My best friends One direction

What happens when a thirteen year old girl meets One direction? She becomes one of their best friends of course!! Madi is a regular girl, until 1D shows up at her house and asks for her help. What will she do? Might contain swear words, and scary scenes.


30. Chapter 30

Madi's POV-

"Madi. Mmmmmaaaaaddddiiiiiii....C'mon love, please wake up. We have breakfast waiting." Niall whispers in my ear. I pull the covers closer, but can't, because two teenage boys are sitting on them.

"Go away. It's like, four in the morning." I mumble into my pillow. I hear Niall sigh. Suddenly, my warmth is gone. I sit up, and glare at Liam.

"Sorry Madi. It's time to get up. We have poptarts." Once the word left his lips, I fly up. I run out the door, sliding on my slippers and robe. I sprint out of Niall and my room, and bang on Ben's door. A very tired Benjamen answers the door.

"Madi, what are you doing? It's like, seven. We don't leave for Portland until noon." We are somewhere in Idaho, and the boys have an interview in Portland tomorrow. We're going drive through the night, and end up there in the middle of the night.

"I know Benny, I want my pop tarts before I pack up my things. So, pretty please move?" I push him out of my way, and run into the kitchen. The girls are there, drinking coffee. El smiles at me, Perrie waves, and Dani yawns. I wave, and run to the kitchen. I grab an orange juice for me and Niall. I run to the cupboard, and grab a pop tart packet.

"I'll be in my room if you need me. It takes a long time to pack Niall." I grab an apple for him, and the girls laugh.
"Thank goodness, we'd always be late because of him." Perries giggles. I wave bye, and walk to the door. I lug it open, but Paul catches me.

"Madi, can I talk to you?" He looks at my food. Paul frowns upon eating in your own rooms. I set it down on the side table.

"I need this for packing Niall's bag," I point to the food, and follow him. Ben is asleep on the couch, so I hit him with a pillow until he wakes up.

"Dude, not cool." He grumbles.

"Dude, wake up." I laugh. He throws a pillow at me, and I throw it back. Paul clears his throat, and I sit down.

"Now Madi, you know that school started a couple weeks ago for you-"
"No Paul!! Don't make me go back!!" I stand up. He smiles.

"I'm not making you." I sit back down.

"Ben, your parents relocated again, so you are going to be going to Madi's school." My jaw drops.Hold the phone.Ben, going to school? With me?!

"So, instead of bringing you home, your school had let us tour-school you." He pauses. I don't understand.

"What do you mean Paul? Like, my school is letting us be home-schooled or something?" I question. He nods.

"They mail us the stuff you need to learn, have some one teach you, and bam! You stay on tour, and get an education. By the time the tour is up, you two will be through your first semester!! Isn't that great?" I nod, glad I get to stay with the boys. I look at Ben.
"I have a new school?" He whispers. I put a hand on him.

"Ben, I'll be there. And my friends. And the guys there are great, well, besides Jordan." He smiles, and pats my hand.
"So, Uncle Paul, when are we starting?" Paul pulls out a yellow package, and hands it to him.

"This is for you Ben. You have to fill this out. This will determine what math class you will be in. Madi, the first package will be in Seattle, so you have a little bit. Ben, I need those done pronto. Madi, you can go back to sneaking food." I smile and hop up.

"Ben?" He looks up, his hair flopping.

"You will like my school. I know you will fit in." He smiles, and I go back to the door. I grab my food, and try to open the door. Perrie sees my struggle, and runs over. She opens it, and I smile.


"No problem Madi. Oh, before I forget, El called ahead, and we are going to get mani/pedis before the interview. We are off stage the whole time, but we need to have fun!!" I smile, and nod. I walk down the hall, and kick on my door. Soon, Liam answers.


"Move, please."


"I have to pack Niall's bag?" Liam smiles, and Niall laughs in the room. Liam moves, and I run in. I chuck the apple at Niall, who was watching TV.

"Hey! Thanks for breakfast." He opens his orange juice, and chugs half of it. I toss mine on the other bed. Liam plops down next to Niall, and I set to work. Niall already packed his underwear and toiletries, because I'm not touching those. The dirty clothes are being washed, so I pack all of my clean clothes in Niall's.

Once I fold the last of my shirts, I close the top. It won't zip, so I sit on it. I struggle, but the zipper finally makes it to the other side. I get up, and pull the suit case by the door.

"There Niall. Our clean clothes are in yours, and the ones that are being washed are going to go in mine." I turn to him.Niall nods, and drinks some orange juice. But it seems to be fuller.

"Niall, is that mine?" I run to my bed, and sure enough, my juice is gone. I flop on the bed.

"Niall!! That was mine!!" I scream, but it was muffled by the covers. Liam laughs, and Niall chugs the rest of mine.

"Sorry love. It's just so damn good!!"


"Sorry, dang." A knock comes from the door. The boys look at each other, and then me. I groan, and walk  to the door. There stands Dani.

"Hi Madi!! Is Liam in here? He's hiding because he wants me to pack his bags." She whispers to me, while walking in. She stands in front of the TV, putting her hands on her hips.

"Liam James! Let's go! Paul says he has a surprise for us today, and if we all aren't packed in three hours, he is taking it back!" Liam stands, and walks in front of Dani.  I walk over, and take Liam's spot. She puts her hands around his neck, and he puts his hands on her hips.

"Okay Babe, we can go. Pretty soon." He leans down and they share a kiss. Niall makes puking noises, and I join. They pull away, and laugh. Dani tugs on his arm, and they walk out. I pat Niall on the stomach, and hop onto my bed. I rip open my pop tart packet, and toss one to Niall.

"Thanks Madi." He takes a bite. I smile, and bite into mine. Niall pulls out his laptop, and grins. He motions for me to come over. I crawl over to him, and he logs into twitter.

"We are going to do a twitcam! Let me go get a pop though.Tweet it, would you?" He asks, while walking out. I turn to the laptop.

Niall Horan @NiallOfficial

Hey guys!! I'm going to do a twitcam!! Madi is the coolest ever too!!:) #hackedbymadi


I press send, already bracing myself for some hate. I haven't gotten much, but I have got some. Niall walks back in, and tosses me a mellow yellow. I twist off the cap, and drink some. Niall puts on the twitcam, and pretty soon 3,000 people are watching, and tweeting.

"Niall, we just logged it on."

"I know. It's crazy. How did you watch twitcam?" I blush.

"Youtube. Hey guys!!! What's up!!?!?!" I scream, causing Niall to almost choke on his pop. He puts it down, and waves.

"Hey guys! This is Madi, if you didn't know it!!" I hit him, and he pushes me. Off the bed. His head pops over.

"Oh my God-gosh- are you okay?!" He pulls me up.

"Yes Niall, I'm fine." I brush the invisible dust off, and turn back to the screen. I look at some of the comments.Niall points at one.

"Someone says, 'Madi, please come and be the mother of my kids, kiss kiss' uhm, Madi is only thirteen." Niall says. I point to another one.

"Thanks to @Kaitemovsy for saying I'm beautiful. You're beautiful. Uhm, let's see, Madi, please touch Niall's hair for me. Well, okay," I stroke Niall's blonde tuffs, and he pretends to braid mine.

"It's not as soft as Harry's, but his also springs. Unfair advantage. But Niall takes me to get food more than Harry, so it evens out." I smile, and Niall laughs.


"Well guys, we have to go!! We will be in Seattle to perform, so I hope we see you then!! Love you lots!! Bye!!" Niall waves, and I wave too. We played truth or dare, when the fans ask a question, or dare us. I told them about living with Zayn on the bus, Niall kissed my cheek, and I had to let Niall do my hair. He wasn't that bad, although there are a lot of bubbles in my ponytail. Niall tucks his laptop into it's case, and Paul brings us our clean clothes.

"There is a surprise downsatirs. Be there in five. Nice hair Madi." Paul hands me the clothes.

"Thanks Pauly." Niall opens my suitcase, and I plop in our clothes. I roll my suitcase, and Niall grabs his. We each have our laptop bags, phones, and iPods. We roll down to the elevator, and meet El and Louis on the way.

"Nice twitcam Nialler. Except kissing Madi on the cheek. Jealousy!!" Louis pats him on the back, and El rolls her eyes. We wait in the elevator, the boys talking about the concert. El bumps my hip against hers.

"What do you think the surprise is?" I shrug.

"A dog? The boys loved the dogs at my house. So did Pauly." She nods.

"A German Shepherd would be the bomb. Are you excited for out mani/pedis?! I'm so ready for girl time!! You'll need some." I giggle, and she does too. The elevator bings, and we walk out. Everyone else is there, so when we walk up, Paul motions for the surprise. It comes into view, and I gasp.

A brand new tour bus rolls into view. It has the Ireland flag, and the British flag. By a window is a mini American flag. I scream, and run in. The door opens with a whoosh.When you walk in, the driver's seat and the passenger seat is first. I keep walking, to a curtain. I pull it, and see a couch was against the wall. There was a TV, and a table on the other side of the bus. Behind the table was a little kitchen, but it was much bigger than the last. I walk across the tile door to the kitchen. Then there was another curtain. I rip this one open, and bunk beds stack the walls. There were eight. Two on top of each other. There's two sets on each side. I step onto the soft carpet, and look at the bunks. The top ones have windows, and the bottom ones have a mini DVD player. There were two doors on the back wall. I open one, and see it's a bathroom. I open the other one, and it's where the clothes go. I walk back to the bunks, and see they are already decided. I'm on top of Ben's, Harry on top of Niall's. The other set is separated by a curtain, where Liam, Louis, Zayn, and an extra bed sits. I climb up the ladder, that slides across the bunk, and lay on my bed. I see pictures from magazines, the posters from my other room, and pictures of the boys and me. They were on my bedspread, the only polka dot one. The boys all had green and brown stripes. My polka dots were pink, purple, and blue. I climb down, and see the others looking around in it. I see Paul, and run to him. I hug him tight.

"Thanks so much Paul! This is so cool!!" He pats my head.

"Your welcome Madi."


"Good Night guys!" I call, from my bed. Everyone was going to bed on time, so we'd be awake for the interview. The reason Liam, Louis and Zayn weren't by us was because of their girlfriends. Paul thought it would be inappropriate for Ben and me to see them sleep together, even though there was a curtain you could pull around your bed. Whatever. I snuggle into my bed, and look out the window. Rain pounds against my window. Ben and Niall already pulled close their curtain, meaning they were not to be disturbed. I hear Harry move, and hear his ladder slide. I flip over to face him, and his curls popped up seconds later.

"You like it?" He asks, sliding into my little bunk. I slide over, and he settles in next to me. My back is against the window,  rain chilling my back. A crack of lightning lights up Harry's face, and a clap of thunder accompanies it. I shake with fright, thunderstorms being something I'm most scared of. Harry must have sensed this, because he pulls me close.  All I hear is his heartbeat, and smell is his cologne.

"It's okay Madi. I'll keep you safe. You're okay. I'm here." I snuggle into Harry, falling asleep, listening to thunder and his heartbeat.

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