under the covers with me. I roll over, and flip the light off. Suddenly, a bad odor runs into my nose.


"Sorry babe! I have a stomach ache!" I grab my meds bag in the dark, and hands him my stomach medicine.

"Thanks love," He swallows the pill, and settles in. I soon hear his snores fill the room.

"If only I could tell you about my little crush," I sigh, and settle into the pillows."It was one, long, badish day. But at least I was with Ben during it," I mumble, almost asleep.

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