My best friends One direction

What happens when a thirteen year old girl meets One direction? She becomes one of their best friends of course!! Madi is a regular girl, until 1D shows up at her house and asks for her help. What will she do? Might contain swear words, and scary scenes.


31. Chapter 31

Madi's POV-

I wake up, in Harry's arms. I hear his little breathy snores, and snicker. I pull my blanket closer, and hear a curtain pull open. I try to look over Harry, but his arm is holding me down. I hear someone climb up my ladder.

"HARRY!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?! YOU CAN'T DO THIS!!" Louis screams. Harry jumps awake, sees it Louis, and snuggles back down.

"Louis, Madi is scared of thunderstorms, so I stayed by her. Thanks for thinking I'm a man whore bro." Harry mumbles through the pillow. I pat him, and glare at Louis.

"Oh c'mon Harry, you know I don't think that! I just wanted a little laugh!" Louis bumps Harry. He lifts his curls off the pillow, smiling. I laugh, and push Harry.

"C'mon Harold, leggo. I'm hungry!!"

"I'm not getting up yet!" He snuggles in. I roll my eyes.

"Fine!!" I yell, climbing over him. I accidentally hit his valuables on my way over him.

"OWWW!!" He scrunchies up, and I roll off him,falling, and landing on Ben. His back lands on the carpet, my stomach smacking his. I sit up, my hair falling around us.

"Sorry Benny," I whisper. I realize I'm straddling him, and quickly get off. I hold out my hand, and he takes it. I walk out into the kitchen, seeing Perrie on the phone. She waves, and goes back to the phone. I walk to the front, and rip open the curtain. Paul is drinking coffee, and our driver, Parker, is eating a cold slice a pizza.

"Heeeyyyy guuyyysss!!!! When are we going to be in Portland?" I lean against the door frame. Paul looks at the GPS.

"Well, in about fifteen twenty minutes. Go wake up everyone else, and pack some nice clothes, and pajamas, and some sweats. Oh, and there is a pool at the hotel. So swimming suits too. Same hotel partners as last time. Unless someone wants to switch."

"Okay. Can I have some cereal?" Paul nods, and I walk back to the kitchen. Perrie's off the phone, and making a pot of coffee.

"Hey girlie!! Ready for your nails to be beautiful?!" She winks, and I smile.

"Of course!! Pauly-boy wants everyone to pack some outfits for the hotel. Nice for interviews, sweats to hang out in, pajamas, and swimsuits. So, do you want to help me wake people up?" I ask, an evil glint coming in my eye. She looks at me.

"How?" I motion for her to follow me. I walk down the hall, all the curtains still closed. I walk to the closet, and yank the door open. I walk down to my mini dresser, and open my bra/underwear. I move stuff around, until I find the noise horns. I hand one to Perrie. She smiles.

"I like you. This is perfect!!" She squeals. We walk out, and slowly open all the curtains. We cover our ears, and position ourselves.

"One, two, three!" I whisper. A loud high pitch sound escapes the horns, and I hear screaming. Niall falls out of his bed, looking around wildly. El emerges, grumpy looking. Dani and Liam hold each other, and look around. Finally, Zayn lifts his head from the covers, sleep still in his eyes. My horn quickly loses its noise, but Perrie's plays for a little longer. Harry opens my curtain, the only one still closed. He covers his ears until Perrie's dies out.

"What the hell was that for?" He rubs his ears. I smile.

"Now that everyone's up, Paul wants us to pack for Portland. He wants nice clothes for interviews, sweats to hang out in, pajamas, and swimsuits. We will be there in twenty minutes. Same hotel buddies. Questions?" No one raises their hands, but walk to the kitchen. I walk to the closet, and Ben is in there, apparently missing all the fun. I brush his shoulder, and go to my dresser.
"So, how much do you think they spent on this thing?" I look at Ben, but he doesn't answer me.

"Ben? Beeennn? Hey, are you okay?" I walk over, and hold him by the shoulders. He shakes out of trance.

"Uh, what?"

"Ugh never mind. Do you want to go swimming after the interview?" I pull out my Packer pajamas, with Clay Matthews number on the back. I fold them, and pack them with my nicer clothes.

"Uh, sure Madi." He mumbles.

"Ben, what is wrong?!" I say,completely frustrated. I turn to him, his bangs flopping in front of eyes. I look up at him, and shake his shoulders.

"Please tell me!!" I look into his blue-green eyes. He looks away, then back at me.

"Uhm, well..... My old school is having a dance this winter, and My parents said I could go. Only I don't have a date. I know it's a while away, but I- I just wanted to know i-if you wanted to go with me." He whispers, looking down. I smile.

"Ben, I would love to," His head flies up, and and he grins. He wraps his muscly arms around me, and I hug him back. I pull away, and pinch his cheek.

"There's the smile I love." He laughs, and I go back to packing.


"Niall!! Can I have more cereal?" I turn around in the booth, and we hit a pothole. Milk sprays all over me, and spills on the table. Everyone laughs, but me.

"Alright alright. You had your laugh. Now clean this up, while I go shower." I carefully get out, and walk to the back of the bus. I grab some sweats, and walk into the bathroom. I lock the door, and grab a towel. I turn on the water, strip off my sticky clothes, and step under the hot water.

I feel my thin hair wetten, and become heavier. I grab my strawberry shampoo, and rub it into my hair. I watch the bubbles run down my arm, and flop onto the tub. I hate taking showers. Mostly because of the jagged scar on my thigh. Once my hair is shampoo free, I grab my bod wash, also strawberry. I quickly finish my shower, because the hot water is turning warm, and colder. I turn off the water, and pull down the towel. I rub off the water, wrap the towel around me, and step out. I look around, but down see my clothes. Shoot.

"I know I brought them in here. Didn't I?" I mumble, doing a double check. Then I notice the door is slightly open. I hike up the towel, and step out,timidly. I look around, and see no one in the back. The curtain is closed, but I can see shadows through the curtain. I quickly walk to the closet room, but it's locked.

"Who locks the closet room?!" I throw my hands in the air, but not high enough for my towel to fall off. I walk over to the curtain, and take a deep breath.

"Lou?" I call through the curtain.

"Yea love?" Louis laughs.

"Where are my clothes?" I pull the curtain open, so I can see his face.

"Oh I don't know, who's your favorite?" He holds my sweats.

"You are Louis!!" I squeal, grabbing my clothes. "My favorite that sneaks into the bathroom while I shower!!" I call over my shoulder. Everyone laughs, and I quick change. As I walk out to the kitchen, we hit another pot hole. I trip down the two stairs, and land on my butt, now in the living room. I put my hand up before the guys run over.

"I'm fine. No broken bones." I stand, and El comes over to me.

"I'm so sorry Louis stole your clothes. He usually makes me promise to do something for him, like packing his clothes, or make him breakfast." She hugs me. I hug her back. I sit on the floor, in front of the couch. Perrie and Zayn were snuggling, but Perrie breaks away.

"I NEED to braid Madi's hair. I've been dying to for EVER," she combs through my hair, and starts to braid it. She french braids down the center of my head. She quickly puts a pony tail in it, and pats my head.

"Done! You look gorgeous!!" She tickles me, and I wiggle. Niall starts strumming his guitar, and sings.

"If I'm louder, would you see me?" I smile, and join my soprano voice ringing with Niall's

"Would you lay down, in my arms and rescue me? We are, the same, you saved me, when you leave it's gone again."    Louis starts up.

"When I see you on the street, in his arms I get weak my body fails I'm on my knees, praying!" The rest of the boys join in, mine higher than theirs.

"When he opens his arms and holds you close tonight, it just won't feel right, cause I can love you more than this, yeeaahh. When he lays you down I might just die in side, it just don't feel right, cause I can love you more than this." We cut off, and Zayn starts.

"I never had the words to say, but I'm asking you to stayyy, for a little while inside, my arms. And as you close your eyes to night, I pray that you will see the liighhhtt, that's shining from the stars above."  Zayn finishes, and Liam starts up.

"When he opens his arms and holds you close tonight, it just won't feeelll right, cause I can Love you more than this, yeeeaaahhhh!!" The rest of us start up.

"When he lays you down I might just die inside, it just don't feel right, cause I can love you more than this."
"I can love you more than this." Liam finishes, nuzzling Dani. Everyone claps, and the boys bow.

"Madi, your voice is amazing!!" Perrie says, fanning herself.

"Thanks!!" I bounce. Paul's head pops out, and he smiles.

"Welcome to Portland mates. Grab your bags, our hotel is around the corner."

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