My best friends One direction

What happens when a thirteen year old girl meets One direction? She becomes one of their best friends of course!! Madi is a regular girl, until 1D shows up at her house and asks for her help. What will she do? Might contain swear words, and scary scenes.


28. Chapter 28

Madi's POV-

I lay in bed, playing on my IPod. I'm waiting for Niall to get out of the bathroom. Somehow he's up before 10:00 am. I finally beat the angry birds.

"Yes!!" I shout, then hide under my covers. Niall's singing still goes, and I creep out of the hotel smelling covers, and dragged my butt to my suitcase. I pick a cotton dress, with some brown flat boots. I pull out a cardigan, and I grab my bag.

"Okay. Lip gloss,check. Phone,check. IPod and headphones,check. Wallet,check. Gum,check. Last,but not least, my head ache medicine." Niall walks out, shirtless, with water in his hair.

"I knew you were trouble when I walked in!!" He points at me, pretending to have a mic. I laugh, grab my dress, and walk to the bathroom.

"That's where my shirt went!" Niall poked me in the stomach.

"That doesn't mean that you don't have to wear one!" I laugh, and sidestep him. I open the door, and steam billows out.

"Jeez Niall!! You used all the hot water!!" I shut the door behind me.

"Sorry Love!" He yells. I quickly change, and open the door.

"I'm dying!! I can't breathe!!" I pretend to faint onto his bed, bouncing. Niall looks away from the TV, some stupid news thing on. He laughs, and ruffles my hair.

"My hair!! I need to put up my hair!!" I jump up, and quickly run into the still-steamed bathroom. I pick a piece of hair, and braid it. I pull it and the rest into a pony tail. Niall knocks, and watches me do my hair.

"What's with girls and doing their hair?" He comes over, and  picks up my brush.

"Your still the ooooonnnnneeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Niall pretends to be Harry, and he sounded pretty good. I clap, and Niall bows. I laugh, and go to grab my bag. I walk to the door.

"Bye Niall!!! I'll see you tonight okay?" I put my hand on the doorknob, waiting for his answer.

"Okay Madi, have fun!! Don't meet any weirdos!!"

"Please Niall! I'm not in the world's biggest boy band!!"

"But your friends with it!!" I laugh, and walk out. I bang on Harry and Liam's door, and Louis and Zayn's door. I quickly walk down to my friends' room, but I don't get away with it. Harry's mess of curls pop out of his room, and Louis pops out of his.

"Madison Faith! Don't wake us up before noon!!" Louis stomps his foot. I snap my fingers, and walk away. He gasps, and Harry groans. I hear their doors close, and I walk to my friends' room.



"Okay guys. Make groups." Preston walks to a bench, and settles in. He stays here, and we all have walkie talkies. We meet here in three hours, and stay in the groups. I'm with Kayla, Andrea, Katie and Hannah. Kaitlin is with Ashley, Osiris,and Taya. Finally, Jessica, Lindi, Olivia, and Aubrey. We disperse through the mall, Kayla dragging us to The Vanity. We walk in, and I make a beeline to the clearance isle. Katie follows, and we rummage through the sales. I find a really cute tank-top, black with sequences. Katie grabs some pink jeans, and we hit the changing rooms. I quick try on the shirt, but I hated it. I pull back on my dress, and feel my pocket vibrate. I pull it out, and see it's from Zayn.


make sur u hav a purty dress 4 som intrviews. Niall says dont attract losers.



 I quick text him back, and walk out of the dressing room. That's when I see it. My dress. It's a strapless grey dress, that goes to my thigh. It is a little tight above my stomach, but under it, is frilly, with different shades of grey. There are sparkles on the top part. I run and grab it. Kayla walks out with some skinny jeans, and nods.

"That looks cute Madi. Take these too." Kayla gives me a pile of nice clothes, and I walk into the dressing room.


I move the bags around, and Andrea laughs at me. During the three hours, we went to about all the stores. I got a lot of stuff, including some candy for the boys. I had about five bags, filled to the top. We all had about that much. When we go to the bench, Preston was there, with everyone else.

"Guys, we said three hours, not three and a half!!" Lindi points at her watch. I laugh, and plop down on the bench.

"We walked forever!!" Katie says, pulling me up. We walk to the van, and we pile the bags in the back. We pile in the front, and make our way to the hotel. We see some girls, who were walking. They were wearing old, nasty clothes.

"Preston, pull over."

"Why?" He signals that he is pulling over. I jump out, and grab my bag that has my new coat and blanket. I run to the girls.

"Excuse me, can you tell me how big your house is, for a survey?" I lie. The older one pulls the young girl behind her.

"We don't have a house." She mumbles, trying to walk away. I catch her arm.

"Here, take this. There is a coat, and a blanket. There is also some candy in the bottom. I hope this helps." I hand the bag, and the younger girl grabs it. The older one puts on the coat, and the younger one opens the sour skittles.

"Thank you so much. How can I repay you?" The one with the coat asks. I smile.

"You don't have to. I hope you find a house soon." I wave, and run back to the car. Osiris scoots over, and I slam the door shut.

"You can go now Preston. I miss my boys." He pulls back onto the road, and we go back to the hotel.

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